Friday, 5 March 2010

Save BBC 6Music an' shit

The more and more likely demise of 6Music has left me poleaxed into an unbloggitudinous stupor which I must overcome herein.

If you don't care about 6, I doubt you'll be reading this. I'm just going to throw some clicks in here and you can do the thinking for yourselves in the unlikely event that you've missed just one of these items.

You can achieve most of your preservation objectives by poking around this organic compost of sweetly fermenting information. I believe these people were suspended from Twitter due to over zealous activity but happily there are enough other individuals continually punching their cause to ensure the fight is still bothering that feverishly demented aviary. Edited To Add: They're back on Twitter! Follow, follow.

Tom Watson is leading a tribe of MPs in defence of Mr Thompson's apparent decision. It's really in the hands of the BBC Trust Consultation Department now and we have until May to react. Do it now!

This blogger has put together some things worth reading and acting upon but if you want to cut to the chase, this is the most important part, I believe.
Here’s a template e-mail, based off the one posted by my good friend Seb Patrick. You should download the cover note from the BBC site, fill it in, and attach that to your e-mail, which should be sent to:

The current petition du jour is here but if you make comments, please try to remain positive about 6Music and the Asian Network rather than resorting to name calling and generally dissing the BBC. That will achieve nothing. This should be a constructive campaign. This one is still gathering names too.

The list of celebrity support for this cause is so vast that I dare not detail it here for fear of glaring and embarrassing omissions. I'm sure you've all been heartened by a missive from your childhood idol this week.

To everyone's deep respect and joy, Adam had his chance to put his case publicly.

You can go here and download/subscribe to every available 6Music Podcast to boost figures. I have no idea if this works but I have also been leaving the iPlayer going even when I'm not at my computer and thereby entertained my goldfish beyond their wildest imaginings.

If you'd prefer to vote with your feet, there seems to be a gathering of like-minded people in the vicinity of the BBC's premises in Langham Place on Sunday at 2pm. There are more details on this Facebook page.

Enough with all the serious stuff. Upon completion of all your supportive duties you have my permission to quickly scan over the rest of the nonsense I seem to have gathered over this last couple of weeks.

Just when you thought Joe Cornish was up to his very lofty lugholes in celluloid and loud hailers, he's gone and tossed a few clips together, punched and stretched them against his Exit Music for The Shining and for the first time in months and months, plopped something into his YouTube Channel. If you want something doing, ask a busy person.

Digital Spy, are suggesting that the Ant Man project might be off or resting again. I've not noticed Edgar comment on this piece anywhere but I may have missed it.

Earlier in the week, somebody tossed a cod snippet onto YouTube showing an elevated view of an effects shot from Joe's Attack The Block. I am very happy to say it was removed. I'm not going to dignify it with any detail here. I'll just say that my feelings about things like this finding their way onto the net fill me with dread.

My interest, nay obsession with certain pieces of upcoming media make it almost impossible for me to prevent the twitching click of deathly exposure but in my opinion, there are few things on this special, shiny planet as gratifying as viewing a film or work of art, free of the burdens of precognition with the glorious impact intended by the director and team of collaborators. Stills and on-set snips are imbued with such burdens of fan-hunger that are perpetuated around the net to be twisted and misconstrued. Yes, I clicked on that clip but wished I hadn't. Yes, I saved it before it was removed, such are my reflexes and yes, I hope I won't be tempted to fire it up until I've watched the completed film at least half a dozen times. It was a tiny, pony thing but if one person does it, others will follow.

Since my last blog entry, I think the only IMDB additions have been a couple in the art department. It would seem that this week's shooting has been fairly near to the area of London where Joe is proud to tell us he lives and indeed set his script. Since a cast member has removed a tweet about the shoot and no other cast has been officially updated, I can only presume it is the wish of the production team that this project receives as little uncontrollable exposure as possible. Forthwith, I shall be respecting that and consequently limit my updates to information gathered from the wider domain. If any of the crew see a goblin carrying dingle and wearing an "Auntie Nubbins Say Stephen!" t-shirt, it surely won't be me.

We have been delighted by no less than TWO updates at the BBC 6Music blog this week. James has given us a lovely, clean mp3 of Adam's Magical Forest song. When I posted this a month ago on my silly Posterous side-blog, it got one of the highest numbers of hits but my file was just a dirty version clawed out of the iPlayer.

Earlier today, Adam put my pathetic webcam grabbing video to shame with a proper glimpse into the exiting world of two middle aged men being paid to giggle like schoolboys in everyone's favourite clip of the Mr Wolf Pants exchange. As soon as this goes up on the BBC YouTube, I'll change the link for our overseas revellers.

There are still a few tickets left for BUG18 next week.

Supreme Tweeter, #TwitSquadron Leader and Electric Proms Runner Up, @Wickwox is going to present a giftly book of support to Adam at BUG and is inviting contributions from anyone who feels moved to submit. Just punch #giftsquadron into a Twitter search & you'll get the idea. Edited to Add: WickWox had blogged some more details. This is my entry - I put it through the shamboliser on purpose, you understand?

Last month, James reminded us of the street sign enhancement from last year and I was very pleased to notice that although the exclamation mark had been cleaned up, the sign is still suitably respectful. I might include this photo in my #giftsquadron contribution. I wish I'd had my little Adam and Joe on a stick with me to complete the image.

Off Topic Mentions of the weeeeeek.

Funny Or Die and Popcorn have a fun evening planned round the corner (my corner) at The Tabernacle and while we're in that area of fun, the imperial time waster himself got all confabulated last week. Remember the code: Remove all liquids from the immediate area before watching any Robin Cooper output.

I've been watching a few Oscar nominated DVDs this week. When it came to Up In The Air I wondered if I should have been cringing at the silliness of the original concept of this blog. It all started when Adam and Joe went away & I packed little cardboard versions of them to take with me and photograph. I can't even claim it was an homage to Mr Reitman since I'd stopped using them by the time the film came out.

I've lost the will to write so you surely must have given up reading a few inches ago. Have a good weekend and don't forget to listen to Collins and Herring who are getting better and better, week on week.

Remember, the main object of this entry is to double check you've done all you can to make the BBC Trust hear you. To help you, this popped up today.

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