Thursday 24 June 2010

Just While I remember these bits....

Joe looks like he dyed his hair for this ident from the olden times. Even as long ago as this, Adam looks sweet and Joe does his aloof thing.

Fellow blogger, though please don't imagine I consider myself approaching the same class as him, The Incredible Suit is one year old today - or his blog is. He took time away from the celebratory champagne drenched brunch to bring us a wonderfully insightful exchange he had with Joe Cornish recently.

My blog was a year old a few days ago but it went unnoticed except for a few people who couldn't quite believe how long they'd bothered to endure it.

Apropos of nothing at all, this website did a piece about Attack The Block with two almost identical pieces of artwork. Can't be arsed to pump this through Babel-fish. If there are any great revelations, I'll put it down to spoiler avoidance.

Will Clarke is leaving Optimum next year so he won't be quite as well placed to bask in the glory of the drug addled months celebrating Joe's film's successful win in the race to become the first feature projected on the Moon in a continuous loop to better serve the desperate needs of the international film-going public. IF they ever sort out the crater compensating software, that is.

You can get a wonderful selection of short films on this DVD including "Little Face" starring Adam Buxton.

Bexley Times reports on the Greenwich Comedy Festival.

A couple of days after that, Adam will be back at The Tabernacle in Notting Hill and I presume BUG 21 will be around that time too.

Adam's final Big Mixtape with Ed O'Brien changed tides in the oceans of Planet Twitter and bless him, he made it into the Rolling Stone.

It was a glorious show to finish on and can be heard for a few days longer here. After that you'll find it around and about the area. Grab the podcast while you can.


Edgar Wright has been phaffing around with his latest film for ages but he seems to be getting a bit more organised now.

The Wire has a piece with Edgar and Michael Cera, IFC about the LAFF, Pitchfork dish the soundtrack and the avatar creator has been added to the official website (be warned, it's noisy).

UltraCulture did a bit of pimping for the adorable Ritzy's special August Wright Double Bill.

In other friends-of-the-scamps news......did you know you can still get First Earth Battalion t-shirts? More importantly, a wonderful bit of kudos should go out to the beautiful soul of Jon Ronson who joined forces with Guy Lovelady to raise funds preventing Frank Sidebottom from making do with a pauper's funeral.

In case you didn't trip up on my other little blog, you can hear some more from Graham Linehan when he talked to Lauren this week. Don't forget that as soon as you turn your ear away from the Adam And Joe Sunset Show on 6Music tomorrow, you must flip to Channel 4 on the television tube to see episode one of the new IT Crowd series......if you haven't watched it on-line already.

Danny Robbins made a guide to Indie Glasto and an events guide via Lauren Laverne's Blog & Show.

My earlier concerns have lifted with this message!

Shaun W Keaveny has made a little film about the Earworm Project. He's also got a brand new podcast.


The Adam and Joe Show returns to 6Music on Friday for two hours at 8pm with two more on Saturday and Sunday. There will be podcasts made from these shows.
Full TV & Radio BBC Schedule.

The first 'Best of Adam & Joe at Glastonbury 2009' is at 2am on 25th.

The main Glasto webcam page is here.

Glastonbury BBC microsite.

There's always the BBC Blog and they'll hopefully put some pictures in there too.

S A V E B B C 6 M U S I C

Once again, thanks to all the people posting stuff on Twitter for me to steal and unreel.

This blog will revert to it's more simplistic view when Glastonbury is over. It's a bit messy, isn't it?

Saturday 19 June 2010

Now, where were we? Pre-Glastonomy prep.

We were left dangling last Boxing Day.

That was the glorious pre-recorded Christmas show with no room or facility for listener input. However, the final live broadcast with real interaction on 19th December also left several unanswered questions. These are too many to bother the BBC Blog with so I'm going to noodle through them here for my own peace of mind.

In the unlikely event that either Adam or Joe (well, if it's anyone it'll be Joe) is at a loss to know what to discuss at sunset on three consecutive evenings and the even more improbable situation wherein either of the idiotholes find themselves ego-surfing their way into my portal, perhaps these depths could be usefully plundered. Of course they won't be, as most of the hanging chads were Christmas themed and everything is empty headed nonsense.

This post in not going to make a great deal of sense if you can't immediately recall the details of the shows so you can listen to the last live show by right-clicking here.

