Saturday 1 March 2014

February: The Last Month of Winter, apparently

I shouldn't do this when I'm not inspired. It just looks like turgid list. Embedded tweets give it a fancy edge of confusion though, don't they?

Adam appeared live this month: Richard Herring's Leicester Square Theatre Podcast on the 17th and on to do Kernel Panic for four nights at the Norwich Arts Centre (ok, one was in March).

There's a clip on the BBC4 page.

and then he did a Google Hangout with Metronomy the next day!

I don't know if you knew this, but Adam eats SUSHI, of all things..... Of course you knew. What a joyful picture.

Richard Herring's interview with Adam sold out before I could assure my availability so I didn't get a seat but I was grumpy to learn some were empty.

I know people have a variety of reasons for not letting a theatre know if they're not going to turn up but I'm guessing it's often apathy and the assumption they won't get their money back. When a show is sold out, that's harsh. FORTUNATELY, Richard and the people/person at Go Faster Stripe provide not just audio but also a visual version of the show. You can buy that and the rest of the series HERE.

If you really don't think that Richard and Adam are worth the price of four cans of Aldi beer, and audio edit is available.

Finally, Adam did something extraordinary this month. In preparation for his visit to L.A., he wrote a letter to Marc Maron and exposed it to the intervwebs.

You'll also notice mention of gigs in that blogpost. With any luck, they'll be some news of Cornballs.