Saturday 31 December 2011

Raising a glass of cheer for the months passed and the year to come

2011 has had more reasons to celebrate than any other in recent Adam and Joe history.


Even this early in the year, Little White Lies were starting the buzz for Attack the Block by running a competition, the winners of which would feature in their next, March 2011 issue.

Adam returned to the BFI with BUG23 but the big event this month was his Maldives piece in The Guardian's Travel section. Like father, like son.


Ah, the month of Adam's glorious, technical breakdown at The Tabernacle in Notting Hill. This provided bonus hilarity due to an unruly Photoshop munchkin which Adam seemed embarrassed about despite the obvious delight of his audience. Three good things came of this. It was gloriously gigglesome, he touchingly perceived some obligation to perform an amazing free show to everyone who had felt let down and it prompted him to get to grips with Keynote which he uses to such great effect these days.

The following night, Adam presented the Röyksopp BUG Special which spilled over into the Benugo bar until the small hours. I say this with caution and without wishing to devalue any other BUG outing but I enjoyed my pants off at this event. I had to put them through a mangle when I got home.

The team at Attack the Block announced that the film would bow with it's premiere at South By Southwest but that the UK release date would be delayed until May 2011.


The first day of March brought the news that the 6Music Adam and Joe Radio Show would return in April for twelve weeks, which ended up totalling fifteen shows, the glorious creme of which was played out this morning and can be caught on the iPlayer for the next seven days. There will also be two podcasts from it.

The next day, Joe appeared on the live broadcast of Film 2011 talking about Attack the Block and showing a couple of clips for the first time.

Despite getting a little uptight about time, Adam presented BUG24 and played a blinder at The Union Chapel.

Joe took a trip to Texas via some scribbling and leg jiggling time in L.A. setting the fuse wire on the great Attack the Block media machine which had the endorsement it needed to begin firing on all cylinders. The excitement at SXSW fueled the internet within seconds of the house lights going up and kept it's momentum for months to come. There's some waffle from that first night here.

Jon Hamblin, a journalist who freelances for SFX Magazine was kind enough to give me some Attack the Block nuggets that didn't make it to the publication.


The Adam and Joe Radio Show returned to 6Music. They were straight in there with memes like 'Why be Denny Different?', 'Nonsense, nonsense, nonsense' and 'Smarties make me naughty'. It was as though all the clever people on the street had a knowing smiles on their face that would last until early July.

The show trended on Twitter and the pod went straight to number one in the iTunes charts within a couple of hours of casting. Later in the month they were at the top of the iPlayer chart too.

The 6Music blog kicked back into action and they acquired a resident artist in the shape of James Hood. Thomas Dolby tweeted about them. Sally Grossart made special Easter Paper People for them.

Adam performed his Technical Meltdown show at the BFI which I believe was the first outing for his helmet-cam countdown film. Adam joined a team of people for a gig in aid of Sod Cancer and whilst relaxing backstage, he was shown (by David Armand and Justin Edwards) a YouTube nugget that would spark Adam and Joe's most invasive meme since Boggins.

BUG Music Videos launched their YouTube playlist showing clips of recent shows including some of Adam's delicious waffle and of course, some comments.

By turn of good fortune and great kindness I attended two preview screenings of Attack the Block but not before enjoying a wry put-down from Joe himself at the Kapow Comic Con. We also learned that Sony/Screen Gems had snapped up the distribution rights for the film in the States and Canada.

The Guardian carried the first, proper Attack the Block based national press interview with Joe from Eve Wiseman.

During the Kapow panel, Joe revealed that he and Edgar had just submitted their second Ant-man draft to Marvel.


Attack the Block was finally released in the UK but kicked off with a few previews including the London premiere on 4th May and post screening Q & A's at The Ritzy and The Prince Charles in London's London.

Still giving rise to me smarting my face with a smack, Joe took the time to answer a some silly questions I posed via the internet.

Joe and co. made appearances at Forbidden Planet and The Apple Store and they were generally all over the radio and tv media. Joe Cornish even trended on Twitter at one point. The film was top of the new entries in the weekend Box Office charts and Attack the Block related waffle dominated the podcast chart.

Adam took BUG to Manchester and then returned to the BFI for BUG25. He featured on the radio in an episode of Matt Lucas's "And the Winner Is" which aired on 7th May (no longer available).

The BBC Radio4 Archers Blog included the latest clip from the 6Music show.

Posters and a trailer appeared for The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn this month. This is the film for which Joe Cornish & Edgar Wright took over the writing duties when Steven Moffat's Doctor Who workload made him unable to continue.


Glastonbury came around again and the culmination of twelve weeks hard brand identity work was presented in the final three shows, broadcast live from the festival. The time went so quickly and full of so many memorable delights, the most enduring of which seems to be the Taffin cries. There was an exclusive, local Black Squadron gathering which produced all these photographs.

