Saturday 23 March 2013

'Tis the season of chocs and mallow bunny bits

I had a packet of choccie raisins a minute ago but I can't find them now.

Apart from that last post, there's been precious little real information on here since New Year's Eve so my aim is to remedy that. This'll be long and you won't read it all.

Whilst reminding everyone about the imminent 6Music Easter Week Bowie Love-in featuring a couple of hours with Adam Buxton on Easter Sunday, I can finally share a link to the on-stage interview that preceded Adam's Bowie-Based introduction to his Screen Epiphany at the BFI last year. Sadly, they are no longer hosting these films at their dedicated microsite and don't support embedding so there's no sexier way of linking this other than hotting up his page and leaving you to navigate from there.

The edit makes it seem as though the interviewer tried to steal the show but the actual introduction seemed more balanced at the time. It's a pity they don't include any of the other hoopla Adam gave us but if you've been to a BUG recently, you'll have an idea. It wuz laughful with fond dizrespectocitization.

Sky Atlantic have been repeating BUG and Adam has put the first episode on his YT Channel if you're overseas, too lazy or too self-righteous to have watched it by more devious means.

It would seem those Sky fools do not intend to commission a second series. Listen (and watch) what Adam has to say about that here (recorded at the Norwich Playhouse earlier this month). This is an ideal opportunity for BBC2 to swoop in and take BUG over, you'd think.

Adam is featuring in Kevin Eldon's new Sunday evening show "It's Kevin" at the moment. I say featuring - he's in at least one sketch. Lovely Sally Grosart has made a Paper Person of his character.

Take a little break from reading and watch a Famous Guy clip from Edinburgh there.

After one of Adam's radio shows with Edith, a lot of people were asking about the source of that insanely wonky boooozum inflection piece. It's here.

Robyn Hitchcock had a birthday gig in Shoreditch. Not only was Adam there, he joined the crowd on stage.

There were tweeted pictures from Adam's Union Chapel gig although this one looks like The Horne Section.

I don't want to make this post too lumpy with video links but Adam uploaded a higher res version of his Popepropriation video to coincide with the recent Italian smoking party.

Emma Gutteridge shared some lovely photographs of Adam at the DiscoShed DJing gig.

Tim made this Skyfall/Buxton mash to delight your ears and eyes.

In the last couple of months, Adam chose Soundcloud to put some of his beautiful nuggets that a) don't have YouTubery to go with or b) are so good, they need to be downloadable for mp3 playerage. To single one of them out would be wrong but I was never going to be allowed into the kingdom of right.

You can read about and listen to Adam's Red Nose Day activities here at the new home of my nugget blog. The old nugget blog will be pulled at the end of April. I transferred the words but the sound may take a while longer to link up, although they are all online at

The Grimshaw man also showed Adam's Sushi Song during his late night Red Nose Day show on BBC1.

Adam's diary continues to fill and I've linked my silly list up at the top of this blog. Do check to see if BUG is coming to your town. As well as London's regular shows next week, there are dates for places like Bradford, Sheffield, Brummingshire, Belfast, Leicester and even Lincoln in the mix now. He's taking his Fat Boy Slim show to Brighton and doing a Warp Records Special in London.

You know, the BUG team are always open to venue suggestions. If your town has a cool place with projection facilities, a good sound system and preferably a nice bar, drop them a line.

Adam's Leicester Square Best of BUG was a sensational evening with Buxty prancing around the stage in his sexy new specs to the delight of many BUG virgins. It's lovely watching newbies. They can't quite believe what they're seeing and finally realise how uncomfortable endless laughter can be.

He did a little Popropriation section and by way of explanation & example to BUG virgins, he cited the Gillette jingle and it's use by Mike Shinks whenever his wife Fran doubts his worthiness. It gave me a little nostalgia wobble.
♫ Mike Shinks!  The Best that Fran could Ge-e-et ♫

Adam showed one of Peter Serafinowicz's Hot Chip videos despite the blighter not turning up for the japery. That reminds me, Adam and Peter have contributed their voice skills to the new Nintendo Lego game. While I'm talking about Lego, I have to share a shot of silent film boffin, Mr Hope Lies' wonderful Lego Cinema. He'll also be reporting from BUG at Docfest and BIFF with any luck.

Fortunately, Adam's proper guest, Edgar Wright did turn up and his showing of some Ant-Man test footage caused a little Disney Net Ripple while most of us were in bed. Somebody filmed it from the audience and put it on YouTube but it was swiftly removed. I shudder to think how poor the quality would have been. The sad thing is, it was probably uploaded by a huge fan on Edgar's who didn't understand why it was a bad thing to do. It really makes you wonder......but at least it gave the blogs plenty to witter about for a few seconds.

The only really new sniff of Ant-Man recently has been this from January. Marvel's Ant-Man Facebook page is currently still Stark infested from last October. The release date is slated for November 2015 which is six months after the next Avengers film.

Talk of Ant-Man finally takes proceedings to Joe by association.

There's virtually no public news about Snow Crash or Rust. I guess both are still noodling about with scripts. This is understandable. I mean, Snow Crash is too long to make into a film, apparently.

The hard copy of Sci-Fi mag had this page about Rust but I've yet to read it. Lovely Royden was on the Archaia stand at the ECCC chatting about the various volumes of Rust. There was a little mention about the film from Royden at a Livestream event a while ago too.

