Saturday 17 August 2013

Proper Summer

If you're not being paid to blog, you'd be completely nutzoid to spend time bent over one when there's proper summer-style weather to enjoy. I'll grant you that it's a bit overcast today but this has been my stance on the virtual lack of blogg-edness.

In my defense, I did stir myself for a couple of hastily barked missives on my nugget blog but it's a far cry from a regular catch-up about Adam and Joe.

All this preamble is an apology for the stodgy pudding which must surely follow as I catch up from March. Eat until you're full and leave the rest in a tidy lump at the side.

In the interests of transparency, I might as well say most of this will be about Adam because Joe is.......he just is (but only just). I did hear some reports that he was making a model of Le Centre Pompidou out of les stick du lolly but they're thus far unfounded.

As well as continuing his Best of BUG touring & regular dates at the BFI and Norwich Playhouse, Adam has been expanding his reach by developing his own stand-up show, wearing even more body hair than nature gave him in support of Kevin Eldon's tv show and also interviewing terrifying actors.

Since my last proper update, Adam has added the full episodes of his BUG TV show to his YouTube Channel. Several people have helpfully made playlists for all eight eps. Here is Dominic's link. For reasons beyond his control, some episodes are too copyright-laden to be viewed on anything sexier than a laptop. You'll just have to make some time when you get home.

Joe has kept out of the public eye but has been spotted on a couple of red-carpets and made two public appearances just last week. Imagine!

It has now occurred to me to invoke the full might of simple internet technology and divide this huge catch-up into more manageable nuggets by pretending that I posted them at monthly intervals. I know I'll not fool any regulars but just think how much it'll impress a newbie.

So if you're really interested, scroll down to the April update and read forward from there.

Other things that happened this summer was that many, many people sent Adam tweetpics of a Coca Cola bottle with "Stephen" on it and twice that number told him, and continue to tell him that Taffin is on Netflix. What a joyous season it has been.

Friday 16 August 2013


Adam took Kernel Panic to Edinburgh where it pretty much sold out (to the extent that the naughty venue owners sold seats with a view so restricted, it wasn't actually a view, much to Adam's great dismay, frustration and personal distress). An act wishing to perform at The Fringe have their venue allocated to them without choice and it would seem, with scant consideration to the format in which it will be presented.

Southerners have a chance to see this show at The Union Chapel in September and he's also taking it to Belfast in one of the Irish parts of the country, then to Brighton in October. Adam is keen that anyone attending should read this notice on his blog.

He's still taking BUG all around the country and over the last few months has reprised his Ninja Tunes, Warp Records and Fat Boy Slim specials.  He's even done a couple of seminars which were so well received, I did a little green pop of envy. He made a live jingle jongle, for goodness sake.

While Adam was in Edinburgh, he did a couple of lovely podcasts.

Here's James Walker's interview.

then Peacock and Gamble did one too. Click on 8th August link here.

Simon Pegg cranked up the Ant-Man rumour mill for a bit of a laugh.

The Film4 Summer Screen series included The Great Teen Debate in it's Behind the Screen talks. Joe Cornish sat on the panel to discuss favourite moments.

Joe also attended the Shuffle Film Festival, introducing two screenings of Attack the Block and giving a short Q and A.  Watch Danny Boyle talking about the festival below and read more about the festival here.

If you're really interested, the event list I try to keep can be scrolled back into the past, so you can see what you've missed.

You may chose to believe this is totally unrelated, but Steven Price's score for  Edgar Wright & Simon Pegg's "The World's End" is available in tangible form.  Edgar blogged details here. He also composed the music for Joe's "Attack the Block".

Me Books continue to pump away at Adam's vocal chords. I believe The Brave Beast is a new addition.

Monday 12 August 2013

Joe Cornish Introduces Attack the Block this Wednesday

I know. I know. You don't get the tiniest whiff of his long shanks for months and then he pops up twice in one week. 

If you missed the chance to catch Joe's contribution to Ultra Culture's Great Teen Movie Debate on Saturday you can take solace in another couple of opportunities on Wednesday. You'll have to make the effort to get all the way to E3 but it'll be worth it. It's super easy on the buses and tube.

Danny Boyle has curated the Shuffle Festival. That's a clever word meaning he did the choosing and he chose Attack the Block as one of a very diverse selection of films.

They're showing them in and around the disused psychiatric hospital at St Clement's in Mile End Road, E3 4LH.

The full programme is here and you're going to kick yourself when you see what you've missed already.

This Wednesday, 14th August 2013, Attack the Block will be shown indoors at 7:00pm for the weather-phobes. If you've got a laissez-faire attitude and your plastic, pocket poncho handy, you could opt for the 8:30pm outdoor screening. Joe will introduce both of them.

There's an intrepid sense of make-do-and-mend about St Clement's. The indoor screening will have church hall style chairs, bean bags and benches. They'll be a few of those outdoors too plus a couple of pews and lots of lovely red deck chairs, so you can pretend you're Rhys Ifans while you're watching.

If you were to pitch up earlier, you could check out the variety of food and drink. There are performance pieces and video installations in one of the derelict buildings. I recommend the work of Susan Aldworth who's exhibiting two films that feel like a blend of early David Wilson & early Cyriak with a touch of The Drowned Man thrown in.

Danny Boyle really loved Joe's film.

There's a map of the area here. It's tiny but BIG.

I'm not sure what will be happening during the week but today there were bands, happy brains, bubbles & bingo.......but not just any was 'Car Boot Disco Bingo' -  a description which could not be more efficient.

I realise it sounds awful but it's very popular and everyone taking part looked fit to burst with joy.

Keep your eyes open because apart from spotting a Joe Cornish might also notice an amenable Danny Boyle.

If you're thinking 'cor, that looks really leafy and green', 
there are even patches of wild flowers.

......and if you didn't believe me, here are Bubbles, a Brain plan of happy thoughts and a Band fronted by Lionel.

 You might also find a princess on a Bike........

....some Boots.....(well, mainly shoes)

.....and a mind Boggling maze of memories and wood.

.....and sorry....I'll do a proper blog update soonish. (I may not)