Adam presented a Moby BUG Special at the BFI where we had our first glimpse of his now famous (thanks to Never Mind the Buzzcocks) Moby guessing game. He also did a show at The Idler, joined the lineup at The Drill Hall and helped the National Autistic Society by manning a stand at their rain drenched Carter's Steam Fair event. Finally, he returned to his country pile for BUG Norwich 07.


Joe was celebrated with 41 other young creative poppets at an event attended by Willie and Katie in L.A. under the umbrella of "BAFTA Brits to Watch".

Attack the Block was screened in L.A. with Joe and John Boyega (Moses) joining Edgar Wright to present and chat about it. Then they hopped around various cities with their US Press tour, giving print, radio and tv interviews all the way as the film began it's slow release in the States that month.

They went down to the San Diego Comic Con for a panel.

Film4's wonderful Summer Screen event included Attack the Block this year. It was preceded by David Cox in conversation with Joe Cornish in one of the awkwardly seated rooms at Somerset House. Before the film went on screen, Joe hauled as many of the cast as possible onto the stage to take their bows.

Adam took his BUG Special show to Latitude, also making some unscheduled appearances in other areas of the festival. He also honoured his promise from last year's sickly period by bringing BUG to the Bristol Comedy Garden and then back to London for BUG26 shows.

The first series of Silent Library aired this month, with Adam giving the commentary. It's a bit of silly nonsense but Adam made it fun to watch.

Joe and Edgar submitted their third Ant-man draft script to Marvel complete with some artistic impressions.


Joe took Attack the Block to Locarno and Berlin (joined by Nick Frost) and it opened in more US cities.

Empire's Big Screen weekend included a special cast attended screening of Attack the Block with Joe & co chatting on stage afterwards. They were also looping the Tintin trailer in the concession area.

Adam did a five night run of BUGs at the Edinburgh Festival. These shows were completely sold out! He popped up at an afternoon Comedy Club For Kids event (appropriately at the Bongo Club) and on the last day he joined lovely Richard Herring for his daily live podcast while he was up there.

Made In Me launched their audio app featuring Adam Buxton reading bedtime stories.

Jude Adam Mason, the lovely, long-suffering, giggly producer of early Adam and Joe radio shows had her beautiful little baby Milly this month.

BUG Music Videos made a Summer Summary.


Adam kept the BUG train rolling with specials in The Queen Elizabeth Hall (which Joe attended), King's Place and the Greenwich Comedy Festival. The new BFI BUG27 shows were at the end of the month.

Attack the Block was released on DVD, Blu-ray and through various on-line portals in the UK this month, starting with an exclusive rental at Blockbuster. The hard copies had a variety of special packages and some wonderful extra features. We've recently learned that Germany will introduce a steel case version in February 2012.

The film continued to open in more US cities this month.

Get Darker launched a DJ competition to tie in with the film's soundtrack.


The Adam and Joe 6Music Radio Show won a BTDMA!

Adam hosted the most lauded episode of Never Mind the Buzzcocks of the entire series. Surely, the only thing stopping him from becoming a more permanent host is the chance of making his own BUG style tv show. Please note that the Best Of aired this week includes one tiny clip not previously shown.

Joe had a wicked and wet time in Sitges where Attack the Block collected four awards! He joined Luke Treadaway at MoMA for a presentation of Attack the Block and then they both went on to meet John Boyega at the New York Comic Con for a streamed interview with Marvel, a roundtable and a panel at the weekend. What is it with me and film conventions? I have skill for self-embarrassment.

Adam presented BUG Specials in Leeds, Manchester, Liverpool and BUG Norwich 8.

Tintin was premiered in London and Joe joined the press junket with Edgar Wright and Steven Moffat. He also did a little Attack the Block chitty chat with Edith Bowman for BAFTA voters.

Joe talked to eager delegates at the London Screenwriters Festival.

Adam finally shared this wonderful home video with us.


Adam had BUG Specials in Hull, Cardiff and the Cheltenham Festival and joined Jon Holmes and Olly Mann for a radio event in Salford. In a slight change of format, he introduced Jon Spiro's excellent Anyone Can Play Guitar followed by wonderful interviews with some of the contributors. It's a crying shame this film doesn't have a big distribution deal. Jon gives Martin Scorcese a run for his money.....well, a speed walk at least.

BUG28 was at the BFI this month and there was a OneDotZero BUG special featuring Björk. Adam also did a small show at this Promax event and presented the UK Music Video Awards again this year, which included another gong given to Attack the Block's Tom Townend for his work with Adele.

All of these were gigs eclipsed by the staggering Radiohead BUG Special at the end of the month. This is an enormous auditorium and not only did he (and maybe Radiohead) fill it but he held the audience in the palm of his hand and made it feel as intimate as a small club. If I have any right to such a thing, I felt so proud of him. He is a truly accomplished performer with a uniquely personable manner that is a rare and precious commodity.


