Sunday 1 January 2017

2016 in a blogshell - Jan to June

I hope 2016 has been good for you.

We're told it has been rubbs for most of the world, in the sense that a lot of famous people who shaped our lives have wandered off before, or roundabout their time, and that the western world has opted to take a step back and undo all the good things that have taken so long to put in place.

Sod all that. Adam and Joe REUNITED last month, for heckin's sake!

I'm getting ahead of myself.  Plenty of other stuff went down this year, and not quite all of it was bad.


The year kicked off with London Live showing the Adam and Joe Show on their funny little tellovision channel.  What an absurd joy that was.  They seeem to be randomly working their way through the odd series, here and there.

Lynne B found this lovely missive from Punk Rich on the notbbc forum.


Adam did a gig at The Bush and the first night of the BUG 50 this month but you can see too many tweets, can't you?


You can read more about the Bowie BUG here.  In March, Adam kickstarted his podcasts again with a double wuzza whammy.


April brought us podcasts from Kathy BurkeGarth JenningsRichard Herring  and Sara Pascoe but I'm a little saddened to note that the way Acast works, means that the SquareSpace jingle is no longer playing. It has been surplanted by they equally joyful Leesa mattress ad. Don't forget, if you fancy a New Year Mattress enter Buxton80 at the check-out for a whole £80 off init.

In Adam's last pod of 2016 he implied we'd not hear from him again until around March 17, which means that if he's done a pod with Garth to promote SING, it will be for the sell-through release rather than the theatrical. SO, I do urge everyone to see this joy of a film that I'm privildged to have caught twice already because I am a raving ponce machine.

I'm hoping that Kerry rekindles her comedy relationship with Adam as an upcoming podguest in the 2017s.

This show went down really well in Manchester. If you're wondering how many Bowie BUG Special's Adam did, you can check this gig list archive.

I was thrilled to see this outside such a prestigious venue but the gig didn't happen in the end, sadly.

Adam's pod really started to gather steam in April.


Adam gave his Bowie BUG to the good people of Brighton in May before heading up to Glasgow. Tom Sayer liked it.

Adam and Iain Lee did a bit of reciprocal podcasting here and here followed by some Doc Brown.

....and a little more waffle from Louis here.

Adam's pod is still riding high, this time featuring in The Week, the NME and Huffington Post doing this piece.
From Mark Woodward: "Facebook tells me 5 years ago Black Squadron was issued the foam face command!"

A video posted by Radiohead (@radiohead) on

The Yorkshire Post reviewed a Bowie BUG Special here.
As a long-time BlackSquadroneer, it made me very happy to see Adam had kindly done this for lovely Sophie.


BUG 51 was wonderful with Lee Hardcastle guesting on stage and Lord Edgar Wright swishing his folicles in the audience.

This month we had podcasts with Marc Riley, John Robins and a double bubble from Jonny Greenwood!

More from the DocFest here.

Just including this because I like the silhouette.
July to December is here but for now -
Finally, the viral sensation of the year:

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