Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Jerwood Theatre at the Royal Court, Sloane Square

A bus broke down in front of the theatre when we arrived so we couldn't get the shot we wanted. We tried afterwards but with the combo of a tiny, Tiny Adam & Joe, a large building and low light, we were asking a bit much. I was too lazy to fumble for my reading glasses too. This only works for me if it's fun, right?

Jez Butterworth is a succulent thrust of writing force and much as I love Dominic Cooke, it's a great reason to get Ian Rickson back in to direct at the Royal Court.

If you can grab a ticket to see Jerusalem (run just extended a bit) your bum will be pampered on leather, your ears will be deliciously offended and your mind will expand to optimum size in that tiny little head of yours.

It's long, funny and twisted. With a top price of £ 25 you really won't want to bother with the West End again and it's so close to Sloane Square tube that you can hear the trains rumble. Mark Rylance and Tom Brooke gave several so-funny-I-had-to-stuff-my-hands-in-my-mouth moments.

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