Sunday, 9 August 2009

Helen at Shakespeare's Globe Theatre

I did warn you that at some point, I'd probably lug the little fellas to a part of river other than The South Bank Centre.

Today we were under the lunchtime shadow of Southwark Bridge and overlooking the Millenium Bridge where tourists always seem to be re-enacting scenes from Metropolis. Since I've covered The Thames in several other shots, I took a close-up from the terrace of Sam Wannamaker's dream-come-true replica of Ye Olde Shakie Spearie Theatrie, just before popping in for a bit of tragedy from Penny Downie and Paul McGann. I say tragedy but it really was very, very funny.

I prefer to get down and dirty at the Globe by standing in the yard because the seating area seems rather separatist. If I was a ponce, I'd say I was a "Groundling" but I try to limit my poncey things to once a week. The production is only running at 90 minutes so we didn't stand for long. Needless to say, my tiny Adam and Joe relaxed in my handbag for the duration. They might have been laughing but the bag was zipped up, so I couldn't tell. I just hope they enjoyed themselves on some level. No wait, they're just cardboard, square-headed replicas.

I went to a recording of You Have Been Watching later in the day. Even though it's in the opposite part of town, it was still by the flippin' river so I didn't bother with yet another watery snap.
Tiny Ad & Joe were suitably amused by much of the discussion, though the poor warm-up fella was enough to make you beg for a fleece in a heatwave. Charlie did a nice little bit about Danny Dyer and I know Joe was eager to chip in. Adam (or was that me?) thought that it would have been a better show if Dr Buckles had taken the place of Frank Skinner.

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