Friday, 24 July 2009

BUG 14 at the BFI

This is a cheat.
After the tension of the Teddington Studios outing which was fired with dire possibility that two mis-matched worlds might collide and even implode, I did not want to take any chances. I couldn't risk being caught in the act of playing with my Tiny Adam and Joe in the presence of the fine jumble of hair and other tissue so perfectly assembled into the glorious real form of Adam Buxton. Furthermore, I like to maintain my anonymity & with so many A&J fans around, that might have been tricky and yes, you can say it - embarrassing.

As previously mentioned, the South Bank is a regular haunt (as my next entry may well substantiate) so I took the precaution of grabbing an appropriate shot last time I was there. Whilst I can appreciate this is a bit of a cod thing to do, I wanted to make an entry in this blog to mark another mind blowing evening of sensory overload. I was overcome by those kind of laughs that make your shoulders vibrate way beyond any amount of time that is appropriate. I felt like a wind-up toy that couldn't stop. It's a shame I don't have more time to comment on the evening so I might come back and add a few thoughts to this later.............but history relates that I rarely return to a blog entry.
What other BFI event would still be so rapturously received if it started 30 minutes later than advertised? They had an unresolved problem with the wi-fi and a couple of sound issues (ouch!) but it was still superb fun. I guess they will have sorted the problems by next week's "repeat". If it wasn't sold out, I'd be tempted to go along again but that would be a certifiable act, wouldn't it?

I HAVE come back with a link to Adam's Blog that he updated early on Saturday evening. I forgot to mention he was almost clean-shaven last night. I know this will dissapoint some fans but he looks motherable in any guise, to me.

I hope this doesn't upset any copyright fineprint - I've scanned the BFI sheet from the night. You'll have to click to enlarge.

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