I'm expecting the show on 25th June to start with the cosmic opposite of Adam's last heartbreaking, fractured-voiced sign-off in the form of an over-excited, delirious shriek of a greeting but given the lateness of the hour, there may be an air of hop-based calm to the intro.

I wonder, do the paper towels in the little man's room at Western House still smell of chunder? Are the ones in the Glastonbury loos better or worse?

At the opposite end of the temperature and clock scale, does Joe need to slap his face to keep himself awake in the heat of a glorious Summer Sunset evening?

Some lady-based Black Squadron members scantily clad themselves in tinsel for their Christmas command photo. The ranks have been in serious disarray for exactly six months and I can't help wondering if in some sub-conscious effort to please our commanders, there might be some random, involuntary submission of similar shots. Of course, to avoid the bad-luck fairy, no tinsel will be administered.

I wonder if they have a rough idea of how many things they got wrong in the last six months without us being able to mail & text in to put them right. We've been able to humiliate Adam at a fairly low level but it's been very difficult to identify Joe's failings in a satisfactory manner.

How far into the show, or indeed weekend, will we get before there's a little bit of a grump exchange? I'm thinking of when Joe read a TTN about boob casts which Adam wanted to elaborate on but Joe jealously guarded from him. I hope and suspect that the enforced separation has been so long that they will not realise how much they can annoy each other until Sunday when it dawns on them they would rather have got the afternoon train home instead of being stuck in a tiny Portacabin while the main act warbles away just close enough to tantalise and hear but not be able to see or atmos-drench.

Did Joe find time to enjoy the terribly lacy delights of any lingerie departments during his heavy work schedule?

Will there be any sticky residue from the before it was suspended? Will it be reinstated for Glasto weekend or should we use Adam's addy?

We can only hope that there will be some arithmetic humiliation for Joe and vocabulary-based chastisement for Adam.

I wonder whether any anonymous cowards will comment and advise on Joe's haircut. Will B12 injections have remedied the hole in Adam's beard?

Will there be a discussion about Lidley Lott's latest feature film? I'm silly enough to have been fretting about Joe finding the time to keep on top of the spring releases in all their theatrical glory. On the other hand, it will be fun to hear Adam discuss his thoughts on Street Dance 3D.

Might there be some more wonderful made-up jokes? I sent one in months ago. It was absolutely brilliant. I pictured the entire production team rolling around in fits of giggles for several seconds. It was not memorable.

Will Joe be able to shoe-horn "now, you like Star Trek" into one of the shows? Will he say "that was good though, that was good" when he clearly didn't think it was. In short, what manner of Exocet-style missile will the Commander chose to deploy at this happy time.

I wonder if Joe had a chance to pop into his perpetual panto production at some point. Will Adam's Mum have got her head around any unusual versions of The Orange Juice tracks?

During the Boxing Day show (which you can listen to on a right click here), Joe suggested Adam gave his children paper clips as gifts but Adam felt they wouldn't be impressed with that. I wonder if he even tried.

Can we assume that James Coffee Starling was able to rehabilitate the fairies he used to light the studio so festively? Their screams are "bewitching though also disturbing but hey that's Christmas" " and some fairies have got to suffer".

Let's hope that Joe has perfected his champagne pouring technique and that they've not had to sample any drinks with poo-notes this year.

Did Adam or Joe feel the need to punish anyone for presenting fake gift-wrapped objects?

I wonder if Joe has been cycling for long enough now to get over the terror of peds and Koreans doing irresponsible business on the roads. Do the police still hide in wait for him at Kennington Cross and if I wore a summer uniform could I stop him and take down his details? I do hope he has stopped cycling on the pavement. It's an appalling habit. If you're scared of the traffic, you're already a dangerous cyclist, mate!

I hope that Adam realised the bike on a parking post advice was absolutely solid. They go around in white vans & shimmy them up the poles. Sometimes there is little alternative but on no account should a post that has lost it's sign be entertained because there is absolutely NO obstruction to relieving the post of it's precious burden.

Did Joe get a stocking on Christmas Day? How much of the festive season was spent in the nude? Does Joe really admire Satan? He was almost too quick to deny his worshiping habits.

Did Adam see any women with cans of lager in his stocking?

Will Joe finish all three Sunset shows without eating during the links?

Did Adam investigate the commercial value of the skills he has in putting coloured gems around mirrors?

