Tuesday 10 December 2013


The month started with the last BUG shows to be hosted by Adam for a little while. We await news of what he's finding to fill his time now that he doesn't have to trawl through endless YouTube comments however, a tweeted question about an eggcorn gave rise to a ripple of excitement in my silly noggin.

Adam recorded an episode of Danny Baker's BBC4 show. You can find more details here, such as they are.

Joe finally detached himself from the Star Trek III, apparently.

There are other waffle links from September, October and November.

That'll be it unless I feel moved to do a round-up of the year in a couple of weeks but there are a couple of bits of trivia:

Frankie Boyle discovered Taffin and the ICA actually screened it theatrically. I'd love to know what the audience count was for that one.