Saturday 17 November 2012

We Need to Rush You Into A & E #AdamAndEdith

The Adam and Edith Show is up and running and is ready to listen again.

Very much testing the crest of the watery airwaves in their first show, Adam and Edith entertained us with silliness, sound bytes, Korda reports and jingle jongles woven through a diverse playlist. Edith is so grown up that she actually drove the show from the desk leaving Adam to pour his reassuring warmth all over our idiocy-hungry areas.

For only six more weeks, they will build on their relationship and with any luck, forge the kind of fun that will make 6Music bring them back soon, maternity leave permitting!

They have their own email address if you want to contact the show during the week. While it's on air you can text to 64046 or use the 6Music Twitter account but do remember to be polite and kind. Unnecessary rudeness is waste of your valuable time and will inevitably make you look like a small winkie.

The podcast for these shows will be conveniently plopped into your normal Adam and Joe Pod Portal later on in the evening.

They also joined Lauren yesterday to chat about their preparation for the show. You can listen to it here.