Thursday, 15 October 2009

Electric Proms Karaoke - You decide!

Here are as many entries as I could find for the Adam And Joe Karaoke Song Wars Electric Proms competition.The entry would be much too lumpy if I embedded all the little blighters.

Be warned that most of them are deliciously disturbing so don't watch them too late at night. There are some innovative props and plops. Some are best viewed with your sound card removed but with one possible exception, they are a work of true dedication that I can only salute and stand in awe of.

While I scrape myself of the awe-floor, I see that the sweetest man on the planet has diligently posted a comment on each of the Nutty Room entries. If that doesn't make them all proud, I don't know what will. We can't really expect the same from the Haughty Commander but we live in hopes.

I've tried to put them in order of submission date because I think that's worth consideration.

These are all the Nutty Room entries I could find.
The Wickles Sisters (Introducing CyberRuby) - 27th Sept
Dave Bignell - 28th Sept
Superman in his nutty loo - 30th Sept
Clemmers (Dids & Trish) - 1st Oct
Idiotholefull - 1st Oct (mostly audio)
Peter, Chloe and Ann - 1st Oct
Theo & Tom - 2nd Oct
adecentusername - 4th Oct
sgillisson - 8th Oct (no sound on this one?)
Our Lord Eric - 10th Oct
verynicejoe 11th Oct
iolanthe24 - 11th Oct
Holly & Jakes - 13th Oct
davinabowie - 13th Oct
Rob & Steve - 13th Oct
Ben Farrow - 13th Oct
kellyhobbins - 13th Oct
MrBenjaminThom - 14th Oct



and here are the Sontum of Quolace

ofqualass 26th Sept
prettyboy Daniel Chester - 29th Sept
LactoseAlex "Quantum of Cheddar" - 1st Oct
hairballproductions1 - 3rd Oct
ofqualass - 3rd Oct (sadly disqualified due to double entry)
adecentusername - 4th Oct
Chris and Joci. - 6th Oct
The Emmett Family - 8th October
CoultersCandy - 8th Oct
Patrick Edwards, Rob Morton, James Spence, Josh Hatley, Stacey Ryder and Maddy St. John - 10th Oct
Nic Bowden - 11th Oct
Nic Bowden - 12th Oct (with amusing text additions to the first 'qualifying) entry)
Barnickal - 13th Oct
theelectrichead -13th Oct
Andrea & Richard - 13th Oct
CrispyNoodleCupGirl (Becky?) - 14th Oct
hermanthemunster (AKA the A Capello version) - 14th Oct



......for what it's worth......these are the ones I can't stop playing

But will he be disqualified because he's too good (and possibly better than Joe?)

The original two-part harmony and the best.

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