Tuesday 28 December 2010

The Christmas Day show, Black Squadron Command and a Twitter flurry

As we brushed away the messy crumbs left in the grate by the big guy in the cola costume, a brace of idiotholes regaled us with tales of joy and woe, love and minor annoyance, besties and worsties, if you will. Gifts were exchanged before our very ears and the cocktail cabinet was prised open. Twiglets were audibly chomped and firecrackers were lit. Apologies for confusions and distresses caused were made. Declarations of intent were uttered.

I think I may be right in saying this was the first year in which no fatal damage was caused to any of the gifts exchanged. Despite a strong missive from Adam about the presents needing to be silly and not 'proper' Joe couldn't stifle his surprise when he opened something that appeared to be 'quite good' until Adam reassured him that it was, in fact, genuine rubbish.

If you are eager to re-enact this present exchange with one of your long-term comedy partners, I've made a little list of the items you'll need and an approximation of where to get them.

There are still a few days left to catch up on the iPlayer and the podcast will be around for about 30 days, apparently.

Rather than do one of my tediously laboured dissertations, I've decided to sum the show up in thirty seconds.

We were even given a Black Squadron Command this weekend which was "Tinsel Undies".
I am delighted for Adam and Joe because the small number of entries which actually made it into the gallery implies that they were rewarded with many enjoyable photos deemed far too saucy to display on the walls of the Castle.

It would be wrong for me to have favourites of course, but I do.

Liƫka for sheer inventiveness

I don't think we've met but I'm looking at his pants and crying 'wolf'!

and our lovely Megan because she is so bloody pretty.

As many hitherto dutiful squadron members were otherwise engaged with their families and loved-ones when Adam and Joe's Christmas Special was aired, a bunch of tweeters Listened Again on Boxing Day at 6pm.

For reasons unknown some dedicated members from last night were overlooked in the gallery submissions so they're here.
Issi's sexy garter

SlabSquatThrust had a tinsel deficit but as his made-up joke proved during the show, he is an inventive fellow

and Twitsquadron's very own songbird, Layla
gave us a before and after view

Fiona made a Flickr set. Feel free to add yours too.

During our communal love-in the show peaked on the iPlayer in 14th place across the whole of BBC Radio. It retained a respectable position in the chart throughout Bank Holiday Monday as people arrived home and caught up with it.

It has been in first place on the 6Music list since a couple of hours after it went live. The podcast is floating around the 7 or 8 area in the iTunes Comedy episode chart.

Four squadron members had their jokes read out so we should have a quick roll call:

Erik O'Brien - aka SlabSquatThrust (MInt Spy) after whom Adam will name his next son.

Stephen Reilly - aka erm StephenReilly (Welsh pigeon) hit the hattrick with his tortured references.

Grant Coffer - aka GrantSolo (Tumnus Cook) provoked Joe's SHOUTING.

Marge Gunderson - aka SongWarMonger (Manger Zone) whom, after being a regular contributor to Adam's Big Mixtape, now has the benefit of some made-up-joke coaching from Torpedo Commander Cornish.

Steve Wells (Stop the Carvery) has yet to make himself known via the Twitter - probably because Google reveals that this isn't the most original entry......but then, a couple of those others don't actually pass Cornball's usually rigorous testing.....and to think they could have read my hilarious(ly lame) submission.

Respectable notices of abstention were received from across the globe and our trusty PantoSquadron operative tweeted this shout out during his interval. You Go Girl!

It must have been torturous for followers of #TwitSquadron members either on Saturday morning or Sunday evening but we had fun linking our virtual minds and hands. The show was diverse and hilarious with great music and great chat, just like in the olden times.

Friday 24 December 2010

Not a roundup of 2010 at all

The most important thing about this festive season is that Adam And Joe gathered in their festive shack to record a show to air on the morning of Christmas Day.

If you didn't catch the trail on 6Music yet, James has put it here. If you can't listen live, please join Twitsquadron on Sunday evening for an iPlayer gathering.

One could argue that it's been too long since I last updated this blog. All manner of nonsense has been going on but in this age of instant gratification (for those of us lucky enough) it seems redundant to repeat what I've already tweeted mere seconds after it happened.

I'd saved more than fifty links since my last post but happily, King Of Blogs and Count of Buckules made a lovely rounding-up sort of thingumy the other day as he battled with illness, saving me from going over all the really useful points. You're much better off reading that than this.