Adam gave us this:

Joe gave us zip.
He collapsed in an exhausted, sexy tangle on the floor.

Broadcasting House, however saw fit to give him something. A spurtle, no less.

Adam and Joe must be busy with sutin because they couldn't give us a Christmas show.

Adam might be working hard to get his Sydney show together and maybe he is closer to having something for the tv.

Joe has said he's got all his research done for writing his next film but he may have changed his mind. He has always retained that prerogative, the raving ponce.


So there it is.

Adam Buxton presented a record breaking episode of Never Mind the Buzzcocks and played to what was probably his biggest audience in the Odeon Leicester Square for the Radiohead BUG Special.

Joe Cornish released his writing and directorial debut film to both critical and audience acclaim worldwide and enjoyed considerable recognition for his part in the writing of the Tintin script.

You can catch The Best of Adam and Joe's Radio Show 2011 here for 7 days and check for any podcasts you might be missing.

Adam is taking BUG to Sydney in January, then returning to the BFI and to the Leicester Comedy Festival in February.

He continues to regale us with tales of his Country Man plus sporadic, joyous bursts on his YouTube Channel and blog.

Joe is sitting at home in his wolf pants watching daytime telly, fiddling with his spurtle and vetting all the awards as they roll in.

Attack the Block has garnered the following recognition thus far:

South by Southwest Audience Award - won
Los Angeles Film Festival Audience Award - won
Miskolc International Film Festival, Hungary - won
Lund International Fantastic Film Festival, Sweden - won
Montreal Fantasia International Film Festival 2011 - won
Writers Guild of Great Britain Award -nominated
British Independent Film Awards - nominated x 2
Sitges - Catalonian International Film Festival - won x 4
NY Film Critics Online - won
London Critics Circle Film Awards - nominated x 2 (not yet announced)
Black Reel Awards - nominated x 6 (not yet announced)
Toronto Film Critics Association Awards - won
Austin Film Critics Association nominated x 5 - won x 2

....and the best accolade of all, with something akin to a deadline-free, peoples' award extending into perpetuity, this film has inspired incredible fan art and is currently figuring in many bloggers' top ten films of the year.

For my part, if they've been busy, then to a lesser degree, so have I.
If they've been publicly happy then I've been happy too.
As always, this blog carries the disclaimer that I mean no harm with my waffle. If it's ever misconstrued it's because I'm an idiothole and cannot adequately express myself.
I did man up enough to splutter a couple of words to both Adam and to Joe in person this year but I was so much in awe that I could hardly look them in the eye which probably resulted in them thinking any of the nonsense I clumsily spluttered was not truthful. My mouth dried, my tongue swelled and I failed introduce myself in this guise. Perhaps that implies I should step back a little in 2012.

This is my attempt at pre-cogging these silly men.

Wednesday 30 November 2011

BUG Radiohead Special

With the help of a tireless team of behind the scenes content filterers and fixers, Adam Buxton has taken the Antenna format's fragile pupa on a colourful journey through chrysalis to what has now become more of beautiful butterfly than the common or garden BUG described in the logo.

Last night, that robust lepidoptera flexed it's wings and left it's pheromones all over Leicester Square for what I believe is the biggest BUG event thus far.

Demand for a BUG Special featuring Radiohead was bound to be high and fortunately, the organisers audaciously secured the enormous auditorium at Odeon's flagship cinema. Whilst it may not be the biggest screen in town, it packs around 1680 seats, give or take and was so flummoxed by the ticket buying frenzy on the night the event was announced that even the staff in the box office couldn't resuscitate the booking system until the next morning.

If that's doesn't discolour Adam's wolf pants, nothing will.

In the actual event, Adam was at his most warm and comfortably confident.

Regular BUG attenders will be fondly used to technical hitches and indeed, some regulars are so blasé about this that they habitually arrive after the scheduled start time. As I wandered up the beautiful, building-site-themed* approach to the event with only ten minutes to spare, there were long lines of people waiting to collect tickets from those stubborn machines and the charmingly interactive Box Office staff.

Despite that, the show started pretty much on time with most people already in their seats.

A delay of no more than a couple of minutes did sadly mean Adam's helmet-cam cycling-to-the-venue film had to be paused with only about 90 seconds to go but perhaps they had good reason. Unlike most other BUG events**, Adam had devised the dreamy title sequence film himself and that gave way to a masterful entrance only marred by the intoxication of the spotlight operator rendering a reaction delay of some few seconds which continued to punctuate other parts of the evening. Adam functions best under these conditions because his comedy reflexes automatically toddle him off in the direction of verbal cover-up which usually results in his audience convulsing and, in some cases, being hospitalised or sedated.

