Friday 29 January 2010

An award and a lot of buckles

As a true testament to the loyalty and dedication of Adam and Joe's fans, they were prepared to register at the bloomin' Loaded website in order to vote the Podcast Princes into award winning position this week at the Laftas. As far as I can tell, neither of them went to collect the award because their lives are too exiting to waste in some Cuckoo Club, patting themselves on their beautiful backs. Joe kindly took the time out to make a blog post at 6Music for us though, proving beyond any doubt that he knows the exact areas in which to deploy his precise talents.

Most of the other links are about Adam. As previously noted, he is maintaining a gloriously high public profile. He did the Director's Cut version of BUG 17 to the usual great acclaim and Derren Brown seemed to enjoy it too. Adam also did his stand-up at Bar FM which the Twitterati attended.

Next week, he takes BUG back home to Norwich which has spawned two pages at the Norwich Evening News. The blurb here seems to just be extracts from this interview.

In order to maintain a little more balance in this post, I'm going to quote this part of the interview before going back to a couple more items from Adam.
Then, of course, there's the radio show which he presents on BBC 6Music with Joe, which is currently on hiatus, but will return later this year. Following much the same formula as their TV show, a mix of home-made songs and pop culture banter, it's one of the funniest programmes on the radio. And such is their following that the news they were going off air for a while was greeted by outpourings of grief on internet message boards. But Adam promises they'll be back.

“We did the last show just before new year and we are taking a bit of a break. Joe's gone off to direct a film, called Attack the Block, so he's going to be away for a few months while he does that and we'll come back later in the year,” Adam explains. “I'm really missing it, I can't wait to get back to it,” he says.

In between he's got a few projects on the go.

“I'm doing bits and pieces of writing and I'm making videos for my own amusement to show at things like Bug and I'm doing the odd live gig. I'm doing the odd pilot show here and there and seeing how it goes.”

Is there any chance of a role in Joe's film? “I've been hinting. I'm keeping my fingers crossed, but I'm not optimistic,” he laughs.

Happily, the BBC have embraced Adam's beautifully produced and cleverly judged response to all the flack from The Persuasionists by posting it in his section at the BBC Comedy Blog. Adam has also put it on his blog.

Adam Buxton Talks Film is something that popped up from a Twitter feed and it's a lot of fun.

Don't forget the very entertaining Andrew Collins and Richard Herring are storming the ramparts and holding the fort for the next five weeks in Adam and Joe's BBC 6Music slot on a Saturday morning & were even allowed to wander onto the blog this week.

I'm just going to repeat this quote for obvious reasons.
And such is their following that the news they were going off air for a while was greeted by outpourings of grief on internet message boards. But Adam promises they'll be back.

Really empathising with the frustration Hobbsy must be feeling over his server problems. If you can't get onto please keep returning to try it. It's a wonderful site, resource and forum.

Finally, I'm going to indulge in a little pat on my own back. I saw that Adam's brilliant Australia Song was getting into landmark figures and I wanted to tip it over the edge, so I encouraged tweeps to get their followers clicking. As I write this, it's just a few hits away from the 100,000 mark. Of course, this is entirely due to Adam's amazing talent but I'm just saying it's had more than 70 hits since lunch time.

Tuesday 26 January 2010

Tumbleweed Notwithstanding

There's nothing much out there at the moment but Buckles is still wonderfully busy, entertaining the arse out of willing chucklers around the country. There may still be tickets for some of the remaining events if you want to check the links here. Tweets from both BUG and Popcorn last week were effusively appreciative. Joe was in the audience at BUG and Louis Theroux went along to Popcorn.

You may remember that Adam did a gig at the 100 Club and this tweeter found a doodle he made in the dressing room.

The wonderful Hobbsy of fame spotted that the other day, Adam opened a Vimeo account at last and has favourited a couple of David Oreilly's films. I think it's too much to hope that he might upload his wonderful Persuasionists Response video that he's been showing at gigs. There is also rumour of, at the very least a pilot for an on-line based BUG style show.

Half a Dozen Questions with Adam Buxton
Adam gave an online interview to this small, local arts collective. It would seem he must have done the piece over a month ago but unless I am mistaken, it only popped up online yesterday.

I'm guessing that this tweet implies Joe did a bit of voice work. Whether it was for a short film, documentary or a commercial may remain a mystery until we hear his dulcet tones on air.

This is not new but when info is thin on the ground, I might as well post something that I haven't already put here.
This video features an Adam and Joe inspired moment with some Stephenage.

Finally, lazybones from Hobbsy's forum stumbled upon two additional episodes of Each Passing Minute from the old XFM standing-in days. There are a whole bunch of shows that many of us felt were lost forever and we were teased with the first episode of this Radio Soap Opera feature. Now it seems there may be hope for more somewhere out there and in this lonely scrubland left in the wake of the 6Music absence, it couldn't be more eagerly anticipated.

Wednesday 20 January 2010

The news on the Block.....

The most heartening piece of news from my point of view is that the Attack the Block page on the IMDB updated it's status last Friday so we can all keep an eye on the movements there.

If anyone ever had some kind of nagging doubt that the aliens might be completely CGI, those fears are allayed by the inclusion of a "creature and makeup effects designer". Mr Mike Elizalde has a solid pedigree and a thorough grounding in special effects, prosthetics and puppeteering as well.

Adam has put all four parts of Alone in the Shed in one lovely package up on his YouTube Channel now. Furthermore, as far as I can see, all of his London based gigs have sold out so he'll be a happy chappy.

The second episode of The Persuasionists is on later tonight. You can still catch episode one for a couple more hours on the iPlayer. It didn't go down too well last week but may take on a cult life of it's own in due course.

