Saturday, 29 August 2009


Weeeeeeelll, they seem to have failed to come up with a Black Squadron command this week but they've dressed it up as if to imply it was a planned outage.

We now have Boggins!

.....ETA - just a bit of trivia....from a 'Boggins' twitter search, a few days before the rebranding of the Adam and Joe show was announced, this popped up.
Tweeted by UKcelebs(Twit Parade)
@howardread My kids use the word Boggins. It was created by my mum when she wanted to say Bug... and realised there were kids in the room.


  1. Twitter - @save_boggins

    Please save boggins!

  2. oops - only just seen this (must change my email options).
    Boggins'll be fine. I've been smelly and sweet for years and nobody tried to humanely cull me!

    I've already followed you but I'm not much of a facebooker, I'm afraid. Great fun, though!

    I should also point out that I'm a lover of Boggins, the show & the brand. I'm still not sure about Boggins, the dog. xx