Saturday 1 February 2014

January, sick and tired, you've been hanging on me.

The joy of blogging tools means this post looks like it was published much, much earlier than July, doesn't it?

I never really even finished the December post so it's going to be OK to put this here, isn't it?

Eggheads had an Adam and Joe question on their New Year's Eve show too.

Adam put this wonderful Lego animation from Chris Salt on his YT channel. He commissioned it for his live Bowie shows along with one from the Layzell Brothers. The latter has yet to be noticed on the internet, I fear.

Edgar posted a picture of Joe on Walt's bench.

Attack the Block's composer, Steven Price was nominated for a Bafta, Golden Globe and Oscar this month for his work on Gravity.

Joe's name was included in a rumour about He-Man.

Edgar posted another picture of Joe. He looks like cheeky schoolboy on the first day of term.

Less so in this one.

Kristen made this cushion inspired by the wonderful Baaddad.

Adam was on Eight out of Ten Cats Does Countdown and he made this song.

and he trended....

Adam joined Graham Linehan for Chain Reaction and it seems to be on the iPlayer still.

Jim Field's book has been enhanced by Adam's voice.

OI FROG! Book Trailer from Jim Field on Vimeo.

This Podbean episode includes Adam too.

This turned up for no apparent reason but what the hey.