Friday, 15 June 2012

Adam Buxton & Joe Cornish: The News

The last couple of days featured two major announcements involving both the Adam and the Joe.

The big knobs at Sky (no, not those knobs) were so impressed with Adam Buxton's BUG TV shows that they pushed aside some lesser event and brought the air date forward from Autumn to July, thereby including it in their much heralded New Comedy Season.

Episode one (of eight, do pay attention) will air at 9:30pm on Monday, 9th July, 2012.

Watch the clip, why don't you?

I don't like that picture. It looks like Buckles is about to sneeze.

Camp Cornballs is alive today with the news that Joe Cornish is attached to longtime Kennedy/Marshall project Snow Crash. The property has now been acquired by Paramount having languished for twenty years in various houses, latterly Disney's Touchstone.

The intention is for Joe to adapt Neal Stephenson's best selling novel and then direct it but enough from me. Deadline waved it's precocious news-arse last night and they have about as much information as we're likely to get at the moment, unless I manage to tickle Longshanks into submission.

This has raises so many questions, and given the history of this project, I'll watch the nets with interest and reservation (because pointless tittle tattle won't get us anywhere). The tome is a box of miraculous uniqueness and a tough nut for any idiothole to crack. However, if anyone were to try mapping Cornball's daydream brain, it would probably look like this book. We have no idea how far down the line anything is or the terms of Joe's engagement. One thing I do know is that if he was ego-surfing today, he won't have got much writing done.

I'm left with only one real question. If and when this finally goes into production, can I look after Macey/Maisie?

It seems pointless to continue with any other news after these two nuclear missiles have laid waste to the entire area.*

* give me half an hour.

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