Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Dates, dates and more dates.....

This is a hasty bit of nonsense and if you really pressed me, I'd have to admit I've only done it to help sort my muddled mind. I might as well share it with you.

This is by no means exhaustive and relies upon the goodwill and happily over-excited realms of Twitter.

Incongruous though this may seem, Joe spoke to the lads at TALKRadio which you can listen to here.

I'd imagine This Morning will cover Attack the Block on Thursday, 12th May. If it's live rather than a pre-record, it will herald yet another stupidly long and busy day for Joe and the team.

Joe Cornish, Nick Frost and John Boyega will be signing posters costing £10 at Forbidden Planet (Megastore!) between 5:30pm & 6pm on 12th too.

At 7pm on Thursday, 12th the Apple Store in Regent Street will host a discussion in their Meet the Filmmakers strand featuring Joe Cornish and Nick Frost. It's a strange old venue for these things and the brightness of the store makes projecting the footage almost worthless but you'll get to sniff the Frost and Balls and they could well be quite rank by then.

Richie McCormack recorded an interview with Joe today. It's up at the Phantom 105.2 website now.

Next Monday evening around 10pm, Orla Barry will have her interview with Joe. You can listen back to the show here.

Edith Bowman will roll out her interview with Joe and Nick on the weekend of 21/22nd May 2011. She's a bit tardy with it because she didn't want it to get lost in their Big Weekend thing.

I've tried to find out when Capital FM are doing something but not getting anywhere. We probably missed it.

I do hope Joe's not getting too exhausted. I'd hate him to get the shivery tingles again.

Adam has some more gigs to put in the diary.

17th June 2011 Headling with Issy Suttie & Andy Zaltzman with Richard Herring Hosting at the Bush Hall, Shepherd's Bush, London.

30th June 2011 BUG 7 (Norwich) at the Playhouse, Norwich.

5th July 2011 6 in the Parc By no means confirmed but it looks like Adam may do a DJ set.

14th - 17th July 2011 BUG Latitude Special at Henham Park, Southwold. Tickets are going fast. Adam will probably do his show on Sunday but I haven't seen that confirmed as yet.

23rd July 2011 BUG Special in BRISTOL at Queen Square, Bristol. Tickets available now..

3rd November 2011 BUG Special in HULL at Hull Quality Royal Hotel. Tickets available now..

There were two items in the podcast pot this week as a special Text The Nation nugget dribbled out on Monday afternoon so please refresh your subscriptions.

Black Squadron Photos are loading as I write. Be patient!

I'm slowly gathering various bits of Attack the Block media and putting them here. It's the same as the other one I did with added bits and it look slightly less pony.

It's stupid rod. My back doesn't like it one bit but I've started so I'll continue when I have time. If I've missed something you think should be included it's either sitting in my dock waiting for my time or I've genuinely been so bamboozled by the amount of media that it escaped my notice.

Thank you to the T'winternets, as always.

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