Wednesday 31 July 2013

Jewelry - Julyery - whatever

There was great excitement towards the end of June when Jonny Greenwood tweeted a picture of Adam in a field of rape or mustard or sutin, heralding the news that Adam would contribute to the first of three programmes Colin was doing in Jarvis's 6Music slot.

Adam put the show on his Soundcloud in two parts. It's a joyful bit of ear nice.

There's some more about Here and a review of BUG from Bristol.

Time Out reckon Adam chose his top five videos for them but I can only see one there.

Sally Grosart made this wonderful poster for Adam's BUG tour.

Popcorn Taxi have posted a transcript of the telephone Q and A Joe Cornish did with them a couple of years ago for Attack the Block. Even after all this time, people are still podding about the film.

I stumbled across this pleasing little nubbin again and I thought I'd share it.

This defies everything that is sensible.

but that's not all this guy does

You know Mike Shinks, the best that Fran can get? Well, Fran approved of Mike enough to make a lovely son and here he is with Adam (photographed at the recent Manchester BUG shows). While I'm about it, look at a gorgeous snap taken at Latitude.

Finally, here are some familiar lyrics but the fun is in the circular translations and wonky Japanese spelling.