Friday, 31 July 2009

Broken Embraces with Pedro & Penelope

Before anyone gets too excited, I don't have a photo. I feel pretty lame but both tiny Adam and little Joe were much too shy to have a snap taken with these Spanish wonders. I suggested that it might break the ice if Adam deployed his magical song to serenade Ms Cruz but he seemed to think she might not be quite as impressed by it as I am.

Of course, the real, living, breathing Dr Buckles was doing another BUG tonight so I was onto a looser if I'd hoped to get a piece of cardboard to squeeze out a song. I just settled down to watch the film and then marvel at the wonderful mind of Mr Almodovar unravel in front of me. We had not been expecting Ms Cruz to join him for the Q & A and I found the 'oohs' and 'aaahs' from the audience rather amusing when her arrival was announced.

The truth is, I am only making this entry because I have done little of note other than work hard and see films this week (including the wonderful Mesrine double bill) and I might even be too busy to get the little fellas out for the next couple of weeks.

If anyone is saw Pedro at the Somerset House event this week, I hope you took a moment to admire the talents of the interpreter. He was utterly, mesmerisingly wonderful. Not only was he deliciously bi-lingual but he made beautifully creative and sensitive translations of what was said. At one point he let Mr Almodovar enthuse about the costume and styling for a good five minutes, then four or five pages of shorthand later, he delivered the most captivating rendition of what had been said. The audience gave him a rapturous round of applause. I really had the sense that he knew Pedro's films well and understood a good deal of what motivated him. This was not an off-the-peg translator. He has a gorgeous speaking voice too and seductive eyes. Did I say that out loud?

Ms Cruz was beautiful and charming, in case anyone is interested.

So there it is. I bit of a non-entry but I felt I was neglecting my chums. My little cut-outs have been all over the place with me but not really anywhere that warranted a snap.

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