He was mindful of the potential number of BUG virgins so to avoid any confusion, made a slide to demonstrate his name, severally.

From the lovely Rob McDougall with his kind permission. Please visit

Once he'd dealt with a few house rules, like how to be rewarded with cake for humiliating anyone rude enough to film any of the night's proceedings by shouting and pointing at them, he introduced the first three films, with the helpful note that there is a black space between them carefully placed to allow for whooping and cheering.

I'm not going to embed these because it will make the post lumbering and clunky but the links are all there.

Creep: Directed by Brett Turnbull
There There: Directed by Chris Hopewell
No Surprises: Directed by Grant Gee ***

At this point, Adam showed us some samples of what the YouTube community felt about this work. This is Adam's forte. Many people may look at what he does here and think it's a great idea and ripe for imitation. I don't believe anyone can seek out and deliver these comments with the brio that Adam brings and I seriously doubt anyone else would have the tenacity to trawl through them all.

Weird Fishes/Arpeggi: Directed by Tobias Stretch (One of the winners of the Aniboom Animation Contest For Radiohead's In Rainbows)
Street Spirit (Fade Out): Directed by Jonathan Glazer

I believe it was at this point when Adam introduced Jonny and Colin Greenwood to the stage for some chats. It should be noted that there was a picture-in-picture bringing a close-up of this interview to the very back of the highest of the high seats. Poor Jonny was clearly very ill at ease when he discovered this, with good reason because he is uncomfortably pretty.

Adam has an interviewing style which, like his presentation method, makes his audience feel as though they've sneaked into a private evening with a few friends, a bowl of Twiglets and some mulled wine. Happily for us all, on this occasion Adam didn't even seem to be hung up about time.****

He showed us embarrassing pictures and videos, mercurial nuggets and shared private memories of the days he and Garth spent in Oxford preparing and filming for their Webcast.

A lot of this material is online for those keen to seek it out but I feel bound to link this wonderful piece in which Adam's camera defaulted into demo mode while Ed was reading his moving poem. I can report that last night's audience totally destroyed any poignancy herein with their completely disrespectful and raucous laughter when all the nonsense began. It was feckin' hilarious but I think Adam would have preferred a little more chin fumbling consideration.

Kid A 'blips' for possible tv project: Directed by Shynola (there are several of these if you poke the links)
Pyramid Song: Directed by Shynola
Jigsaw Falling Into Place: Directed by Adam Buxton

Adam finally released Jonny and Colin from their blissful trauma on stage to make way for the charmingly besuited Garth Jennings, a beloved BUG regular and dear friend of Adam's. They continued to talk about the Webcast material and the making of Lotus Flower. If there's one glaring omission to this evening's programming it was no doubt done with humility but I would love to have seen Adam's rendition of Lotus Flower one more time. I'm sure he will never be able to put it on his channel but it's a joy to behold....or did I just dream he made it?

Lotus Flower: Directed by Garth Jennings

Adam read some more YouTube comments from Lotus Flower which, if memory serves is an edit from the time when he showed it at BUG last January, including some turrets and Jodie Foster. You had to be there.

In the absence of Adam's film, please do seek out the multitude of fan homages to this piece. Adam showed this one.

He finally eased Garth back to his seat and wound up this triumphant evening with these last two videos.

Karma Police: Directed by Jonathan Glazer
Just: Directed by Jamie Thraves (yeah - he of The Low Down and Treacle Jnr. fame)

I do hope Mr Knight and the people of BUG don't mind me displaying a reproduction of their lovely programme notes below but I'm sure they're too busy celebrating the success of the evening to pop them at their own site for the time being. Do take a minute or two to read them.

I don't usually review the work of Adam and Joe in any great depth because I assume and believe that my unashamed adoration of the pair would render any comment impotent but I felt this event was such a milestone in BUG's history that it warranted documenting. I am fairly sure that I was not viewing the room through rose tinted goggles when I say that everyone from the furthest reaches of my peripheral vision was enthralled by the entire programme and delighted with Adam's presentation. In my capacity as his self-appointed, in no way related Aunt, I was so proud of the way he handled this massive room. It's enormous. Have I said that before? I hope everyone heard him clearly and saw as much as they were expecting. He was utterly magnificent. Oh no, now I've gone too far.

I think that the brief sortie into three BUG BFI shows last year will need to be reinstated for the Spring sessions.

I'm shamed to note that it is more than a month since I waffled in this blog. I am diligently keeping notes to interesting bobbles in my link locker and will address this oversight at my earliest convenience. Given that it's the season of far too many films to see, I have no idea when that might be.

