Wednesday 17 February 2010

Midweek warbling

1) This may not be news but I've only just noticed a domain name has been registered for
Dear Big Talk, I am available for updates and candid blog-style vid-interviews in exchange for carte blanche access to craft services.

2) Iain Buckland, tenacious Rush Hour podder has posted this lovely piece with Adam from the Leicester Comedy Festival. The Ridiculous Icing on the Stupid Cake. Did anyone notice "terrible mistakes" on the first night? Nice outro boys!
Oh and Buckles, BUG is never too long and the Director's Cut is too short, if I may. I've never strayed out of the dirty London town but I think the evenings I've seen are perfectly balanced with just the right amount of audio visual lovelies and I can't get enough of Adam's YouTube comment presentations.

3) Tickets are now on sale for ADAM BUXTON with...Tim Key / Tom Basden / Jonny Sweet / Hosted by Fergus Craig at the 100 Club (28th April 2010).

4) Adam has joined a healthy line-up for this year's "Are You Taking The Peace" charity event on 6th May 2010 so grab a tickets soon. Thanks to Twitter for alerting me to this one. You know who you are.

5) Finally, after all the concern about the well-being of 6Music, I thought I'd post a couple of links from the Press Office which should allay a few fears.

Friday 12 February 2010

Bit too tootie to pad this out.....

I'll just dump some bits on you tonight because my fingers aren't choreographing quite as Busby Berkeley would have preferred right now.

The Leicester Comedy Festival has been all aTwitter with Buckles love and Simon Button is now proudly sporting this joyous picture on his home page.

An innocent tweet earlier in the week provoked several lovely geeky sites into editorial meltdown with the news that the hithero dozily dreaming Ant-Man project was clearly just taking a lot of bunched-up power-naps. It's thrown back it's bleary head, downed a triple Espresso, stretched all three pairs of legs and scuttled along the formica worktop to the steamy kitchen of production. (I need to stop right now, don't I?)

Keeping with the Wright/Cornish news, there have been further updates on the IMDB page for Attack the Block, the most significant of which was some concrete casting news. Luke Treadaway will play "Brewis". I could bore you all with my Treadaway waffle for ages of pages but suffice it to say he's been a Philip Ridley poppet on stage and also appearing in the long awaited (by me) Heartless due for release in May by which time we can only hope that ATB principal photography will be in the can and he can dance around the junket circuit with candid waffle to delight us all. He was last seen by my eyes with all manner of gloopy stuff dribbling over his poorly clad body with his twinster at the Royal Court - a Mark Ravenhill play. This boy has made some enviably cool choices in his career so far and that doesn't look like it will stop anytime soon. We won't mention The Innocence Project (much). I wouldn't say it's 'The Persuasionists' of his cv but it was one of those 'good performances, clunky writing' pieces. Other additions to the IMDB imply that the Art Department are getting locked into position too.

I'm rather frustrated that the gaffer has been listed but we don't yet know who the Director of Photography will be. Julian White worked on Enda Walsh's "Chatroom" (the cast of which included the 11th Doctor when I saw it on stage) which I believe was part of the deal in the Film4 package that included Attack the Block and has been rolling out over the last 18 months. The DoP would have chosen his gaffer rather than had one imposed upon him so someone's got the job and has probably been prepping with Joe for weeks now. We just don't know who that is. I know I'm sounding stupidly geeky here but there is so much serious kudos attached to this film. I have a funny feeling that the industry types must be creaming themselves to get on board. If Mr Haughty weren't consumed with trembling, girly apprehension, he'd have a moment to burst with pride.

Studio Canal are doing their duties to the film at the EFM part of the Berlinale . I'm amused to see Joe's name in a sentence with Rowan Joffe and Percy Adlon.

Flippin' heck, I've bored myself senseless.

Remember that lovely little short Adam appeared in a couple of years ago? It's being subjected to a public vote in the British Animation Festival and can be seen around the country this month. Check here for details near you. You need to look for Prog Three but frankly, they'll all be wickles. There are stills to whet your appetite and here is a that tiny clip from YouTube.

BUG 18 tickets went on sale to the public on Tuesday and sold out a couple of days later. At the risk of sounding like a broken mp3 player, in my experience there are always tickets on the day if you don't have to make too many hard and fast plans and can take a risk on it. Smite me for saying it but the 'director's cut' is never usually as good value as the first show but it's better than no show at all.

