Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Squadron's Got Chalant

Let's start with some top class, Squadron talent outings.

EuroButcher was inspired to draw this by a tiny bit of 2011 Adam and Joe convo.

I don't think I've linked to the Tumblr pages which contain many of the Made-up-Jokes read out over the years. Adam and Joe rather sweetly thought PJ in Manchester, who laboured so hard to gather these together had also designed the lovely Vertigo style page but that credit goes to Matthew Buchanan who designed the template in 2008. It looks superb, either way. I do hope he finds the time to update it and fill in the 2010 gaps but I certainly wouldn't blame them if he didn't. It's a nest of eggs/worm basket.

Dr Tom "Chill Cake" Williamson has made a nonsense button for you to press in times of need (I recommend multiple presses for Cornballs gratification) and Gentle Invasion made this promo for Ireland's great waste bin.

I've moved my page of Black Squadron Commands over here and also made a page listing the Podcast Intro Songs and a gathering of James Hood's weekly drawings.

The Archers Blog noted Adam and Joe's (& squadroner's) contribution to their saucy listening figures. Happily, they also corrected a little identity error made earlier.

This series of the 6Music show and podcast has probably been doing more consistently well in the iPlayer and iTunes charts than previous runs, I feel. 6Music was awarded "National Radio Station of the Year" last week.

The Sabotage Times have put together their top ten Adam and Joe broadcasting moments.

The twelve week season is drawing dangerously near it's end. I suppose there are couple or three more Western House shows plus hopefully some Glastonbury coverage. If the Glasto shows are in the evening, I thought it might be fun to play a drinking game with cans of Seven-Up and Dr Pepper so if you feel moved to make suggestions, please put them here.

Keep an eye open on the Channel 4 schedules for Jennifer Saunder's 2 hour special "What's so funny about the 90's?" as I believe Marcus Harben interviewed Adam and Joe for it back in January.

Adam Boult put this delightful piece together about Adam and BUG for Drowned in Sound and just in today, a charmer from This is Fake DIY.

Adam also spoke to the lovely Ali Plumb for Asylum* and this was in The Quietus.

There's an enormous picture of Adam in a classic catalogue pose at the Latitude website now but no clear indication of whether he's there with his stand-up or if they've moved his BUG show into the Comedy Arena this year. However, I get the impression it's the former.

In case you missed my tweet, Adam has added another gig on 15th June 2011 at The Idler Academy, Notting Hill, London.

It's worth keeping an eye on the AdamandJoe.com forum page for Adam's gigs (E&OE). Don't forget there are gigs in Bristol, Edinburgh and Hull coming up and I believe he's very keen to revisit the hospitality of Manchester again when he can. BUG26 tickets go on sale to BFI members next week (for July 13th & 14th). Adam also has a calendar feature on his redesigned blog.

If you attended BUG25 you'll have seen him perform this live. Sit down and giggle at his delicious bed-head.

There are some lovely photos from the Manchester BUG here.

If you dig around here long enough, you'll find a finger puppet representation of Tim Messenger in Hot Fuzz. I'm not giving a direct link because there's too much fun to be had looking for it.

Still wondering what your big Summer read should be? Look no further than Nigel Buxton's "The Fading Margin". What I wouldn't give for an audio version of that read by his son.

The people at Asylum* must feel the same need for balance that I suffer from because they've countered their piece with Adam by covering Attack the Block quite wonderfully.

A lot of bloggers have been having fun with Attack the Block but The Incredible Suit's ATB Week and The Shiznit's Cut Out & Keep Slang Reference cards probably take the cup cakes on this.

Attention: Two Handsome Men for the price of none alert.

Since my last post here, the day before the previews started, a great deal of Attack the Block nuggets have popped up. I have added many of the press reviews to my special ATB pages and will get around to some of the more fun stuff like photos from special events and video interviews. In the meantime, I'll plop this here.
I'd like the think the tag line for "Gritters" might be
"Icy driving conditions just got a lot more menacing"

So far as the box office in the UK was concerned, it entered at number three for the first weekend, falling to five in the second and it's ninth after this, the third weekend. A wonderful result for a tiny British film.

He may poo poo the Twitter but he refers to it as though he uses it more than I do so it must have warmed his cockills to see this.

September 26th seems to be the likely release date for Attack the Block on BD and DVD. Thrilled they seem to be making a double play of this one.

There's a lovely piece with Joe's Big Talk producer, Nira Park over at the BAFTA website.

A trailer and a couple of posters for The Adventures of Tintin are about. I can best show you them by pointing you towards Edgar Wright's blog and while you're over there, he posted the first page of the Attack the Block script but sadly, not in red.

If you're wondering how Joe spends his internet time when he's not ego-surfing, it's reading Limara Salt's blog.

Lauren Laverne had the lovely HeyUGuys in her internet slot and they didn't miss a chance to give Joe's film a shoutout or two.

Apropos of nothing at all, can I point you in the direction of this wonderful film poster website? (I thank for Ultra Culture for tweeting that link and if you really want to thank him, go and see Eurotrip in the ICA. It'll be fun, I expect.)

Don't forget to catch Andrew Collins' Mr Blue Sky while it is on the Radio 4 iPlayer.

There's a lovely, hearty bit of Stephenage at the end of this longtime Adam and Joe fan's cabaret video.

Finally, why not follow Nick Frost's tweets this week while he is in Africa for Comic Relief?

US Flyer for preview screenings

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