Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Untitled Blog Entry - words fail me

What this lacks in snappy subject title, it makes up for in seemingly unending waffle.
The BFI made a ten minute edit of last month's conversation between Joe Cornish and Edgar Wright which you can view at that link. I'm not clever enough to work out if there's some way to embed the lovely thing but don't think I haven't tried all kinds of code in an effort to do so.

The BBC however, have an entirely different attitude, enabling me to plonk this piece from today's Shaun Keaveny show right here at the cliff face.

Leave a comment about this on the 6Music blog, why don't you?

To keep the BUG momentum going, why not poke around these little portions of fun.

Check out Adam's own blog entry if you've slipped behind with his live appearance diary.

I predict that if he doesn't show this little beauty at the Norwich or Greenwich BUGs Adam will surely have it scheduled for the BFI BUGs, won't he? Best viewed in Chrome, in case you hadn't worked that out.

I'm fed up with this thing showing up in my tv alerts but I still know nothing about the ep that includes Adam. I presume it's Pavel but if anyone with Comedy Central could check it out for me on 17th September at 01:25 AM, I would be grateful.

There's a bit of noodle about the effects house who are taking care of Joe's Attack the Block here and something about the location here.

The latest hard copy issue of Empire has a couple of ATB pictures and some waffle from Joe. I'd hate to stop anyone from buying the glorious thing so I won't scan it until next month (if at all) but The Playlist have included some of the words. They may have included all the words for all I know but I am resolutely trying not to read anything. That's probably how I came to miss evidence of Joe realising a dream by including a real Loose Woman in his cast list.

Adam recorded a voice-over back in May. I'm a patient kind of person and have been thus rewarded.

You can follow the awesome animator here.
Apparently, Adam has also made a contribution to It's Nice That in issue 4.
I want to put a comma after "nice" or some dots or a forward arrow after "that". That comment wouldn't be quite so annoying were my own grammar and spelling slightly less than appalling.

BBC Radio 7 decided to repeat Adam's Famous Guy play from April 2006 the other day. It's still on iPlayer and I would encourage you to listen there, just to keep the figures totting along.
Of course, it's always available on Adam's website blog area. If you want to read my waffle about the picture they're still using, you'd need to go to that silly, daily thing I do.

If you can be bothered to register here, you should vote for 6Music.

Last month was all about Scott Pilgrim vs The World.

The day after my last post, the lovely little thing premiered and Joe was the guest of honour. He wasn't. He was just there in his retro velvet jacket.

You can read more about that here and scroll down to a picture of Joe clearly responding to the hails from Bleeding Cool's own Brendon Connelly.

This little lady has a report and a couple of snaps from the BFI event with more details here and new #Twitsquadron member, John Sharp kindly shared a snap taken with Cornballs on the night.

Despite what seemed like endless opportunities (perhaps two) to catch the film in preview I was steadfast in my resolve to take my virgin viewing in the company of a right pair of Charlies. I should warn you that the young man chairing the video on that page is health-warningly cute. His cheeks must be sore from being pinched........or licked.........something.

The blogging world and his wife (quite literally, it would seem in some cases) were at the Ultra Culture Cinema Event Number Four and despite the ICA screen being too small for an epic like this, especially if you arrived as late as I did, I still reckon it was the most fun of all the specials out there. I understand that some attendees of more precocious screenings had to make do with cheese of all things, at their event.

A weary Edgar scooted over from his DVD Extras edit afterwards but we'd scarcely had time to get comfortable when we were poleaxed by some optimum pre-show audience participation.

Before I leave this Pilgrim hoopla I want to say two things.
1. Scott Pilgrim vs The World is even better on second viewing and
2. Ultra Culture Cinema is something everyone needs to experience at least once in their life. Any longterm Adam and Joe fan will know that this young man has serious A&J credentials even though he was just discovering solids when they were first whittling away down in Brixton. Register for email alerts and tell the little blighter I sent you. I'm not serious with that. Would that his mailing list form had such a facility.

With all the Edgar talk buzzing around the net, this old piece about Ant Man popped into the feeds somehow.

Electric Proms 'Stupid Question Time' question poser, Kimika was playing with Twitsquadron and Avatwee last week. It's always interesting to discover how some people view you, isn't it?

While listening to some old XFM wibbles the other day I was reminded of this glorious album available from Honest Jon's.

If you live in London or can spare any time down here next month you could do yourself an enormous favour by catching something at the London Film Festival. That's all I'm saying on the subject. I'd sing like a bird if I had any kind of press pass or something.

Can we do something to put this place out of business? I am so fed up with their tweets showing up in my Deck.

Going even farther (further?) off-topic, you need to click this just once in your life and then swish your mouse southwards.

Finally, some of my favourite bloggers contributed to this piece for Little White Lies. A couple of them have even quoted me in their time.

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