Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Tumbleweed Notwithstanding

There's nothing much out there at the moment but Buckles is still wonderfully busy, entertaining the arse out of willing chucklers around the country. There may still be tickets for some of the remaining events if you want to check the links here. Tweets from both BUG and Popcorn last week were effusively appreciative. Joe was in the audience at BUG and Louis Theroux went along to Popcorn.

You may remember that Adam did a gig at the 100 Club and this tweeter found a doodle he made in the dressing room.

The wonderful Hobbsy of Adamandjoe.com fame spotted that the other day, Adam opened a Vimeo account at last and has favourited a couple of David Oreilly's films. I think it's too much to hope that he might upload his wonderful Persuasionists Response video that he's been showing at gigs. There is also rumour of, at the very least a pilot for an on-line based BUG style show.

Half a Dozen Questions with Adam Buxton
Adam gave an online interview to this small, local arts collective. It would seem he must have done the piece over a month ago but unless I am mistaken, it only popped up online yesterday.

I'm guessing that this tweet implies Joe did a bit of voice work. Whether it was for a short film, documentary or a commercial may remain a mystery until we hear his dulcet tones on air.

This is not new but when info is thin on the ground, I might as well post something that I haven't already put here.
This video features an Adam and Joe inspired moment with some Stephenage.

Finally, lazybones from Hobbsy's forum stumbled upon two additional episodes of Each Passing Minute from the old XFM standing-in days. There are a whole bunch of shows that many of us felt were lost forever and we were teased with the first episode of this Radio Soap Opera feature. Now it seems there may be hope for more somewhere out there and in this lonely scrubland left in the wake of the 6Music absence, it couldn't be more eagerly anticipated.

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