Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Crossing the Teas and Dotting the Eyes

Make yourself a brew and pass your peepers over these few bits that I didn't want to wedge into my last missive.

Since my award wining post, Ken Korda has visited the Adam And Joe blog to say a little something about Adam's success.

The ITV2 coverage barely included any of the acceptance speeches. You can see the sum total of what we got here but as Sam Clements pointed out, that is begging to be turned into a gif so I done it.
Gallifrey's own Vidjam had a particularly demented way of viewing it.

Our happy, beardy winner kindly gave a special BUG presentation during a students day at the BFI last week. Is there no end to this man's tender generosity? Perhaps Joe managed to syphon some of the young people off afterwards to test his film on them. Time to dust off my pig-tails wig and dental restrainers.

One of the films Adam has been showing at his gigs lately went up on YouTube a couple of days after my last main post so I'll pop it in here now.

With any luck, by the end of the week we will have the full version of Chris Bowles' latest incredible animation, bringing the Glastonbury football commentaries to life. This is just a teaser...

If you haven't seen what he's done with the original Stephen story and Adam's video games chitty-chat, take the time now.

Adam and Joe featured on The Weakest Link question list and this time, I was able to capture it.

Friends of.....

Sontum of Qualace's own Ben Mercer got a mention in Music Week News a few days ago.

After his exhausting schedule for Scott Pilgrim, Edgar took a little rest but he's been back with blog entries from time to time and the twitter seems to be firing up to speed again.

Garth Jennings and Nick Goldsmith have been lending their lovely weight to A Town Called Panic and that gives me an opportunity to plug the Picturehouse's own, sweet podcast. Frankly, subscribing is the best way to deal with these people. You'll find their jingles a little confusing when familiar strains don't manifest into the well loved Song Wars track you were pre-conditioned to expect.
If you're in Greenwich or Brixton, do listen to the details of the competition towards the end for some lovely goodies.
The really wonderful news included in this podcast is that Hammer And Tongs are releasing a video of all their promo work with behind the scenes stuff. It's coming out in November and it sounds as though it will be double plus good.


  1. Hey Auntie, tracked you down but still unable to view Ken's message above. It says not available in my area... Any ideas?

    Keep up the good work! I'm loving your daily audio nuggets.

    Brandenburg Kate

  2. In the interest of not wishing to upset the Castle (too much) can you follow me on Twitter so I can DM a link to you? You need a different file x

  3. Hello Auntie, many thanks for putting a link to my videos on your blog. I'm surprised and a little humbled to see my name in the tag list along with the big boys. The footie video was finished a few months ago, it's not up to the high standard of 'Pom pom' but it does feature a cameo by Boggins.

    There's also a playlist of everything A&J related on my channel for ease of watching.

    Best wishes for 2011

  4. Hey Chris! I'm pretty sure I 'featured' your Pom Pom vid on my other little blog. It's so funny and beautifully made. I do hope you'll do some more.

    I'll pop your playlist link in the next post I do here....whenever that will be ;)

    Have yourself a lovely 2011 too.