Sunday 1 June 2014


I've been looking forward to getting the May missive sorted because it's packed with Buxty picture joy.

Adam's Zavid Bowie Special deservedly won a Radio Academy Award! Blonde radio presenting bookends Annie Nightingale and Edith Bowman tweeted congratulations.

However, he kicked off the month with this delightful picture from the pantry of the Buxton Billet.

Then he went on to upload all the old, beloved XFM Podcasts. The 'Best Of' version has Zac's artwork.

He did a gig for Friends of the Earth....(and another picture here)

He also hosted the Design Week Awards (more pix here, here and here).

The following week, he took Kernel Panic for another twirl around the country. Tickets sold out so quickly in Nottingham that he had to add another show.

He lent his voice to George's Foot in the Door video.

Adam posted this picture in May and I'm hoping it heralds his inclusion in an episode of Gadget Man. It might have just been a light lunch with Graham Linehan, though.

Julian Oxley wrote a review of the Leeds show.

I told you there would be a lot of lovely pictures this month.

Adam was briefly on The Horne Section which I really ought to put on my nuggets blog since it's gone from the iPlayer now. Can I also recommend Alex Horne Breaks The News from Dave? Thank you.

The month finished up with the first outing of XL Recordings BUG Special at the BFI.

This beautiful evening included a superb on-stage interview with Nick Heyward Felix Buxton.

More pictures from Ben Meadows here and here plus WoznotWoz took this Instagram. Creative Hub reviewed the night.

It doesn't give me any pleasure at all to relate this is the month when Edgar Wright (and therefore Joe Cornish) ceased to work on Ant-Man. I cannot begin to imagine how this has felt for them both. They had worked for so long to bring this to the screen and had been encouraged all the way along the line, until now. If you look back over the various interviews throughout the years, any reference made was always tentative. We may never know if that was because they were always wary that their concept might not eventually be accepted by the Marvelverse but they, especially Edgar, had their feet firmly wedged in the starting blocks and this must have felt like they'd twisted their ankles seconds before the gun went off.

It was a busy month for fan activity too.

A dear Twitter friend was inspired by some frozen weesticks.

and this fantatic compilation was honed by Dan Gale that will do things to your eyes that'll have you reaching for the Revitalift.

Finally, why not pass a few moments looking at Adam's Vines?

Annoyingly, I can't see how to embed with an audio toggle. It's either on (tiny bit irritating after a while) or off (eerily quiet). Soz.