* I have no idea why they picked this theme for such an event. *****
** Usually created by Miland Suman whose work can be found here and around here.
*** Is it rudely inappropriate of me to link a runner-up fave video from the Adam and Joe Radio Show Video Wars competition? It's a thing of beauty.
**** Previous BUG and 6Music Radio Show reference.
***** You know that's my feeble attempt at a joke through gritted teeth as I loathe the time these works are taking and the tedium they thrust upon a film goers most beloved of London squares?
...and please excuse the Attack the Block reference. While I was writing, I did think it was apposite.

Adam puts an enormous amount of effort in everything he does. Turning up on the day is not something this man can countenance as his recent hosting of Never Mind the Buzzcocks will attest.

However, BUG is devised and curated by David Knight of Promo News etc with the help of Phil Tidy, Ballistic, Locomotion and the BFI.

Every other month, BUG looks at the most weird and the most wonderful music videos to emerge recently, thrusts them up on a big screen which is bookended by two delightfully ponce-laden bars. Each event has at least two versions, the first one of which normally invites a guest director onto the stage for some insightful chat, giggles and degree of embarrassment.

Adam's status as a dedicated family man also ensures that he gives a quarterly version of BUG closer to his golden mansion in the Norwich Playhouse and over the last year, since Joe released him from the burden of non-stop radio shows, he has had the opportunity to take a Best Of version all around the British Isles and beyond. His next run of shows takes him all the way down to that special place, AUSTRALIA.

If Radiohead brought you to your first encounter with BUG and Adam Buxton you may have thought you were imagining things when you detected the faintest hint of a catch in Adam's voice when he bade us a happy festive season and gave his goodbye. No, that was not your imagination. He loves his audience and it breaks his heart to leave us. Well, he loves me. He's not so keen on you over there with the funny hair and the strangely tainted breath.

You've been privileged enough to be introduced the perfect blend of music, visual joy and warmly served giggles. I hope it brings you to the next London BUG at the BFI on February 9th & 16th or one of the many other shows.

Tickets always go on sale to BFI members on the first Tuesday of the month prior to the show and non-members can book a week later. There are usually a small number of last minute seats available on the night but this event always sells out online.

Programme Notes

Since originally putting this post together, several more photos have come from the lovely people of Twitter. I hope Buckles and the boys (or indeed the photographers) don't mind me gathering these here. I can take them down again but they're all on FB and Twitter. There are almost too many to post here but some links follow:
Great stuff from Ian Davies
Jessings pictures:
Dr Buck's Suitcase
YouTube comments
Greenwoods Picture in Picture

Dominic Yard has a shot of the helmet-cam film, as does Humphrey Walwyn and Ross Matthews.

From Michael Rosser:
More Buckles In Rainbows

Another interview picture from Rachael Irwin on the far right. She has this one too.

Buckles from Christopher Mahon and Euan McGrath's view from the back of the circle.

Scott Rowlan took these:

...and I just found this lovely thing from Petra.

Thursday 13 October 2011

Newest Nuggets

From my point of view, the biggest news nuggets of the week are:

The Adam and Joe Radio Show for 6Music won the Best Radio Show or Podcast Award at the British Telecom Digital Music Awards!

...during an interview in Sitges, Joe Cornish said he'd got all his material together for his next script and just needed to sit down and write it. Another tweet implied that some post production might take place with him in 2012. This may have referred to Ant-man but it's all good news. I wouldn't want to guess how many of these themes will be covered.

To finally see Joe standing with the wicked Sitges logo behind him makes a silly old Auntie very happy.

...Adam Buxton hosted an episode of Never Mind the Buzzocks which will air this coming Monday. This is such delicious news. Hosting the show is both prestigious and I would imagine far less daunting than sitting on the bench, wondering how you can make an awesome contribution whilst firing off your panic neurons. It's my guess that Adam will seem very comfortable in this position and I have spent the last couple of nights re-enacting a fly-on-the-wall scene wherein Adam is asked to be the permanent host for the foreseeable future and a vast some of money with pension benefits. Of course, the BBC don't work like that but I made it clear this happened during my sleep time, didn't I?

.....and these glorious ingots of information spurred me on to make another turgid blog update. You know the format. There might be something in here for you but don't hold your breath.

Our favourite idiotholes are busy doing such diverse things that I've started to attempt an event diary type of things*. Big of the E&OE with this one.

Sitges continues to run until Sunday and Attack the Block is in competition. If Twitter is a trustworthy social witness, it has already taken gold in the hearts of everyone who attended one of the three screenings. Joe topped up the tan on his otherwise lily-white limbs by introducing the weekend screenings and holding one of those 'panel' things to the clear delight of everyone around. There are photos and videos in the wonderfully saturated Sitges diary on days three and four.

Joe is in New York today and will talk to Museum of Modern Art goers about his film tonight. Luke Treadaway will join him. At the weekend, Joe is joined by John Boyega for a panel at the New York Comic Con and Marvel will be streaming an interview with him on Saturday at 11am EST.

Nick Frost joined Joe in Berlin for their festival. I need few excuses to feature Joe's Giant Robot t-shirt.

