Monday, 30 November 2009

Posted in an OUTRAGED Adam Buxton style voice!

I'm generally a mellow soul, preferring to expend my energies on lustful pursuits rather than emotional fury BUT I WILL NOT SIT STILL FOR THIS.

The January BFI Diary plopped into my box tonight and BUG prices have gone through the roof! As a member, I am used to paying £ 7.60 but for BUG17 I shall be paying £ 11.50! What kind of an outrageous lump of inflation is that?

I wouldn't mind if it went towards funding the tiny Bucklettes' education but I doubt it does. I wouldn't mind if it included a £3 voucher to inevitably spend at the Benugo bar which, if the speed of service on a BUG night is anything to judge by, make the biggest killing of the month on those days.

I know that it can be testing event for the front-of-house staff for various reasons but can this really justify an almost fifty per cent increase? This is made all the more hurtful when you know how much of the house is bloomin' well papered by people who, had they actually paid for their seats, can claim their ticket against tax expenses.

They even charge the same for the Director's Cut which, in the case of BUG16 and by all accounts was considerably distilled compared to the main show.

If this sounds in anyway like a rant that Viscount Buckules would be proud of, I would feel as though I may have expressed the true level of my emotions adequately.

I don't hold Adam in any way culpable and perhaps it's just a silly printing error in the booklet. If so, I shall be contrite and post my apology for this blast of over-reaction.

I just hope this doesn't harm Adam in any way and just turn it back into the virtually 'industry only' wanky thing Antennae used to be. I really don't want to put anyone off going (self aggrandising here, as if anyone takes any notice of this blog!) because it will be a wonderful evening, as always.

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