Wednesday 31 December 2014

Shed Month

In bygone days, I would have made a lovely recap of the entire year in Adam and Joe World but news is thin on the ground and you all know how to use blogs by now, don't you?  Just check the monthly updates if you think you might have missed something.

As a precursor to Sky Arts airing Adam Buxton's Shed of Christmas, they started to repeat BUG this month. 

Adam did some live gigs this month too. A tiny one at The Dot, a bigger one at the Union and then he went to Uckfield, of all places, for a show of his own one night and then guesting for David Earl.

And then it was upon us.....Adam's Shed of Christmas!

Shaun W Keaveny talked to Adam down the phone line which you can listen to here and then we all snuggled around the telly, like it was a manger.

On the first air-night the skies were full of tweets, the general consensus of which was that everyone felt Christmassy now.

For the people without the Sky Arts 1 channel, some clips popped up over the next couple of days. The director of Christmas in the Countryside, for instance, put this on his Vimeo nubb.

'Christmas in the Countryside' - Adam Buxton (Director's Cut) from Thomas Ormonde on Vimeo.

Some kindly reprobate uploaded this to his YT channel

and Adam Buxton, Lord of the Manger put this magical piece in the web bucket and it went completely and incurably viral. LOOK at those viewing figures!

Attack the Block screened during the BFI's Science Fiction season and Joe was going to do a Q & A  earlier in the month but he had to cancel due to pressure of work. As if to prove that he actually could be bothered get out of his pyjamas, Edgar tweeted this little Christmas gift.

....and the BFI posted this to show there were no hard feelings.

Someone mused that Lance Armstrong's son looked a little like Longshanks.

While I'm in a Joe mood, I'm going to finish with this because it tickled me.

Finally, I tweeted this and for some reason, it got more faves and RT than I've had in many a long month.

There you go. Fingers crossed that 2015 will be rammed with lovely bits.

Monday 1 December 2014


There really does seem to be less and less news these days.

There was a rumble that Adam would do a Christmas show on Sky Arts but we didn't really have any solid news until 11th November when he hosted the UKMV Awards.

(photo thanks to Brendan Gleaves but not neccessarily with his permission.)

He also took the XL Recordings BUG Special to the Phoenix in Leicester this month.

At the start of the month we learned that Joe would do a Q & A for Attack the Block in December but by the end of the month he had to cancel due to work committments. That's long as some of us get to SEE that work :frownyface:

And there it was.....a very short news month.

......unless you want to be silly and look at this and this.

Saturday 1 November 2014

Festering October

Right at the start of the month, Adam gave two performances of his XL Recordings BUG Special in Norwich and a few more Work in Progress shows at the Invisible Dot.

Rae Lovejoy grabbed this snap of Adam at the UK New Front London event, whatever that was....

There are more snaps from this here and here and here and here......oh, and here. There are loads of them.....check my Twitter feed for October 12th & 13th 2014. This person even made doodles.

Helen, Olly and Martin the Soundman celebrated their 300th Answer Me This podcast this month. Adam was among the many and varied guests and he answered Alastair's question.

Adam went to Barcelona this month too!  I know he is Spanish savvy but I wonder if his Catalan is up to scratch.

Sam Gilbey shared his poster for Feeling Nuts.

and Will shared his selfie.

Finally, friend of both Adam and Joe gave us a butchers and the cover of his book.
I should also mention that there have been several Attack the Block screenings dotted around London and Bristol over the last couple of months.

Wednesday 1 October 2014


Blue Zoo launched their animation containing the honey-potioned tones of Sir Adam of Buxtonwich (sounds like a tasty, bread-based repast, doesn't it?) and thereby heralded the start of a densely packed month.

Adam also made his appearance on Gadget Man during this first evening of September.

While Adam was in Leeds last month, Vulture Hound sent one of their munchkins to interview him.