James Stirling made a post at the BBC 6Music blog with the Text The Nation clip from Doctor Who. Anyone who was using Twitter at the time that episode of Doctor Who aired will know that lots of people noticed it and I was even moved to hastily grab a wonky clip from iPlayer. It was David Jeffery-Hughes who decided to send it to James and he's done a wonderful job of inserting it into the original jingle. Do take a listen!

I might as well mention that I've been posting tiny, little Adam and Joe clips each day at my Posterous link in an effort to keep the boys alive in our ears while they are away. Subscribe, follow, retweet, ignore or destroy. The choice is yours.

Finally, hardly a day passes without someone saying how much they are missing the radio show so if you haven't found it before, please have a little look around for links to old shows and other wonderful nuggets.

Tuesday 12 January 2010

Adam Buxton IS The Persuasionist.

Tomorrow night brings episode one of The Persuasionists on BBC2 at 10pm. A few of the papers have run short pieces. The Mail, The Californa Chronicle (don't ask me!) but the jewel in the promotional crown must be this interview with Adam from Saturday's Times.

The BBC got their microsite up and running a few days ago where you can even find a clip from the first episode. I'm not sure if I've linked this before but for some time now, there has been a fan site for the show.

There was a lot of Twitter chatter last week when Jonathan Ross announced that he was not going to renew his contract in July.
The names of Adam Buxton and Joe Cornish, both individually and as a duo, lit up the search engines with their pining fans trying to be the first to suggest how amply they could fill the various poncy boots that Mr Ross would leave littered around the place. I raked over some old press clips and was amused by Joe's thoughts on Radio2 at the end of this article. I'm not sure he would feel exactly the same today but what do I know?

In other Adam Buxton news, the BBC Comedy Blog continued to post Adam's Alone In The Shed segments with deliciously silly notes from the beardy one himself. Even if you watched this when it was on telly, take a moment to read what Adam has to say as it's typically funny stuff. If you're struggling to watch these clips because you're a member of Exotic Squadron, the BBC have also popped them into their YouTube channel which is very thoughtful of them.

On Friday, we had a welcome surprise from James at the 6Music Blog with the news that Commander Cornballs would rescue Black Squadron from their disparate wanderings with a command during Danny Wallace's Saturday sitting-in-for show. The fruits of the Squadron's work were swiftly posted by Lovely Lucy. Remember, you can still submit photos until next Saturday, 16th January.

In the absence of any real news from Joe, I'm going to throw a curve ball and link to a couple of pages at Edgar Wright's blog.

A clever fellow called Joel Vallie has grabbed all of Edgar's photo-a-day snaps from 2009, warmed them in his hands like so much plasticine and fashioned a beautiful video from them. If you're paying attention, you'll see Joe's happy face more than once. While we're in the Wright place, he's put his 30 Tracks of 2009 together complete with Spotify playlist.

Not sure if I've linked this before but I can't stop watching this made-on-a-shoestring delight from Hammer and Tongs (video removed - search for it Cousins by Vampire Weekend)If you are foolish enough to miss The Persuasionists tomorrow, many regions are repeating it at the weekend, The microsite will give details for where you are. You might feel moved to join and post your thoughts at this fan forum. I'm sure I've missed something but I'll come back for a fiddle later on.

Tuesday 5 January 2010

Midweek news catch-up

BBC In Vision vacancies gave Joe's Song Wars clip as an example of the shows new recruits might work on. Sadly, they mean Antiques Roadshow, no the Adam and Joe Show.

Adam's departure from Twitter was mentioned in this Times article and Adam answered a few questions in The Metro today.

6 Music's very own Lauren Lavern asked listeners to send snowy photos and this one came in as a charming tribute to Adam and Joe. There's Adam's beard and Joe is even sporting his new, slightly strange, short-around-the-ears hair cut. I'm also enjoying the Commander's torpedo, cleverly disguised as a broomstick. Lucy has put it on the Adam and Joe blog too.

I forgot to link this in my end of year post but it's worth a mention that Miranda Sawyer had some nice things to say about our favourite doctors and finally, a doctor of a completely different kind is clearly missing the show and he felt moved to shout "Text The Nation" on prime time telly.

Edited: I've taken down the YouTube version of Alone in the Shed because it seems it will be trickle fed via the Comedy Blog(please read Adam's waffle) & I have too much respect for the guy to queer his patch. However, since this is a Flash file, you won't be able to see it on your iPhone.

I started with the idea of posting a soundbyte-a-day on my Posterous area but I'm thinking that might be a bit lame. I'm just keen to keep things alive while they're away but Buckules seems to have that taken care of, love 'im.

Monday 4 January 2010

So much Adam Buxton, so little time

Like a proud mother, I'm thrilled to see Adam so busy, filling our barren baskets with his bountiful fruits.

He impressed us with his YouTube pieces at Christmas, delighted us with his appearance on Miranda Hart's alternative review of the year with his Alone in the Shed segments. We will witness the fruits of his Spring 09 labours with The Persuasionists on BBC2 in a couple of weeks and now we have two stand-up dates in the calendar, and lots of loverly BUG shows.

South Bank, Waterloo - BUG on 21st January.
Notting Hill/Bayswater - Popcorn on 22nd January.
Shepherd's Bush - Knock2Bag on 27th January.
South Bank, Waterloo - BUG on 28th January.
Norwich - BUG on 3rd & 4th February.
Leicester - Comedy Festival BUG on 10th & 11th February.

I've been tweeting this information but it's nice to gather it all together & put it here, I suppose. If he carries on like this, I'm going to have to install a wanky calendar module to this blog.