Sunday 1 March 2015

February 15

To celebrate, and in anticipation of Adam returning for BUG, the team and BFI made a little online episode you can view for free here.

This made us all happy

Attack the Block's lovely John Boyega presented a BAFTA for Film Not in the English Language. He's so hot right now #StarWarsVII.  Joe was also involved in this year's awards, serving on the jury for the BAFTA Outstanding Debut award.

I  stumbled upon an old techy podcast that Adam and Joe contributed to in The Guardian.

We had a bit more details about Adam's project with Graham Linehan. It's probably going to be called The Cloud. It's a comedy. It's set in SPACE and they've filmed a pilot. Thank you Radio Times and The Guardian.....although the latter claims that Adam 'boasts' about being in The Persuassionists.  The only person with any right to boast about that is the person who has the balls to shoot the writer.
Barry Shitpeas wriggled himself onto the pilot set.

This happened, of all things....and on Valentine's Day.

Adam did a couple of gigs at The Invisible Dot.

I went to this charity event and Count Buckules was sitting there, feet away from me like a regular audience member.

I was here too.....
Chain Reaction returned with Adam interviewing Reece Shearsmith. You may remember the last series finished with Graham Linehan interviewing Adam.

My memory isn't up to much these days but have we seen this bit of art before?

This is surely worth a mention. Richard Herring was given a little brit called Phoebe to play with.