Wednesday, 20 January 2010

The news on the Block.....

The most heartening piece of news from my point of view is that the Attack the Block page on the IMDB updated it's status last Friday so we can all keep an eye on the movements there.

If anyone ever had some kind of nagging doubt that the aliens might be completely CGI, those fears are allayed by the inclusion of a "creature and makeup effects designer". Mr Mike Elizalde has a solid pedigree and a thorough grounding in special effects, prosthetics and puppeteering as well.

Adam has put all four parts of Alone in the Shed in one lovely package up on his YouTube Channel now. Furthermore, as far as I can see, all of his London based gigs have sold out so he'll be a happy chappy.

The second episode of The Persuasionists is on later tonight. You can still catch episode one for a couple more hours on the iPlayer. It didn't go down too well last week but may take on a cult life of it's own in due course.

James Stirling made a post at the BBC 6Music blog with the Text The Nation clip from Doctor Who. Anyone who was using Twitter at the time that episode of Doctor Who aired will know that lots of people noticed it and I was even moved to hastily grab a wonky clip from iPlayer. It was David Jeffery-Hughes who decided to send it to James and he's done a wonderful job of inserting it into the original jingle. Do take a listen!

I might as well mention that I've been posting tiny, little Adam and Joe clips each day at my Posterous link in an effort to keep the boys alive in our ears while they are away. Subscribe, follow, retweet, ignore or destroy. The choice is yours.

Finally, hardly a day passes without someone saying how much they are missing the radio show so if you haven't found it before, please have a little look around for links to old shows and other wonderful nuggets.

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