There was a bit of grammar brickbatting over on the 6Music Blog with a suggestion for a t-shirt to wear whilst listening to podcasts in public areas. James also took us down memory lane with a bit of Stephen streetware at the blog.

Edgar Wright is hosting a late night of Death Wish III next week and there's a Spaced finger gunfight flashmob planned in a few weeks' time. Scott Pilgrim news also trickles through Edgar's Blog.

Finally and with deep respect to Andrew Collins and Richard Herring, I'm going to post my daily AdamAndJoeByte earlier or later than usual tomorrow because I was chastised for appearing to poke them during their broadcast last week. I don't have enough twollowers for that to really make one jot of difference to anybody but if it peeved Andrew, that's one peeved person too many and I am bemused but sorry.

Friday 5 February 2010

Random mumbling is good for the soul

After a heady couple of weeks, wowing his adoring fans in the dirty metropolis, Adam returned to his manor for a couple of BUGs in Norwich but such is the generosity of his nature and heartfelt community spirit, he also shoehorned an arts centre opening into his schedule. I would link the picture here but I don't want to get my special blogging privileges revoked. I'm looking at the picture - well, it's more of a glance than a look - and I'm thinking two things, neither of which are complimentary. 1) are those sexy, beautifully honed pectorals, does he just need to make a trip to Rigby & Peller or does Louise sub for his smaller engagements now? 2) If the kids weren't all sitting down, would we be have been able to find him in the crowd?

The good ol' Norwich Evening News had a little review of Adam's BUG.

If you're living on limited means but really don't want to make do with on-line Adam and Joe Show viewing, you can pick up their delicious Best Of DVD for a paltry £ 1.53 via this link with no postage costs. It's worth it for the menu silliness alone. If you're flush with the bucks but have some straggling friends and family who have not yet embraced the oeuvre, at that price you can afford to lay in a supply of these to hurl at random visitors in a effort to kick start their journey into delectable daftness.

The BBC have finally assigned The Persuasionists into the graveyard shift but if I'm keeping my glass half full, at least it's been moved to the traditional "BBC2 Comedy Night" of Thursday.

In case you got as far as reading all of last week's blog entry, you'll no doubt want an update on Adam's Australia Song. I'm happy to report it had gone way past the 100k by the next morning and has had more than a thousand hits since then. In a happy coincidence, a Twonvo Edgar Wright started about the change of certificate on [what I like to call Joe's] Fuzzball Rally prompted a link to Joe's Cake Flushing video the next morning and such is the popularity of those Big Talk boys, that they have had nearly 10,000 views since the weekend. That will no doubt give some kind of obnoxious salve to Joe's ridiculously competitive nature, if he's not too busy to notice, that is. There's an enjoyablly related sketch here too.

I dutifully listened to Andrew Collins and Richard Herring on Saturday. They're entertaining enough but I can't see any justification in them managing to get their ruddy podcast farther up the list than Adam and Joe's has been in months. It must have something to do with new subscriptions. They just don't have the sparkle and cohesive rapport we enjoy from our boys but they make fine individual contributions and raise a few titters & cultural reference pleasurebytes. Perhaps if they'd just heeded some of the notes Joe took the time to furnish on the blog, I might have been more impressed.

There was a mid-week 6Music blog entry from James squishing the Black Squadron commands together. Perhaps you can spot yourself or a fellow squadron member in there somewhere.

Joe's film would seem to be progressing nicely. Big Talk have finally got a page prepped for it which is good news but I am slightly less excited that so far this project has gone from americanizing (americanising) 'estate' into 'block' for the title and now the blurb refers to 'housing project' instead of 'estate'. I'm thrilled that they're thinking big enough to embrace those dirty yankee doodle dandies but I do struggle with the assumption that their target audience might be in need of a translation. Perhaps I'm lucky enough to have only encountered fairly bright Americans but I'm sure audiences aren't going to expand exponetially because their lingo has been pandered to.

I could be wrong but I think the IMDB page was updated with a couple of effects guys. It says there's been no update since 15th Jan but I don't think I noticed those names last week. I mused that some of the alien action might be shot out of the country but perhaps not.

Finally, there has been great excitement this week as a lovely YouTuber pleasured us with some 'lost' XFM material. Lazybones, over at the Adam and Joe Forum spotted the uploads of "Each Passing Minute" and so far Benjamin has made three shows available that have hitherto only been a sticky memory pudding.

These are audio only but follow the trail from part one here, onto parts two and three.