Sunday, 13 September 2009

1000 Voices at Raindance

1000 Voices, the short animation film which Adam Buxton voiced is showing at the Raindance Film Festival next month.

The director has a blog here though he is less that vigorous with his entries. There's quite a bit more info from him here including a bit about Adam.
How did Adam Buxton get involved?

Adam really supports the independent film scene in London and is a particular fan of animated shorts.
He runs the BUG film night at the BFI and is also a mate of Chris from Shynola.
Andy Noble got in touch with his agent and he was really enthusiastic about getting involved. We did the VO at Berwick Post’s studio in Soho and within half an hour he had already nailed the character.

Edited to add: There's a review here and it will be at the Sheffield DocFest in November.

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