Well, if you must...........Sam shared a couple of pictures and a roundup of how the day went when he joined Adam and Graham Linehan for a bit of supporting artiste work on their pilot which apparently won't be aired.

Si Hawkins at the UK Comedy Blog persuaded Adam to answer a few questions around the time of the Song Wars Volume 2 release. Drowned in Sound had a piece here as did Culture Deluxe here.

You may like to bookmark this page on the fansite forum which aims to bring gig news as soon as it's made public. BUG 23 has a few seats left now but more will become available on the day(s). As you'll have read in his own blog, Adam had to cancel a couple of dates recently but both the Bristol and Kilburn venues have implied the shows will be rescheduled. The Tabernacle still have a show in February and Adam will return to the Leicester Comedy Festival again this year.

BUG 22 has been and gone and it happily coincided with the release of the Hammer and Tongs DVD so Garth & Nick came along for some viddy-chat. The beautiful Roo caught a lovely snap of them all on the stage.
I've made a couple of attempts to recreate something of the fun of a BUG night on here before but thanks to goodly enhancements to YouTube, the BUGmeisters themselves have been able to create this wonderous thing. PLEASE click on all the links, subscribe to it, favourite it and share it. It's a total joy and if they think it's a success, they'll do more of them. They really need to know they're not wasting their efforts so please take some time with this. If you start with the intro, the rest of the programme should follow on automatically.

Adam made a Celebrity Playlist for iTunes the other week. Think of it as his mixtape gift to you....that you have to pay for.

This may be a bit of stuff and nonsense but just in case it has any substance to it, I'll link it. This call for advertisers to buy space implies that the Weekend Travel section of The Guardian may cover Mr & Mrs Buxton renewing their wedding vows next month. Not sure when that might have actually happened, of course but I've been wearing a hat and shedding a tear every day since I read about it.

My other little blog has been giving daily links to the 6Music midnight broadcasts of the 12 Podcasts of Christmas shows on the iPlayer and their plundered podcast downloads so I hope you found them.
The Best of Adam's Big Mixtape Series One (I love the implications of typing that) are repeating from 26th December 2010 and I think the podcasts will plop into our boxes again. There are loads of Best Of Adam and Joe shows on 3rd January 2011.

The Guardian TV and Radio Blog takes any excuse to mention Adam and Joe. They go for it time and time and time again and again but this entry eloquently speaks for us all .

The Guardian Media Monkey is just as enthusiastic and Adam shared this photo with the Lifestyle section, showing Adam and Joe with Uncle Dave and Louis Theroux. I presume Adam's Mummy was doing some exotic dancing which distracted Louis when this was taken.

The Independent gave them a shout out today as well.

Attack The Block continues to be mentioned here are there. Britfilms have a proper page allocated now, as does Film Dates.

Jodie Whittaker was among an incredible cast for an episode of Jimmy McGovern's Accused and she gave an interview here.

Lots of bloggers and tweeters got excited when this still was made available for digital use, making a big deal of it finally being released even though it's the still Empire used in it's hard copy as far back as September.

For my part, I've given my Paper People Joe a little festive hoodie to wear on the tree.

Anyone who was lucky enough to attend the Ultra Culture Cinema Christmas Party would have walked away with a handy, pocket sized copy of Mr Lyne's review of 2010. I feverishly thumbed through the pages to check for a repeat of last year's inclusions and was rewarded with this piece from Joe. I can't remember if I put last year's page on here.....or indeed if it plopped onto the Ultra Culture website at some point ....don't think it did.

A lovely chappy called Mathew Cropper took these screenshots from the Adam and Joe Show to share with us.

Both Joe and Adam have had a crack at dining with satan's little helpers by doing voice-overs for GAME this festive season. I won't state the obvious about them both doing this, Joe first then Adam...


Play the 6 Music Christmas Quiz!

This tweet from C3PO made me smile.

A bit of Popper delight.

Ultra Culture's Best of 2010.
Edgar Wright's chitty chat about films of this year and beyond.
The Incredible Suit's best attempt at trying to find merit in ten films this year (he wasn't very thralled with twenty ten)
Andrew Collins' Films of 2010, his fave LPs and his ten best other things.
What is it about boys and lists?

Shaun Keaveny's book get cheaper and cheaper as it sores up the Amazon charts.