There was that episode of Would I Lie to You that he recorded when he was up in Manchester for the 6Music Festival and he did another stint Dictionary Corner. In fact, 19th September saw Adam on telly three times, as Hot Fuzz also aired that night.

Meanwhile, down in London he did a series of Work in Progress gigs at The Invisible Dot.

I was rib tickled into submission at Adam's Kings Place show on 14th September but I didn't get as lucky as this lady.

It was tweeted that Adam would join the Do the Right Thing Podcast that night too but I can't find a link to an episode with him however, we should be able to hear the Flatshare Slamdown Podcast ep he did, sometime early next year (see here).

He recorded his interviewER episode of Chain Reaction this month with Reece Sheersmith in the hotseat but no idea when it will be aired. It'll be episode one of series ten so keep 'em peeled. Meera took a sneaky snap.

Don't ask me to remember what I put in my search field but I groped this old image from some time ago via Rachel Emm's Photobucket. What a lovely clutch of fellas.

Tony Visconti caught up with the animation of Adam's imagined convo between Bowie, Eno & Mr V.

It should also be mentioned that during a couple of his Kernel Panic warm-ups this month, he said he had real plans to do a podcast on his own and with friends. Apparently, he has already recorded something with Joe and Louis.

Speaking of whomwhich, Bazzy B got a tiny nugget from Jack O'Connell about Section 6 but Boggins only knows if Joe will ever be allowed to direct this.

Joe hosted a workshop at the BFI on Sept 17th with lovely Iyare, formerly of 6Music. Remember him? It was for The Moving Image Awards.

Joe also gave Time Out a little nugget about The Ritzy this month.

Garth has come back to Twitter and has got Soundcloud!

Finally, I thought I'd include a little bit of yin and yang.  You can't please everyone, least of all the dull ponces that feel the need to include a yin yang symbol in their Twitter nic.

Sunday 31 August 2014

Augustus Blatherstone

Kicking the month off with some ball cupping. Now, pay attention....

In the heat of the summer, Cath has been dilligently hydrating.

Adam has toured the XL Recordings BUG Special so I hope you've had a chance to catch it.  Peter and Joe blogged their appreciation of it.

After a patient wait, we were finally rewarded with the Nerdist podcast Adam did during his last trip to L.A.  Next trip must be for Marc Maron, surely?

Meanwhile, Adam played the Leeds Festival.

and BBC Stoke played Adam's song.

That's about the lot for August, the month of summer laziness, except to mention that Adam was thanked on the sleeve notes for Spoon's latest album.

Friday 1 August 2014

July Duly Noted

I know, I know......just when you thought you'd never have to put up with my rambling nonsense ever again, I shoot one past the defence and into the back of the internet.

One of the reasons I've been reluctant to return is the lumbering ads with which Google misguidedly obscure all interesting content. As soon as I see one plastsered over a page that refuses to move, I go somewhere else.  However, I shall not waiver from my resolve to never spend any money on blogging about Adam and Joe or any time that could be spent gainfully elsewhere.

We reccommend you run Windows Erros Scan because unlike so very, many online marketing tools, we don't have the algorythm that would have told us you're using a Mac

The joy of this steamy, summer month is that we've had clear, almost physical evidence that both the Adam and the Joe are 99 per cent intact and mingling with their preferred species.

Speaking of Denny Different....Denny of Geek.

Before I forget, this news slipped in towards the end of the month. Attack the Block will be screened outdoors in the shell of Battersea Power Station.

Adam recorded another episode of Eight out of Ten Cats Does Countdown but I don't know when it will air.

On July 5th, Channel4 aired Attack the Block again and became entangled in a trend that proves 5 per cent of tweeting viewers don't watch sportball.

On the same evening, lovely Sarah Clarke spotted a film map which included the film too. Then iTunes featured the film as Rental of the Week, which was nice. Was that odd or very clever timing?