Has anyone found a mangled piece of lemon flavoured Hollywood chewing gum between the foil and the cork of a bottle of Beaujolais?

Did listeners attempt to contribute some sabotage nonsense to the show or indeed chat amongst themselves about it.

I can reveal that in more ludicrous times, I've had lovely fire and sheep-skinned based evenings so it doesn't just happen in the movies and I took all the necessary precautions to ensure that my eggs didn't get scrambled. Similarly, I do sometimes use the fridge light to do short tasks in the kitchen during the dark hours rather than fumble with the light switch.

Was James hospitalised after Joe's drunken corking?

How long did it take Joe to release himself from the hardened organic spaghetti long-johns? Did some pasta residue get stuck in the complex biology of his upper torso and will this compromise his chances of being cast for a mature cameo role in the next Twilight film? Does he have gym ones by now?

Were there any pig-in-a-blanket incidents when Adam was giving his Netherlands a festive wrap?

Still finding Mr Sakamoto's track a bit tear jerking. Twas ever thus for me but now it has the added emotional tagging of The Last Show of 2009.

The giving of the gifts left further unanswered questions.

How may listeners emailed "Frustration" when they were talking about the incarcerated dice? It would have been futile during the pre-recorded show but we've all felt moved to do irrational things to jump start their memory banks over the years.

Film bloggers everywhere want to know if Joe pressed his "That Was Easy" button after each take on Attack the Block.

I'm guessing Adam's Orrper comic is still lying around the special chemical toilet he keeps in his shed but I'd like to know for sure.

Did Joe read any of the Ant and Dec book Adam gave him and is it now propping up the leg of a table on his uneven patio?

So sweet that Adam's first reaction to Joe's preamble about him probably already owning this next gift was "is it a baby son?" * and even so, he kept making irony-based guesses for the ultimately wonderful gift of David Byrne's New York cycling book.

How many times did Joe play the Bob Dylan Christmas CD and was he a little bit annoyed to discover he would have to upgrade to a further enhanced release with a some additional tracks that Adam had unearthed over the last couple of months? It's "You Are the Quarry" all over again only not even as rewarding.

Will Adam tell us on which wall he put the Kings of Leon poster? Was it in his shed or did he donate it to one of his baby sons? Did he have to get a woman to iron it for him first? How many times did he watch "Nuts" and did it have a lovely, aggressive piracy warning on it?

Did Adam ever give Joe the fairy sticker book?

All these thoughts have been festering in my brain for half a year and they may well remain that way. So long as the show has some recognisable shape to it, we'll be happy.

Adam will have sauntered down tin-pan alley with his catchy noise-gathering sticks to delight us with some jingle-jongles although the usual Glastonbury ones are enough to sate all my desires if he runs out of time.

A Song Wars session would be too much to hope for unless Joe has been craving the opportunity to show off and trounce someone in the public arena while his little film is still locked in the secret chamber. They could submit them to us on Friday and give us the results on Sunday. If they are short staffed, I am available for vote counting duties back at the London base-camp. A kiss on both cheeks from Shaun Keaveny would be payment enough.

I suppose there is a possible scenario wherein some travellers may have rescued Boggins from the orphan boy & turned up at Glastonbury with him but I'm over that stinky dog. Is there any news about Andrew Lloyd-Webber's musical of the same name?

I think it has been confirmed already that the Goblin King will be joining Jools' sharrabang to the BBC enclosure and no doubt they will pop into to visit Adam and Joe during the festival.

Will Joe risk a dubious glance from Peter Jackson by delighting us with his cod New Zealand accent? Perhaps he will if he's had some cider.

I'm sure next weekend will be over before we know it but I'm going to savour every moment. I hope they know how happy they've made so many people, even fictitious ones like me.

*The Freudian irony of that has never escaped me.

Glastonbury Weekend is
an Adam and Joe Festival
(in my house)

JoeRaeMon returned to the blog this week for the best of all reasons.

In the unlikely event that you've stumbled upon this stupid blog before finding the proper BBC one, you may not know that having disappeared on more important business with aliens and mixtapes, just when it suits them, the jammy buggers have blagged free and privalidged entry to their favourite music festival and they're no doubt being given spending money.

Of course, the up side of this is that those of us who are unable to attend the festival can be smug about it being 'far nicer to enjoy from home' which clearly is not the case unless you have mud allergies. We'll be able to listen to much missed nonsense as it happens instead of having to see some amazing band or two perform live before our very eyes.

