Friday, 7 August 2009

Cup Cake Wedding fun

What can I do?
I told them we were going to a wedding but I did stress it was more about friends & relaxing than pomp & ceremony. So Adam dusted off the top hat, which meant he was completely overdressed and Joe, in his own inimitably dismissive way, dragged on a cool but not entirely wedding respectful t-shirt. If I'm honest, Joe turned more heads than Adam and myself. 'Twas ever thus, great lumbering dude.

The official proceedings started in the very late afternoon (last registry time-slot of the day, apparently) which meant we were straight into a fun evening fine food & wines, larks and japes. I didn't reveal my little cardboard friends until most of the cake-eating guests had left and the stunning cup cake tiers were a scene of ordered destruction.

I was really surprised that so many were left because everyone had enjoyed them. They were feather light and topped with pretties. This is how they started the evening as people were arriving. The top tiers were bite-sized and there was a giant version for those more traditional guests that insisted they happy couple have something to cut.

I think they deserve a close-up.

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