At the last minute (so far as my heady diary is concerned), Adam hosted the last in the current season of Invisible Dot New Wave nights up in the gorgeous little King's Cross venue. These wonderful people also annouced a December date for Adam's new live show in the beautiful Union Chapel. Norwich booked Adam to bring the XL Recordings BUG Special to the Playhouse in October. Check Hobbsy's gig page for more details.

The BFI have a short clip from their version of the show featuring Felix Buxton but the blighters don't allow embedding.

Adam also played his Kernel Panic show in both Oxford and Cambridge like some boater-topped punter.
I think I'm right in saying this happened at one of those venues too.

I went to a screening of Boyhood which was followed by a Q and A with Richard Linklater, his daughter and the Boy of said Hood. My heart was in my mouth until he came on stage in long trousers as I'd been nervous that Dick would have the balls to be showing off in those shorts that Joe delighted in describing from a DVD extra.

If ever I get around to retro-blogging back to January, you'll be eager to learn that a couple of months ago Edgar and Joe climbed down from the Ant-Man hill due to differential differences.  The Guardian's Ben Child gave some considered waffle here.  Kevin Feige was put under the Empire Terror Lamp of Hewitt And 0'Hara which is check-outable here by visual and audible means, depending upon which is more reliable, your eyeskills or your earskills. Whatever anyone says, Feige looks like someone birthed him on a Wacom tablet and that is either a good thing or a bad thing.

Edgar is now engaged in a Fox project, apparently. Paul Rudd had this to say at Comic Con, wherein he mentions that Joe Cornish is a genius. Obviously, that's ridiculous so I guess Mr Magico must have been at work again with his mind tricks.

Legendary have approached Joe about directing Skull Island, the King Kong prequel, according to TheWorldAndHisWife.

Now here's a super delight. David Doughty has made a Spotify list that will have your head nodding like it's on the parcel shelf of a 1970's Austin Allegro.

Several people thought these Dragons Den-ers were Adam and Joe (or Adam and Smerch). What the?

Ally Farrell found this. I wish it said 'Made in Spain'.

Finally, to my great joy, Adam decided to introduce everyone to this via Twitter.

If you're interested in catching up on earlier Adam and Joe nonsense, check the dated links down on the right hand side. It's fairly up-to-date for the time being.

Tuesday 1 July 2014


This month, Adam set off for another tour of L.A. comedy clubs and there was rumour of a Nerdist podcast which has come to nought as far as I can tell. He did these though and BLOGGED about another podcast:
Mon 2nd Jun - Crash Test at the UCBT in L.A.
Wed 4th Jun – Nerd Meltdown at Meltdown Comics in L.A.
Sat 7th Jun - The Prompter at the Meltdown in L.A. (and the Buxty Birthday, fyi)
Sun 8th Jun - at the Mack Sennett Studio in L.A.

Adam returned to Sheffield Docfest and the lucky sods got his Bowie Special, Cobbler Bob an' all.

Such a wonderful venue. I wish I could have been there.

followed gratifyingly by this

There are some more pictures of the Bowie Special here, here, here and here but don't forget Chris Saltyman's video. This is a review here.

The XL Recordings BUG Special worked so well in London that he took it to both Glasgow and Manchester.  Read more here including Milland Suman's bespoke intro film.

It looks like Edwyn Collins and Marc Riley went along to the Manchester show and Frank Black turned up on screen via Skype/FaceTime at the Glasgow gig. Adam phoned in an interview with RadMac which is preserved forever here.

Adam found the time to add his voice to more Ladybird. Check out the full range including three Chris Judge books.

This month, we discovered that the Adam and Joe Song Wars Vol. 2 is no longer on iTunes. It makes me feel sick to my very core. I fear Dreamboat records went the way of the ferry man.

There were a lot of tweets linking this, though.

Ben Baker made a comedy compilation.

Now here's a really absurd thing. Very rarely, I see someone taunt me with a tweeted picture of their signed copy of the Adam and Joe Book. Don't ask me if all the planets in the idiotholeverse were strangely aligned but out of nowhere, TWO people decided to tweet similar things On The Same Day (I think you know the voice you're supposed to read that in).

