Friday 1 January 2016

Happy Old Year

The month began with someone digging out an old Glasto photo, to herald start of nearly three weeks of twitter enquiries for the whenabouts of the Joe-based pod release.

BUG 49 had three shows this month, starting with a Roisin Murphy interview on the 4th, then the Director's Cut the following week (wherein previous A &  J Show producer Claire Slevin let out a whalloping great "Stephen!") The playlist is here. At this point, the general public were unaware of how recently poor Adam's father had passed away.

The Invisible Dot announced the incredible line-up for their Birthday Bash in January:
"With Adam Buxton, Harry Hill, Josie Long, Sara Pascoe, Simon Amstell, Tim Key, The Horne Section MC - and more to be announced.

The Invisible Dot Ltd brings some industrio-corporate-glitz to the Event at the Apollo in Hammersmith with an extraordinary show in celebration of its 7th birthday. Featuring tech lemming Adam Buxton, bespectacled maverick Harry Hill, cult optimist Josie Long, bookish intellect Sara Pascoe, an unexpected appearance from Simon Amstell, award winning poet/savant Tim Key, and the mighty jazz-juggernaught The Horne Section MC - more incredible acts to be announced soon!

Featuring Birthday Balloons, Birthday Songs, A gigantic Birthday Cake. It's a Birthday Bash!! "

The BUG team also announced that the first BUG show of 2016 celebrates 10 years of the Because label group and a great video back catalogue.

Miranda Sawyer included Adam in her roundup of 2015 radio good things, even though he didn't.....

Lucy shared this golden oldie.

Middle of the month gave us a request from Adam for some interaction to include in his Christmas Day waffle with Joe.

Denver showed Attack the Block in 35mm as their monthly AV Club Sci Fi night.

Just a reminder that the Telegraph printed Nigel Buxton's Obituary on the 18th and Adam divulged that he watched this film with Joe, some other friends and family on the following Friday evening.

The Hollywood Reporter carried this piece about Section 6 and Joe Cornish.

Jarvis Cocker played Joe's Jools on Christmas Day waffle during his 21st Dec show and this happened on the 22nd.

Christmas Eve brought the podcast interview with Joe and we were not disappointed. The bliss of hearing them enjoying each other's company so warmly, was the perfect start to festivities.

Someone also tweeted this.

Then Christmas day came and we had a present-opening pod, just like the old days but more modern. You can find both pods linked here.
You'll enjoy this if you've had a chance to listen already.

It seems London Live tv channel are showing series one of The Adam and Joe Show from Monday at 9pm.

Finally, I want to share a little theory, yet to be dispelled. I reckon the three bloody fingers on Fin's helmet in The Force Awakens, are a little nod to Moses' scratches in Attack the Block.

I do hope everyone has a splendid and frutiful 2016, with many more pods from Adam and a bit of a film from Joe.