Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Is it wrong to have a dream like this?

I've been really hoping that a little video gift would pop up here but I kept calming myself with the reasoning that they'd be a bit exhausted after getting back into the early start thing & just scuttle off after doing the podcast links.

Not so! Our wonderful, perky boys gave us the treat I'd longed for - an up-to-date, physical exam. Good Times.
A little bit of thanks goes to James, too (stick to the day job, mate).

It's sweet that Joe imagines the country would only tip in the rush of departing wives when he has a tan. I can usually detect a permanent leaning as the ladies (and let's face it, some men) play a little game of Cornish-gazing relay - tan or no tan.
It's the national status quo, Joe.

(but Don't Make Me Choose)

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