Saturday, 5 September 2009

Wot? No Boggins?

Am I aurally retarded or was there no reference to Boggins in today's show?
The butterfly mind of a haughty Cornball has left us high and dry with no continuity but I was distracted, so perhaps I missed it.

The main thing was that I was unusually in company for the Black Squadron command so I was able to carry it out with great ease. That said, I should make it clear that solitary tickling presents few problems for me so I'm not sure why Dr Sexy thought it would be a challenge for singletons.

How lame will I allow this blog to get now that the Squadron Leaders are back in situe?
Stats are still healthy & I can always use it as a portal for 6Music blog alerts and stuff but that just seems like doubling up. I do notice that Blogger stuff comes up in searches when BBC blogs don't. I can always throw a little webcam shot up here, I s'pose. Like most of my net based mumbles, I'll add something when I really have nothing better to do, I guess.
Who knows, I might even be grand enough to offer my opinion on current A&J output!

1) v worried that the first few mins were as lame as this blog
2) deliriously happy that they got back on track at lightening speed
3) incandescent with joy at the prospect of a Song Wars next week.
4) frustrated that Joe had a jingle in his pocket that he failed to share with us due to a sudden rhyming concern - a predicament which has hitherto never halted his presentations

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