Attack the Block won a couple more awards in Europe and has been nominated for a Writers' Guild of Great Britain award. Since my last blogpost, the film came out on DVD, Blu-ray, On-Demand and some Sky channel or other. The discs had exclusive covers and booklets, depending upon where you bought it. HMV had a huge poster by their escalators for a week. It went straight into the top three of both charts. It sold out in Sainsbury's by the Tuesday.

New cities in the States are taking it on still, even though the discs are released in a couple of weeks. It's been added to the festivals down under in Canberra and Brisbane, where it is the Opening Night Film.

She may have only seen the film a paltry five times but Kartina Richardson has made a lovely blogpost. I am woefully behind with my side-blog dedicated to the film but I have all the links stored & will get around to it. There's a lot of lovely poster art out there.

Before I leave the film I want to link this competition (now closed) because there are some cool things to listen to. I hope Joe is proud to have inspired such a thing.

Adam is BUGging all over the place so check my silly calendar to see if he's anywhere near you.

He made a wonderful blogpost the other day, proudly sporting a shot from the BT DMAs and a lovely banner advertising his King's Place gig.

You can catch him chatting on Dave Weekly and you can hear some chat about his gig at the Queen Elizabeth Hall here.

Uncle Dave posted some sweet teenage pictures via Twitter. I'm not sure how public he wanted them to be so see if you can find them without my help.

Even during this open-ended hiatus, Black Squadron are inspired to rework jingle jongles.
Text the Nation (In the style of Tom Waits) by Pete MacDonald

*If you're too frightened to click on my calendar, here's a rough idea of what Adam and Joe are up to over the next couple of months.

Thursday, 13 October 18:30 JC: Attack the Block Free Screening
Thursday, 13 October 19:00 JC: New York - MoMA Screening + Q & A
Friday, 14 October 16:30 JC: Rio de Janeiro - Festival Screening & 21:30 JC: Rio de Janeiro - Festival Screening
Saturday, 15 October 12:00 JC: New York Comic Con Panel for Attack the Block
Monday, 17 October 21:00 AB: Leeds: Bug Special
Monday, 17 October 22:00 AB: Never Mind the Buzzcocks
Tuesday, 18 October 18:30 AB: Liverpool - BUG Special & 20:45 AB: Liverpool - BUG Special
Wednesday, 26 October 18:30 AB: Manchester - BUG Special & 20:30 AB: Manchester - BUG Special
Friday, 28 October 10:00 JC: London Screenwriters Festival
Saturday, 29 October 10:00 JC: London Screenwriters Festival
Sunday, 30 October 10:00 JC: London Screenwriters Festival
Thursday, 3 November 19:00 JC: Brisbane Film Festival
Thursday, 3 November 19:30 AB: Hull - BUG Special
Friday, 4 November 20:00 AB: London - Introducing Anyone Can Play Guitar
Saturday, 5 November 20:30 JC: Canberra Film Festival
Saturday, 5 November 21:00 AB: Cheltenham - BUG Special
Sunday, 6 November 16:00 JC: Canberra Film Festival
Wednesday, 16 November JC: Writers' Guild of Great Britain Awards
Thursday, 17 November 20:45 AB: London - BUG 28
Friday, 18 November 20:45 AB: London - BUG 28
Saturday, 19 November 14:30 JC: New Zealand Screening of Attack the Block
Sunday, 20 November 14:00 JC: New Zealand Screening of Attack the Block
Friday, 25 November 20:45 AB: London - BUG Special - onedotzero

Friday 16 September 2011

Roll Up, Roll Up! Get Your Fix of Adam and Joe Stüffe

In this week of equilibrium, a balanced newsburst is the least I can offer.

Joe's film is primed to be thrust into your living room apparatus and Adam is taking his joy to the people of the North West again.

This time, Adam and the BUG Special Crew are bound for Liverpool and to the FACT which contains a Picturehouse wherein he shall be giving the full power of his delightful nonsense not once but twice in the same night. Not many men of his age can boast such an achievement.

The glorious Picturehouses (or City Screen in Urbanese) take pride in lovingly teasing every frame of a film through their cotton-gloved fingertips before they allow the eyes of their beloved punters to view it. Much of this night's footage will be supplied on DVD, which they will feel compelled to make into an attractive mirror before the night is through. If you're still wondering whether you should buy that ticket, take a listen to indie movieland's most accomplished podcasters as Sam and Simon chat to Buckles himself. Note that Adam speaks of doing a Big Mixtape Christmas Show which will be wonderful but makes me even more doubtful of getting an Adam and Joe Christmas Show.

You must be thinking that the Picturehouse group sound too good to be true but you do not know the half of it.

