Friday, 18 September 2009

Joe treats and Adam treats, all in one day.

First of all, a tweeted treat via Robert Popper to a tiny audio boo, Robin Cooper stylie, with Joe Cornish. I don't know what made me happier - seeing a little picture of Joe or getting dangerously close to hearing some more about Attack the Block. Made my morning coffee taste a whole lot better, either way.

This joy was followed, fast on the heels by my finally be able to sort out a double booking error. Tenacity and calm confidence always rules and nowhere is this more true that at a BFI screening.

I'd originally plumped for BUG on 25th as I thought I might have a more pressing family thing today (18th). That thing went away but my favourite film club (work it out) scheduled a screening of a tv drama on 25th at the same time as BUG. I am strangely addicted to seeing tv on the big screen (holds my concentration more in a big dark room, I guess) so I was grumped at the Clash of the Items. Today's BUG had sold out during the members booking period I believe, so every time I checked I got the blue bar of fully bookedness. I was cool. I had faith. Sure enough, they released some of those naughty seats they keep back for the special people and I got lucky. Such is my faith in being able to get tix to sold out events, I had already lined up a willing taker for next week's.

The last time I adopted this guerilla-style seat booking option at the BFI it meant that I was plonked in a seat surrounded by more media heroes than an old woman can be expected to tolerate. I was scared I might have a Roger Moore moment, but I was cool.

Just remember, 'sold out' rarely means sold out. There's always a chance & a returns line is never quite as long as you might think it is. I sat next to sweet John Schlesinger (and Anthony Andrews) at a 'sold out' k d lang concert once, just because I popped up at the right time for a return. Let me tell you, it doesn't get much more heady than that! [img]wry smile emoticon[/img]

So, I'm off to see Adam and BUG 15 this afternoon. I might even have a walk on the beach at the South Bank to calm my nerves. I won't be signing autographs today but I will be accepting drinks in Benugo's afterwards. Have you tried their pint glasses full of little sausage rolls? Nummmm. (I'll be the fat one in the corner, on my own).

I'm a bit of a netiquette narna when it comes to hotlinking or even stealing pictures but as we all know if you say you don't normally approve of something just before you do it, it's perfectly all right to go ahead.
Thank you, Robert/Robin. This gives me pleasure on way too many levels.

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