If I've missed any other news about either of these films, please let me know.

There have been some Attack the Block screenings lately. Being from the future and altogether topsy-turvey, Melbourne had a Rooftop Cinema screening. In Camberwell, it was free and followed by a Q and A with Leeon Jones. In Hornsey it was only a quid but unfortunately they have a gzillion lumins light that shines directly downwards about a foot in front of the projector beam, rendering the picture that eventually arrives on the screen almost invisible.

Tyler Stout includes Attack the Block in his range of artwork which he sells in limited edition.

If I could justify the price of yet another copy of Attack the Block, I'd go for the Japanese version as it has these little darlings stuffed in the packaging.

Somebody made this amusing bit of art and tagged it Attack the Block.

The school that Attack the Block's John Boyega went to are rightly proud of him. Simon 'Biggz' Howard helped to launch Becoming Brixton in January. Jodie Whittaker is currently giving a beautiful performance in ITV's Monday night series 'Broadchurch' and Luke Treadaway has transferred his heartbreaking portrayal of Christopher in The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time to the West End. Nick Frost has finished pick-ups for Cuban Fury and has now taken the lead in Mr Sloane for Big Talk.

The poor cloud hair lady was made to suffer another outing with Joe's ethereal song in January.

Such is the scarcity of Cornballs news, all I can report is that he had fish and chips in Balham on 11th March, unless of course, it was Nicholas Rowe......or that sport ball man.... Anyhoo, it makes a change from dining at Moro.

On 1st February, 6Music spent the day running through a listener-voted top 100 tunes and it warmed my cockles to discover that giggly Jude (an Adam and Joe producer of yesteryear) was listening all the way over in American Land.

During the last couple of weeks I've heard Mark Radcliffe (or was it Stuart) and Lovely Lettuce Laverne struggle with the pronunciation of Wymondham which gives me a good excuse to link a beloved nugget.

Someone tweeted a Bronholme based hoodie fashion statement.

Adam and Joe's 6Music podcast still gets included in the iTunes 'What's Hot' section but their BBC Blog is sadly in line for mothballing*.

On Valentine's Day Adam gave us the gift of song and a couple of 6Music listeners celebrated their Adam and Joe based union.

People are still telling Adam he looks like Mandy Patinkin, Eric Cantona and other Random Bearded Men. When will this madness end? He's cleverly adopted a 'with glasses' look that should fool them for a while.

You know Stephen! right? Of course you do. Well he's done a book you can get for fewp'nce on your Kindling thingling or fill your hands with treespew. Just Reading! Surely Big Talk will option the film rights for this?

Tom Haigh unearthed and upshot some archive footage from a time when Edgar Wright was legitimately small and huggable. They were duly blogged here and here.

Other random things I feel like telling you is that David Byrne's Roundhouse show is selling fast.  Both Basement Jaxx and Goldfrapp at Somerset House sold out ages ago but astonishingly, you can still grab tickets for Richard Hawley which is a dreamy thing to do of a Summer's evening. You can also see Colin 'Black' Vearne at the Bush Hall for not much cash.

Finally, apropos of nothing at all, I'd like to pimp my two favourite t-shirt stores: DBT and Archane.

*The 'more information' link at the Adam and Joe 6Music blog implies that the blog will be around for a while longer. I think it would cause more harm if they removed it.

When do you delete pages from

In general our policy is only to remove pages where the information provided has become so outdated that it may lead to actual harm or damage.

Friday 8 March 2013

Easter Bowie Egg Hunt

Posts on this blog are almost as rare as news of Joe Cornish but here's a stab at a couple of things that might tickle your attention sensors.

David Bowie's new album has caused such jiggidy in the love loins that any/every establishment wants to flaunt their joy and BBC 6Music is joining the fun, albeit deferring the saturation until Easter Week.  There are countless nuggets to enjoy from everyone in the best radio family ever saved by it's listeners.

Adam's show will air for two hours from 4pm on Easter Sunday and will include his favourite interviews. You can read more here.

Radio4 have made their full, uncut 2002 Front Row interview available here.

Now, see here.....if something popped up that meant Zavid would allow Adam and Joe to pop over the pond to interview him, I would happily release Adam from any of his other commitments. If it meant I didn't see Adam talk to Edgar Wright in his Best of BUG Special at the enormous Odeon Leicester Square, I wouldn't mind.  Nothing should be allowed to stand in the way of them realising a dream like that.

Adam really does have a good schedule for the coming months. He's bouncing around the country like Psy on an ego trip.  Check the Adam and Joe fansite for the latest dates and you can even try Adam's own calendar um... feature.  None of these resources are exhaustive and if you have any gig info, I know the fansite forum would be grateful to know.....or you could sent me a little Tweet.

I used to keep a little blog with nuggets of sound and other short missives. That blog was run on Posterous which was bought out by Twitter and they will be pulling the plug on it at the end of April. This means that the hundreds of silly sound nuggets I've posted there will evaporate. Ruddy miserable doesn't quite cover it. 

I've moved all the wordy bits of the posts here but it will take some time for me to put all the sound back. I've re-upped a large chunk of them but I have to go to each individual post to insert the new link for them all.

In other news:
Adam is looking even sexier and deceptively bookish in his new spectacles.
Joe is still breathing and poncing around with film types.