Back down in smokey London town, The Ritzy is not only showing Attack the Block on the big screen again but they're doing it for FREE as part of the Brixton Reel Film Festival. I would simply implore you to only snag one of these seats if you fully intend to use it. My heart would break if the auditorium was half empty because chancers were too lazy to turn up or not release their seats. This is not a shonky, money-grabbing multi-plex. It's a palace of dreams with a beautiful sandman at every turn.

If you can't be bothered to venture further than your front room you'll not miss out. Attack the Block will be available from 19th September on a disc. That's this Monday, in old money. If the effort of finding your credit card is all too much for you, there are several chances to win a copy. Count 'em.


I guess if I was a little more active online, they would have sent me a stash to give away. I'll put a bit more effort in with Joe's next film.

If you can't wait to win a competition or you want something a little bit special, don't forget that have an exclusive Glow-in-the-Dark cover version. The novelty will wear off but you can boast about it to your grandchildren.

The news stand mags have lots of lovely features which you can get a sniff of from my Facebook page but why not dip into The Incredible Suit's closet for a tantalising résumé.

I'm not sure what the 2 Disc DVD set has to offer and is showing as out of stock at Play so perhaps it's a placeholder for a sexy, extended extras version containing press tour footage and fan-made homages. Amazon are only showing a 2 Disc DVD or the Double Play set so I'm guessing the DVD ships as a 2 discer, regardless.

If all else fails, SKY Movies Box Office start showing it on Monday too.....from 7am and finally, if you're in the States, your discs are being rush-released on 25th October.

Finally, attention all young DJ's. Here's your chance to win £500 worth of gear and A LOT of DJ props.

Adam has previously presented a small BUG show at the BBC Music Video Festival (19th September to 1st October) but he has his regular Norwich BUG #8 shows (2nd date now added) scheduled for a few days after it ends so he may just wander eagerly around in the audience this time. It's worth noting that Jamie Thraves, director of The Low Down (briefly featuring Adam and Joe) will be at one of the events.

Tickets are not on sale yet but Adam will be introducing a very special evening at the BFI in November.

If you're a member of Oz Squadron, you'd better get yourself signed up here.

Alex Grace took some photos of Adam and Joe for the forthcoming World of Wonder 20th Anniversary book.

I'm not sure if this will be a worldwide trend but Tintin has concession fodder as detailed here. I have yet to see the bookends fashioned with a likeness of the writers.

That's all the future news. Here is some trapped wind from the past:

Adam returned from Edinburgh drenched in the love he so effortlessly engendered. Please note that Adam's blog now allows you to comment at him. Be nice.

Blockbuster had a exclusive Attack the Block rental offer starting on the 9th September and the fools didn't pimp it once. No wonder they're closing down.

BUG put a page of their besties together.

If you haven't listened to Richard Herring's Edinburgh Podcast with Adam, please do so now and read the warm words he shares on his daily blog. Adam also did an unexpected turn at the Comedy Club for Kids while he was up there.

Surely, there must come a time when Adam can be referred to as All of Bug and Joe as Half Writer, Half Director? In fact, Time Out were already on the case. Several reports confirmed that Joe was in the audience at the lovely Queen Elizabeth Hall gig. Sadly, on this occassion, I was not. Mark George reviews Adam's Greenwich show here.

There's a ton of Attack the Block stuff to share but I'll confine most of it to my reference blog when I get a moment. I just wanted to put this Q&A video here, filmed from the audience in Berlin at the Fantasy Film Festival.

I can't compete with pretty ladies like this. Is it any wonder I skulk in the corner?

Just because we need it:

You can see the extraordinary Chris Salt in his lair during this piece for BBC Click.

Lovely Jude Adam Mason had her little baby girl, Milly on 24th August. You'll remember her giggles and her constant battles to produce an Adam and Joe Radio Show that wouldn't get them all fired.

This made me chuckle:

It's very amusing to read Laura Marling referring to her 'scorn bucket'.

If you've spent the last couple of years dreaming of how cool it would be to own some really practical merchandise from Duncan Jones' film MOON, why not click your support at this poll.

..........and if you've been horribly let down by your internet DVD store of choice, fill the waiting time giggling at this offering from Funny or Die.

Thursday 18 August 2011

The Lost Update

As the title implies, this is a rebuilt update from one that seems to have evaporated mid-construction.

Joe's pace of promotional commitments is finally slowing down (although that included a trip to Locarno, he's in Berlin with Nick Frost today and there's strong rumour of Sitges Film Festival) but Adam's public performances continue at an orderly pace.

Recapping the latest events in Adam Buxton's gig-list:

25th to 29th August 2011 BUG Special 10:30pm at The Pleasance in Edinburgh -Tickets here (if they're not sold out).

29th August 2011 2:00pm On the afternoon of Adam's final Fringe BUG he will join King Richard Herring's Edinburgh Fringe Podcast at Stand One in Edinburgh. If you can't get there, the podcast will be available for free here.