On 25th June, Adam tirelessly bended his knees and pulled funny faces for a slew of award-happy winners at the Broadcast Digital Awards. One Two Three ....there are more somewhere.

I got cross about this:

The Metro included Lee Hardcastle's claymation trailer as voiced by Adam.

The only mention of Joe this month was continued chatter relating to Edgar leaving his Ant-Man director's chair cold. Although I was enchanted by this.

Alan Davies rolled out a new show for Dave which included stand-up John Robbins recounting his friend Paul's Bringer of the Spiders story. There were bits of Twitter snorting when this happened but John confirmed it was his mate's story. Actually, Dave are repeating the series and I do recommend you entertain yourself with it. Episode one includes the actual Jon RonSon. I'd quite like to see Adam guesting on series two. No, actually, I'd quite like to see Adam hosting series two. I think he would be very comfortable there and Mr Davies doesn't need to do any more telly.....really.....only a bit?

I'm including this because we need to encourage the young people to watch telly.

and for later on in life, this discovery was made.

I have no idea what this is all about but that looks like one tasty sandwich.

Sunday 1 June 2014


I've been looking forward to getting the May missive sorted because it's packed with Buxty picture joy.

Adam's Zavid Bowie Special deservedly won a Radio Academy Award! Blonde radio presenting bookends Annie Nightingale and Edith Bowman tweeted congratulations.

However, he kicked off the month with this delightful picture from the pantry of the Buxton Billet.

Then he went on to upload all the old, beloved XFM Podcasts. The 'Best Of' version has Zac's artwork.

He did a gig for Friends of the Earth....(and another picture here)

He also hosted the Design Week Awards (more pix here, here and here).

The following week, he took Kernel Panic for another twirl around the country. Tickets sold out so quickly in Nottingham that he had to add another show.

He lent his voice to George's Foot in the Door video.

Adam posted this picture in May and I'm hoping it heralds his inclusion in an episode of Gadget Man. It might have just been a light lunch with Graham Linehan, though.

Julian Oxley wrote a review of the Leeds show.

I told you there would be a lot of lovely pictures this month.

Adam was briefly on The Horne Section which I really ought to put on my nuggets blog since it's gone from the iPlayer now. Can I also recommend Alex Horne Breaks The News from Dave? Thank you.

The month finished up with the first outing of XL Recordings BUG Special at the BFI.

This beautiful evening included a superb on-stage interview with Nick Heyward Felix Buxton.

More pictures from Ben Meadows here and here plus WoznotWoz took this Instagram. Creative Hub reviewed the night.

It doesn't give me any pleasure at all to relate this is the month when Edgar Wright (and therefore Joe Cornish) ceased to work on Ant-Man. I cannot begin to imagine how this has felt for them both. They had worked for so long to bring this to the screen and had been encouraged all the way along the line, until now. If you look back over the various interviews throughout the years, any reference made was always tentative. We may never know if that was because they were always wary that their concept might not eventually be accepted by the Marvelverse but they, especially Edgar, had their feet firmly wedged in the starting blocks and this must have felt like they'd twisted their ankles seconds before the gun went off.

It was a busy month for fan activity too.

A dear Twitter friend was inspired by some frozen weesticks.

and this fantatic compilation was honed by Dan Gale that will do things to your eyes that'll have you reaching for the Revitalift.

Finally, why not pass a few moments looking at Adam's Vines?

Annoyingly, I can't see how to embed with an audio toggle. It's either on (tiny bit irritating after a while) or off (eerily quiet). Soz.

Thursday 1 May 2014

Pieces of April

It would seem Adam started the month with this.

Followed by two engagements the next day.

Sarah's interview is here.

and recording an episode of The Horne Section, for which you can find more details in May.

