Sunday 31 August 2014

Augustus Blatherstone

Kicking the month off with some ball cupping. Now, pay attention....

In the heat of the summer, Cath has been dilligently hydrating.

Adam has toured the XL Recordings BUG Special so I hope you've had a chance to catch it.  Peter and Joe blogged their appreciation of it.

After a patient wait, we were finally rewarded with the Nerdist podcast Adam did during his last trip to L.A.  Next trip must be for Marc Maron, surely?

Meanwhile, Adam played the Leeds Festival.

and BBC Stoke played Adam's song.

That's about the lot for August, the month of summer laziness, except to mention that Adam was thanked on the sleeve notes for Spoon's latest album.

Friday 1 August 2014

July Duly Noted

I know, I know......just when you thought you'd never have to put up with my rambling nonsense ever again, I shoot one past the defence and into the back of the internet.

One of the reasons I've been reluctant to return is the lumbering ads with which Google misguidedly obscure all interesting content. As soon as I see one plastsered over a page that refuses to move, I go somewhere else.  However, I shall not waiver from my resolve to never spend any money on blogging about Adam and Joe or any time that could be spent gainfully elsewhere.

We reccommend you run Windows Erros Scan because unlike so very, many online marketing tools, we don't have the algorythm that would have told us you're using a Mac

The joy of this steamy, summer month is that we've had clear, almost physical evidence that both the Adam and the Joe are 99 per cent intact and mingling with their preferred species.

Speaking of Denny Different....Denny of Geek.

Before I forget, this news slipped in towards the end of the month. Attack the Block will be screened outdoors in the shell of Battersea Power Station.

Adam recorded another episode of Eight out of Ten Cats Does Countdown but I don't know when it will air.

On July 5th, Channel4 aired Attack the Block again and became entangled in a trend that proves 5 per cent of tweeting viewers don't watch sportball.

On the same evening, lovely Sarah Clarke spotted a film map which included the film too. Then iTunes featured the film as Rental of the Week, which was nice. Was that odd or very clever timing?

At the last minute (so far as my heady diary is concerned), Adam hosted the last in the current season of Invisible Dot New Wave nights up in the gorgeous little King's Cross venue. These wonderful people also annouced a December date for Adam's new live show in the beautiful Union Chapel. Norwich booked Adam to bring the XL Recordings BUG Special to the Playhouse in October. Check Hobbsy's gig page for more details.

The BFI have a short clip from their version of the show featuring Felix Buxton but the blighters don't allow embedding.

Adam also played his Kernel Panic show in both Oxford and Cambridge like some boater-topped punter.
I think I'm right in saying this happened at one of those venues too.

I went to a screening of Boyhood which was followed by a Q and A with Richard Linklater, his daughter and the Boy of said Hood. My heart was in my mouth until he came on stage in long trousers as I'd been nervous that Dick would have the balls to be showing off in those shorts that Joe delighted in describing from a DVD extra.

If ever I get around to retro-blogging back to January, you'll be eager to learn that a couple of months ago Edgar and Joe climbed down from the Ant-Man hill due to differential differences.  The Guardian's Ben Child gave some considered waffle here.  Kevin Feige was put under the Empire Terror Lamp of Hewitt And 0'Hara which is check-outable here by visual and audible means, depending upon which is more reliable, your eyeskills or your earskills. Whatever anyone says, Feige looks like someone birthed him on a Wacom tablet and that is either a good thing or a bad thing.

Edgar is now engaged in a Fox project, apparently. Paul Rudd had this to say at Comic Con, wherein he mentions that Joe Cornish is a genius. Obviously, that's ridiculous so I guess Mr Magico must have been at work again with his mind tricks.

Legendary have approached Joe about directing Skull Island, the King Kong prequel, according to TheWorldAndHisWife.

Now here's a super delight. David Doughty has made a Spotify list that will have your head nodding like it's on the parcel shelf of a 1970's Austin Allegro.

Several people thought these Dragons Den-ers were Adam and Joe (or Adam and Smerch). What the?

Ally Farrell found this. I wish it said 'Made in Spain'.

Finally, to my great joy, Adam decided to introduce everyone to this via Twitter.

If you're interested in catching up on earlier Adam and Joe nonsense, check the dated links down on the right hand side. It's fairly up-to-date for the time being.