Friday, 4 February 2011

A Bird in the Hand is Worth a Delay in The Block

One of these days, I will be committed enough to update this blog on either a regular basis or at least on a day when I have some headline news to kick it off with. Sadly, today is not one of those days and this post is simply an effort to tidy up my Saved Links drawer, as it were.

In a desert of Adam and Joe freshness, the two bits of information that could realistically be classed as news since my last post are that as far as I can tell, Adam has agreed to be in the line-up for the Sod Cancer charity gig in the Bloomsbury Theatre at the end of April and the release date for Attack the Block seems to have moved on to Friday, 13th May 2011. I dunno if anyone at Frostitution wants to note that. Optimum and Big Talk are still not updating.

Don't forget that Issue 34 of Little While Lies will contain Attack the Block features and with any luck, Jon Hamblin's interview with Joe should turn up in the April issue of SFX Magazine. Both these publications should hit the shelves within a few days of each other. If I wasn't such a self-deprecating dullard, I'd try to do an email interview with the blighter myself.

While I'm in the area, ATB's Jodie Whittaker has been talking about Marchlands, which started on ITV last night. ATB's beautiful producer won an ENVY award last month.

This lovely man is writing a song a week to put on YouTube. Follow and encourage him here. Naturally, he needed a visual element and he approached Adam with a request to submit a picture of a bird. With all due respect and I may be ridiculously biased but I think Adam's was the most enjoyable response he got.

I presume everyone caught up with Adam's romantic trip to the Maldives. This picture was in the hard copy but not on-line.One Guardian reader thinks he should have his own column.

As I write, there are still tickets for next week's Tabernacle gig and a couple of seats available for Adam's Röyksopp BUG Special but I think you'll have to phone. More details about the event here and here.

Shots also published an interview with him which for the moment, I have put here. The most exciting news contained therein must surely be about the proposed BUG Specials in Edinburgh and Manchester.

BUG 23 has been and gone but there's a nice little summary here. A few miles down the road, David Byrne was on stage after a glorious screening of his film. It saddened me a little to think that Adam couldn't be there. I suspect there was the biggest gathering of Twitsquadroners thus far for the BUG Director's Cut the following week.

Since my last post, a couple of 6Music items have been bubbling around. First of all, and I would imagine as no surprise, it seems the website will will no longer exist as quite the treasure trove it more recently proved to be. Perhaps Adam has more influence over Thommo than he might imagine as it may transpire that his wish to abolish webcams has been noted and acted upon.

Furthermore, the spring schedule has been discussed but the biggest news there is the acquisition of Mr Radcliffe who will join his chum, Mr Maconie as they transfer their Radio 2 show over to our own, exclusive and secret station. Nemone's maternal condition makes way for the pairing as she transfers to the weekend breakfast show and I guess Lauren will liberate the wonderful Huey Morgan from his current six day week schedule during the next couple of months if her telly commitments don't exhaust her.

A little bit of international squadronage here. The lovely Jennifer drove through some beautiful scenery with Adam and Joe for company.

Caught in the nets

The salty talents of Oblong Pictures have been at work again. If you prefer to watch this in VimeoVision, you may.

Earlier in the month, a Picturehouses typo inspired him to make this idiotic loveliness.

Whilst in CageCore you might need this and a squint at this.

Feed your nerd nerves with this display of the Scott Pilgrim T-shirts.

While I'm about it, this Lynchgasm is priceless. At around 5:50 Edgar dessicated into something that can only put me in mind of Joe's interview with Sir Rodge. It is the sweetest thing.

Another enjoyable Big Talk production won a Comedy Award last month too.

Adam's friend and MeeBox contributor, David OReilly has won an award with his External World film!

6 Music are responsible for endless joy in my life. Take a listen to Beardyman's visit with Huey this week. I don't think I would have fully appreciated Metronomy without 6Music and they have offered the first single from their upcoming album for total frees here. You can view their video here and then it may tickle you to watch a couple of reversed versions here and here.

If you don't feel I've given enough hilarious entertaining visual links there are three more I'm going to share. I'll start with a technically torturing phone short from The Incredible Suit.

This is surely the best Alan Partridge episode yet.

There's been the odd grumble around the net that this film rips off what Adam does. I guess it's possible that the author is aware of Adam's work and style but this is entertaining stuff and it was put together with a degree of care that few of us would be prepared to apply. Give the guy a break.

Sometimes I notice tweets along the lines of 'Adam and Joe did this ages ago but better'. They may well have done but audiences are constantly refreshing and renewing. Love them as I do, in real terms Adam and Joe have been tucked away in a relatively bijou niche for most of their professional lives thus far. I feel it's completely legitimate for others to be inspired enough by them to unconsciously or otherwise emulate them. If they happen to be of the kind of profile that enjoys a wider audience, that can only be good for everyone.

Finally and apropos of nothing at all......practical sillies.

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