4th September 2011 BUG Special at The Vision Sound Music Festival, South Bank, London SE1.

9th September 2011 BUG Special at The King's Place Festival, London, N1. Apparently sold out already.

10th September 2011 BUG Greenwich Special at The Greenwich Comedy Festival. Tickets here.

22nd & 30th September 2011 BUG 27 at the BFI, London. Only two shows this month...both at 20:45. There will be more tickets available by phone on the day.

6th October 2011 BUG 8 Norwich at The Norwich Playhouse. Tickets here.

3rd November 2011 BUG Special in HULL at Quality Royal Hotel, Hull. Tickets available now.

5th November 2011 BUG Special at the Cheltenham Film Festival.

You can also check The Wonderwall and Adam does have a sort of calendar at his website.

Silent Library has pretty much come and gone since my last blog post but it was well enough received to be talking positively about a second series. For his sake and ours, I hope they retain Adam for the commentary and perhaps Five will drag it onto their terrestrial channel...if that's not too old fashioned a suggestion.

BUG Music Videos put their breakdown of BUG26 on-line with unaccustomed and eye-watering speed this time.

Apart from the vast swathes of media about Joe Cornish and his film Attack the Block, the following delights have also popped up..........

Lamenting the loss of the Adam and Joe Show, Roger Miller and friend(s?) made some beautiful warbly sounds.

Drew Worthley also made this melancholic folk style Text the Nation jingle. I still reckon, despite Adam's protestations, that this jingle is the most homaged and reworked of the lot.

The Daily Telegraph insisted that Adam shared imaginings of how his stint in Edinburgh might pan out and there's a review of Adam's visit to Bristol last month. His Latitude appearance gets a nice mention here. Someone snapped him singing his Birthday Song to a Woman or two.

For an 'individual' style in podcast presentation from two Americans looking at British tv comedy, click here. Show 94 includes their Adam and Joe segment.

The BBC interviewed A Salt with a Deadly Chris-p the other day and if the meandering track of memory lane is in your mind, look at what Craig, Megamix Genius & other friend-of-the-show has made from Song Wars Vol. 2!

HeyUGuys covered the Tintin panel at Comic Con last month

Scroll down to 15th July 2011 Radio Academy entry and listen to James Stirling talking about how he deals with podcasting when it comes to Adam and Joe.

Getty Pictures had some of the few shots of Joe at the BAFTA Brits To Watch event last month and here's one from Zimbio.

There's a silly bit of romantic nonsense here.

Last season's resident artiste, James Hood chats about his craft here.

A tiny snatch of The Footie Song was heard on the BBC's new Saturday evening show.

Would you just take a look at Adam with this lovely bunch of friends?

The awesome Chris Milk is humbly hosting this divine piece of work from Tron Thighs (with Adam's help) on his own YT Channel.

Adam has also exploited his superior fathering technique which he's generously shared with Me Books and tiny children everywhere.

Me Books - A cracking new storytelling app from Made in Me on Vimeo.

Lots of tweeters are hearing Adam's voice on this Wrigley's ad but I'm still not entirely sure it's him.

I am certain this is Adam, however.

I've covered far too much Attack the Block media in my Block Blog but it might amuse some readers here to note how much nonsense can pitch up on the interwebs if they are left to their own devices. Here's a nutty translation of this original piece for Hollywood Chicago.

Right in the middle of the phone-hacking scandal, this seminal debate rocked the nation to it's core.

Just when you thought you'd heard everything Joe has to say about his film, he licks his finger, swipes it along the bottom of his nugget box and comes up with a handful of sticky crumbs, none more gratifyingly represented than in Jeff Goldsmith's lovely podded interview.

I won't sicken everyone by compiling all the luvverly plaudits about Attack the Block from industry gods but the beautiful Duncan Jones spread his excitement out over four cheeky tweets which has to be noteworthy, doesn't it?

Joe's most recent public appearances in the UK were for the Film4 Summer Screen and Empire Big Screen. By way of a swan song, I meant to do a potted review of these events but the loss of this earlier blogpost has probably made that a less attractive proposition. There are various snippets and pictures around and about. Charlie Lyne gratifyingly snapped this wonderful evocation of the moment when the music builds to punch the title logo into our eyeballs.

As Adam and Joe's wonderful, giggly producer Jude, from both XFM and 6Music days, patiently awaits the birth of her baby**, I thought it would be nice to look at this again.

Joe remains rather quiet in this one as Edgar regales us with precious little news about Ant-man.

Nik Monroe has a lovely recap of the Ritzy's special event for Attack the Block back in May.

BaaadDad himself contributed to Open Country last month and you can listen again here.

Finally, I was recently reminded there's a sweet snippet from Adam in this Pixies documentary.

** updated to add that Jude had her baby girl while I was writing this.