You'll see from the link that the BBC used what few coppers they have at their disposal to revamp the site and generally reorganise access. If you lament the passing of the old header, it still lingers on some older blog-posts.

The first new show will kick off at 8pm on 25th June but the comprehensive BBC coverage begins hours before that. You can check the 6Music schedule around here but most importantly for us, they've decided to rehydrate some old Glastonbury waffle and serve it up during the small hours before any of the live, fresh stuff starts.

The free Metro paper took full advantage of the news to remind us that this is, after all, a Sony Gold Award winning show.

Adam recommends The Flaming Lips this year.

I'm working on a labourious and more radio show specific blogpost while listening to the final two airings of last year, so I'll whistle through the latest links that have drifted across my desktop.

A couple of days after my previous post and to coincide with the international silly spheres event, Adam gave us his re-edit of the Footie Song which some BUGgers were lucky enough to enjoy on a big screen at a glorious resolution.

FiFiFi was casually buying curtains in a shop playing local radio up there in Durham, when The Footie Song piped up in the store. I pictured her running about, pulling all the drapes around her body in a joyous celebration of such an uplifting song. Staying around the ornathalogical areas, a gorgeous woman sat opposite Adam during his journey to London the other day.

There's more. Some days before the beautiful butterfly of Joe Cornish's blog entry alighted on the leafy glade of our world, a few tatty remnants of his crysallis were spotted in the exciting streets of London's Soho. As far as I can tell, nobody traumatised him with a 'Stephen'.

However, while we're in the Stephenage area, friend of the original Stephen made some wonderful beardy cup cakes and she was also the chosen one when Adam asked for luna landing input..

Ken Korda stepped into the breach when Paddy Concertina got tied up with Pipkins and failed to meet Adam for the Big Mixtape.

For the second time this month, Adam made a BUG shaped appearance in Norwich for the Music Video Festival and he has been confirmed to return to the Greenwich Comedy Festival again this year. He's appearing at tea-time on Friday 10th September which is nicely inconvenient for anyone with a proper life.

EDITED TO ADD: I posted that info too soon. There was a bit of disinformation floating around. It's at the much more sensible time of 5pm on Sunday, 12th so everyone can enjoy.

He did a lovely interview at BBC Radio Norfolk and Norwich gave him a proper lectern for his lappie.

Sadly his Norwich date meant that Adam will have missed the final Supergrass gig unless he was teleported down to London straight afterwards.

A new bit of Attack the Block artwork surfaced at Film London and Big Talk have pimped their page a tad.

We had a little bit of fretting when a fan's email was bounced from but James reassured Kendersrule that it did not mark anything ominus, further substantiated but the Glasto news.

Edgar has been quoted as intending to get back on the case of Ant Man with Joe once he's pushed Scott Pilgrim out of the intensive care unit and into the big wide world.

There's a lovely new Tumblr out there with random Adam and Joe nuggets. I'm not doing the Face Book activity play-centre thing so I was completely unaware of the Adam and Joe Status day until after the fact.

There's a lot of naysaying from people who don't understand Twitter and it's not for everyone but as you can probably tell, for me it's a ludicrously fruitful source of spurious knowledge. I've even used the two way function to splatter the area with information myself.

It does hold many other delights.

On Friday 11th, the ever imaginative icon of Adam and Joe fanship, @WickWox did an incredibly creative version of Follow Friday by incorperating her suggestions into Song Wars lyrics. It prompted an enjoyable bit of banter from several of her followers concluding with a hashtag of misheard or mangled lyrics. Annoyingly, Twitter is broken as I write this so the tag isn't productive.

Cheznoir brought us a leaflet from the fibre-glass bum emporium called Pleasure Wood Hills where Adam once took his family. I also learned that France deployed a Buckules lookie-likie in the final 15 minutes of their game last week. @WickWox found this and this in some dusty old tea chest. It must also be said that for chat-up line advice, there is no better place than Twitter.

A few more people discovered the dialect coach woman this week, including Stephen Fry.

Adam finally revealed that the legal situation with international Mixtape podcast cravers will prevent them from hearing it via the BBC. With no desire to upset anyone in the Castle, I have put a little information here. I took Adam's reference to "internet networking and friendship schemes" as being the nearest he could go towards blessing the sharing in dark corners of such material. Please make the iPlayer your first choice, though. The show should be listened to in full for maximum enjoyment.