Later in the month and ahead of his West End shows, Adam spoke to Shaun Keaveny. I made a special page.

Time Out have several pictures of Adam with sushi.

Ooow- Adam Buxton and Tim Key in the same pictures....

At the last minute, Adam also joined Claudia O'Doherty for her Friday show after his final Kernel Panic at the Duchess Theatre.

The New Cross and Deptford Festival showed Attack the Block and I believe it was in some way powered by bicycles.

The month sadly ended with this.

...which was the only mention of Joe all month.

Tuesday 1 April 2014

The Ideas of March

Adam kicked off the month by joining Marc Riley at the 6Music Festival in Manchester.

I made a nugget page for it with some soundbytes and gathered photos.

Chris Judge's books are being narrated by Adam for ME (no, not me).

Steven Price, who composed the music for Joe's film Attack the Block, won an OSCAR this month for the Gravity soundtrack.

Graham Linehan continues to mention his drama with Adam.

Adam's Bowie documentary was nominated for a Radio Academy Award!

Reports began that Joe Cornish had signed up for directing Section 6 but this project courts a lot of controvasy and litigation.

Adam made his way over the big sea to New York, Austin and L.A. and there was so much interaction that I put it in a little nugpost.

Adam and the BUG team are inspirational!

Saturday 1 March 2014

February: The Last Month of Winter, apparently

I shouldn't do this when I'm not inspired. It just looks like turgid list. Embedded tweets give it a fancy edge of confusion though, don't they?

Adam appeared live this month: Richard Herring's Leicester Square Theatre Podcast on the 17th and on to do Kernel Panic for four nights at the Norwich Arts Centre (ok, one was in March).

There's a clip on the BBC4 page.

and then he did a Google Hangout with Metronomy the next day!

I don't know if you knew this, but Adam eats SUSHI, of all things..... Of course you knew. What a joyful picture.

Richard Herring's interview with Adam sold out before I could assure my availability so I didn't get a seat but I was grumpy to learn some were empty.

I know people have a variety of reasons for not letting a theatre know if they're not going to turn up but I'm guessing it's often apathy and the assumption they won't get their money back. When a show is sold out, that's harsh. FORTUNATELY, Richard and the people/person at Go Faster Stripe provide not just audio but also a visual version of the show. You can buy that and the rest of the series HERE.

If you really don't think that Richard and Adam are worth the price of four cans of Aldi beer, and audio edit is available.

Finally, Adam did something extraordinary this month. In preparation for his visit to L.A., he wrote a letter to Marc Maron and exposed it to the intervwebs.

You'll also notice mention of gigs in that blogpost. With any luck, they'll be some news of Cornballs.

Saturday 1 February 2014

January, sick and tired, you've been hanging on me.

The joy of blogging tools means this post looks like it was published much, much earlier than July, doesn't it?

I never really even finished the December post so it's going to be OK to put this here, isn't it?

Eggheads had an Adam and Joe question on their New Year's Eve show too.

Adam put this wonderful Lego animation from Chris Salt on his YT channel. He commissioned it for his live Bowie shows along with one from the Layzell Brothers. The latter has yet to be noticed on the internet, I fear.

Edgar posted a picture of Joe on Walt's bench.

Attack the Block's composer, Steven Price was nominated for a Bafta, Golden Globe and Oscar this month for his work on Gravity.

Joe's name was included in a rumour about He-Man.

Edgar posted another picture of Joe. He looks like cheeky schoolboy on the first day of term.

Less so in this one.

Kristen made this cushion inspired by the wonderful Baaddad.

Adam was on Eight out of Ten Cats Does Countdown and he made this song.

and he trended....

Adam joined Graham Linehan for Chain Reaction and it seems to be on the iPlayer still.

Jim Field's book has been enhanced by Adam's voice.

OI FROG! Book Trailer from Jim Field on Vimeo.

This Podbean episode includes Adam too.

This turned up for no apparent reason but what the hey.