Friday 31 July 2015

Too Much Information

I'm so horribly behind with this blog that I'm going to try three months at a time. It'll make it a bit lumbering but I can apply the toffee hammer at a later date, I suppose.

One of the first things Adam did this month was break Twitter with a hashtag.  Days of mirth ensued.

Ah. Good times.

I am over twelve and what is this?

Adam and Joe's Bobby De Niro song nicely shoe-horned in at Sabotage Times.

In the absence of any news from Lord LongShanks, I am going to post a Joe Cornish Photography tweet each month until the rotter shows his pale hand.
May 1st apparently heralded the last day of recording for Messy Goes to Okido.  This is a show made for CBeebies and has 52 x 11 minutes episodes, apparently.

Out of the blue, a little film popped up on the Channel 4 website featuring Adam Buxton and Romesh Ranganathan discussing some sort of gaming thing. It's explicite so I won't embed it.

Adam joined Ruth and Martin's Album Club for some waffle about Light Up Gold by Parquet Courts.

Bank Holiday Monday got off to a slow start so I posed a question, that was correctly answered.

In the middle of the month, Zoe Ball delighted us with a real sighting of the elusive Cornballs at the Man Up premiere.

Adam (and Joe) was confronted with two copies of Song Wars Volume 2 to sign at The Idler gig.

On 21st  May, Adam spoke to ex 10CC guy & music vid directing behemoth Kevin Godley about his book Spacecake at the Apple Store, Regent Street. I've either lost the link for the podcast, or it was never put on iTunes.

There are more Ilkley photos here and here.

June kicked off with BUG 47. The guest directors were Becky and Joe and this heralded the return of Adam in the hosting costume.

June is the month of Adam's birthing anniversary too.

He also took a Best Of BUG to DOCFest in Sheffield again this year.

Mid-month, Adam hosted the RTS Awards for SkyArts. There are some clips here.

On 24th June Adam was meant to be on telly for Would I Lie to You (Repeat) and Catsdown, but the latter was swapped for a different episode. Didn't bother Adam though - he was playing Bush Hall that night.

The month rounded off with another repeat of Adam and Joe's Famous Guy on Four extra.

July pretty much began with Manchester International Festival and Adam was on RadMac's 3rd July show to celebrate.  He also took part in a performance capture event for Ed Atkins.

I've probably put too many pictures in here but I'm giddy at the thought of Adam being so close to Tim Key.

Adam returned to London to present a New Director's Showcase for Saatchi at the BFI.

Anton Savage interviewed Adam ahead of his Dublin show and on the self-same day, the loon did the Comedian's Comedian Podcast in London's Soho Theatre, then raced down to Bristol on one of those taxi-bike things for a late show.

Looks like he managed to sort out accomodation for a layover in Bristol, though. Show reviewed here.

Tom Dunne interviewed Adam via the phone on his show, ahead of the Vodaphone Festival in Dublin and there was a review here.

I do enjoy a bit of random mid-month pleasure

There was a free screening of Attack the Block in Brooklyn

Franz Drameh on the screen and Liberty in the background.

Adam's new episode of Catsdown was aired on 25th July, finally.

I call this picture "Happy in Dublin"

The month ended on a sadder note and Adam was moved to tweet a tribute.