It was a very Adam and Joe styled 6Music breakfast show yesterday (in my tiny little mind). Shaun played Dr Sexy while he could clearly see Adam and Radiohead's Ed O'Brien through the studio window. The Glastonbury trails have been updated as has the one for Adam Buxton's Big Mixtape. 6Music are so hot, right now. Soon after Shaun handed over to Lauren, she revealed that she'd been partying with Joe the night before. If you don't believe me, check here.

If this has all been too much for you to take in, the bad news is that there will shortly be yet another entry by way of an aide memoir from the last time we heard the duo in action.

Tuesday 8 June 2010

A little stuff and nonsense

Adam was distinguished yet again last week by being the only human to gain 'cool' status at Stuff Magazine's Cool List. They have a fabulous picture of him and he's in good company with Scott Pilgrim There's also a small piece in the latest hard copy of Stuff. This is from Metro.

While I was bothering the international webplace, I stumbled across this cameraman who worked on some of Joe's film school pieces. It makes me grin stupidly to think about a young Cornballs jumping around like an over-excited puppy while trying to remain cool-looking.

There's a little more info about one of the films here including the fact that Ronald Lacey (from Raiders of the Lost Ark) shot this the year before he died. Jonathan English, the then young man who produced for Joe, went on to produce Mike Barker's Wilde based "A Good Woman" which was on telly last Sunday. Last year he directed Ironclad in Wales' answer to Hollywood (according to Mr Attenborough). I remember noticing some of Joe's Block crew had worked on that film.

Adam has a couple of BUG gigs in Norwich, kicking off at The Playhouse on Thursday and then at the Music Video Festival next week. Tickets for BUG20 at the BFI have almost sold out but it's a pretty flyer so I'm going to put it here.

This young man reminded me of a young Joe and while I remember, some cheeky tweeters sent me this Stephen! based picture from the Doodle Bar at the Albany last weekend. That's such a Joe pose!

Adam also did a "Word of Mouth" in the current issue of The Word. If this image is too small to read (click first) there is a slightly better version here.

Adam's Big Mixtape is still going from strength to strength, staying at the top of the 6Music iPlayer charts throughout the week. There was a ripple of dissent as dedicated listeners were struck in the podcast area this week when an overlength version confounded them, followed by the unexplained demoting to 'UK Only' status when the perfectly formed version was uploaded*. I think James might be investigating that before the next pod is cast.
Adam was spotted at the weekend Pixies gig and talked about them with Graham Linehan in this week's show, though it was recorded before the gig. Do, do, do take a listen. It's a perfect show.

Paddy Considine was meant to be recording with Adam today but had to wash his hair at the last minute so Ken Korda has stepped up to the plate like the true professional that he is. This leaves the field open for some very creative entries on the blog, I feel. Of course, if Dr Roobles lived a little closer to town, I'm sure she would have been a worthy guest, and any excuse to replay her Paul McCartney tapes would surely bring the show closer to a Sony Gold next year.

This weekend is the anniversary of one of my most favourite, hyperventilatingly stupid shows so I may play it in lieu of my usual Collins and Herring routine. I am sure I will be forgiven for just this one weekend.

=========================fiddle zone======================

If you have an addictive nature that needs some nourishment, look no further than this gizmo which I think was linked by Adam's latest guest, Mr Linehan himself. If you search around Twitter you'll find some sequences to paste into it too. If that doesn't engage you for long enough, it's fun to revisit this lovely Flickr account.

There are some gorgeous photos from Tom Robinson's Glad to be Grey birthday concert evening at the Shepherd's Bush Empire, here. A silly diary error had me double booked that night but I'm so glad I raced over there for the last couple of hours. It was a really beautiful evening and I had Shaun W breathing on my neck for a while, which is enough to make any girls' day.

Edgar is shipping more and more Scott Pilgrim footage out there to his hungry diciples. I'm still managing to avoid looking. Only a couple months to wait before it fizzes onto my retinas like a box of Standard fireworks.

Remember Adam's lovely Mixtape guest the other week? There are some cool photos of Emmy The Great here.

*As ever, there are ways and means beyond the BBC for acquiring both the full and the pod versions of the show if you're prepared to poke your dirty fingers in all the wrong places.