Sunday, 12 July 2009

Mumford & Sons @ the iTunes Live Festival

I was very reserved in my choices of iTunes Festival ticket applications because illogically, I thought I might get luckier if I wasn't too greedy. A friend got his notification email on Friday so I had given up hope but they contacted me this afternoon - a few hours before the doors opened and that is how I came to be at the Roundhouse with my tiny Adam & Joe to see Mumford & Sons + Temper Trap + Stephen Fry.

Stephen was on first, giving a talk about copyright, the individual ethics on using torrents and the wooly thinking behind the prosecution of torrent users/providers.

The Temper Trap gave a mixed set and there was only one noodley piece I really liked but it was worth the wait for Mumford & Sons because they were beautiful and sweet and .........cute, damn it.

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