Saturday, 19 June 2010

Glastonbury Weekend is
an Adam and Joe Festival
(in my house)

JoeRaeMon returned to the blog this week for the best of all reasons.

In the unlikely event that you've stumbled upon this stupid blog before finding the proper BBC one, you may not know that having disappeared on more important business with aliens and mixtapes, just when it suits them, the jammy buggers have blagged free and privalidged entry to their favourite music festival and they're no doubt being given spending money.

Of course, the up side of this is that those of us who are unable to attend the festival can be smug about it being 'far nicer to enjoy from home' which clearly is not the case unless you have mud allergies. We'll be able to listen to much missed nonsense as it happens instead of having to see some amazing band or two perform live before our very eyes.

You'll see from the link that the BBC used what few coppers they have at their disposal to revamp the site and generally reorganise access. If you lament the passing of the old header, it still lingers on some older blog-posts.

The first new show will kick off at 8pm on 25th June but the comprehensive BBC coverage begins hours before that. You can check the 6Music schedule around here but most importantly for us, they've decided to rehydrate some old Glastonbury waffle and serve it up during the small hours before any of the live, fresh stuff starts.

The free Metro paper took full advantage of the news to remind us that this is, after all, a Sony Gold Award winning show.

Adam recommends The Flaming Lips this year.

I'm working on a labourious and more radio show specific blogpost while listening to the final two airings of last year, so I'll whistle through the latest links that have drifted across my desktop.

A couple of days after my previous post and to coincide with the international silly spheres event, Adam gave us his re-edit of the Footie Song which some BUGgers were lucky enough to enjoy on a big screen at a glorious resolution.

FiFiFi was casually buying curtains in a shop playing local radio up there in Durham, when The Footie Song piped up in the store. I pictured her running about, pulling all the drapes around her body in a joyous celebration of such an uplifting song. Staying around the ornathalogical areas, a gorgeous woman sat opposite Adam during his journey to London the other day.

There's more. Some days before the beautiful butterfly of Joe Cornish's blog entry alighted on the leafy glade of our world, a few tatty remnants of his crysallis were spotted in the exciting streets of London's Soho. As far as I can tell, nobody traumatised him with a 'Stephen'.

However, while we're in the Stephenage area, friend of the original Stephen made some wonderful beardy cup cakes and she was also the chosen one when Adam asked for luna landing input..

Ken Korda stepped into the breach when Paddy Concertina got tied up with Pipkins and failed to meet Adam for the Big Mixtape.

For the second time this month, Adam made a BUG shaped appearance in Norwich for the Music Video Festival and he has been confirmed to return to the Greenwich Comedy Festival again this year. He's appearing at tea-time on Friday 10th September which is nicely inconvenient for anyone with a proper life.

EDITED TO ADD: I posted that info too soon. There was a bit of disinformation floating around. It's at the much more sensible time of 5pm on Sunday, 12th so everyone can enjoy.

He did a lovely interview at BBC Radio Norfolk and Norwich gave him a proper lectern for his lappie.

Sadly his Norwich date meant that Adam will have missed the final Supergrass gig unless he was teleported down to London straight afterwards.

A new bit of Attack the Block artwork surfaced at Film London and Big Talk have pimped their page a tad.

We had a little bit of fretting when a fan's email was bounced from but James reassured Kendersrule that it did not mark anything ominus, further substantiated but the Glasto news.

Edgar has been quoted as intending to get back on the case of Ant Man with Joe once he's pushed Scott Pilgrim out of the intensive care unit and into the big wide world.

There's a lovely new Tumblr out there with random Adam and Joe nuggets. I'm not doing the Face Book activity play-centre thing so I was completely unaware of the Adam and Joe Status day until after the fact.

There's a lot of naysaying from people who don't understand Twitter and it's not for everyone but as you can probably tell, for me it's a ludicrously fruitful source of spurious knowledge. I've even used the two way function to splatter the area with information myself.

It does hold many other delights.

On Friday 11th, the ever imaginative icon of Adam and Joe fanship, @WickWox did an incredibly creative version of Follow Friday by incorperating her suggestions into Song Wars lyrics. It prompted an enjoyable bit of banter from several of her followers concluding with a hashtag of misheard or mangled lyrics. Annoyingly, Twitter is broken as I write this so the tag isn't productive.

Cheznoir brought us a leaflet from the fibre-glass bum emporium called Pleasure Wood Hills where Adam once took his family. I also learned that France deployed a Buckules lookie-likie in the final 15 minutes of their game last week. @WickWox found this and this in some dusty old tea chest. It must also be said that for chat-up line advice, there is no better place than Twitter.

A few more people discovered the dialect coach woman this week, including Stephen Fry.

Adam finally revealed that the legal situation with international Mixtape podcast cravers will prevent them from hearing it via the BBC. With no desire to upset anyone in the Castle, I have put a little information here. I took Adam's reference to "internet networking and friendship schemes" as being the nearest he could go towards blessing the sharing in dark corners of such material. Please make the iPlayer your first choice, though. The show should be listened to in full for maximum enjoyment.

It was a very Adam and Joe styled 6Music breakfast show yesterday (in my tiny little mind). Shaun played Dr Sexy while he could clearly see Adam and Radiohead's Ed O'Brien through the studio window. The Glastonbury trails have been updated as has the one for Adam Buxton's Big Mixtape. 6Music are so hot, right now. Soon after Shaun handed over to Lauren, she revealed that she'd been partying with Joe the night before. If you don't believe me, check here.

If this has all been too much for you to take in, the bad news is that there will shortly be yet another entry by way of an aide memoir from the last time we heard the duo in action.

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