Saturday, 5 December 2009

Buckles' About

It's a sure sign that I've had something properly worthwhile to do with my time when I miss a public appearance notification.

Adam Buxton did a tea-time platform with Spike Jonze at the Apple Store in Regent Street today. With the marches and the crowds in town this weekend, t wouldn't surprise me if it had taken him 3 hours from the end of podcast recording until tea-time to walk the few yards down Regent Street from the 6Music Studio to the Apple Store.

I'd already booked to see Where the Wild Things Are at the BFI, with the promise of a post screening Q & A, which prevented me from going to the Apple Store but I'm pleased to report that lovely Adam snuck across the river with Mr Jonze and slipped into an empty seat to watch the BFI bit.

I hope he's still having a lovely evening, going to special places where the dirty public aren't allowed. I'm pretty sure he scuttled into the BFI's Green Room straight after the show while Spike spent a commendable amount of time talking to interested filmgoers.

You can catch some tweets and there are quite a few snaps of Adam and Spike out there so I'm linking them.........

The Admiral
Richard Holt
and hellotom posted this from the BFI, while John H Ratford had a little chat with Spike.

For my part, I was a little grumpy that the BFI journo just asked bog-standard, obvious questions that are going to be all over the junket output anyway. When you pay for a special screening, you expect a bit more thought and care. I'm sure Adam's take would have been more fun and I think he mentioned on today's show that there had been a point when he was in the frame to do this one too.

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