Monday, 14 September 2009

Pirulo news: Podcast is up & Holiday Blues available for download.

I have surprised myself with my own arrogance again by suggesting that some people look here before they might check the actual Adam and Joe blog but it's really a thinly veiled attempt to put some content on this bloomin' thing.
James has popped Adam's extraordinary "Coming Back From Holiday Blues" symphony on the blog as a hard, in-your-ear download.

Podcast is up and I realise I am descending deeply into old age. There is what I suspect is a stingle (not really a jingle but too big for a sting) at 40 mins which I have a hazy memory of being at the beginning of an older podcast but each time I hear it (OK, I've listened nearly 3 times now) it sounds fresh enough for me to laugh like a horse. Is it new or is my brain very, very old?

Last week, I made a few potted, random comments about the show but that only works if you're in the moment. It's not real if you have time to think about it, I find. So I shall comment on the Podcast while I listen.......again.

1) I don't like hearing Joe talk about periods (even when he whispers it) or the way he said arse crack but I did like the sound of Adam moving his mike.

2) Love Adam being the grown-up moderator and fore-warner of silly rude bits moving into James keeping the bit where Joe sweetly asks if what they've laid down so far is going to be OK for a Castle podcast. Love Adam sensitively having the grouchy blues in synch with his wife and Joe's apparent lack of empathy.

3) Glad they finally dissed sexy bored link lady.

4) I have the "s t i n g flbldlbl" sting as my text alert so I've had phone-based disappointment three times today.

5) I nominate Joe to make a made-up fact jingle because a) he is the main guilty party and b) the show is always Adam jingle heavy. YES - he is really good at them but if I can generate a little bit of competitiveness about this, Joe is bound to accept the challenge.

6) Staggered that Joe can pronounce Des Moines perfectly but doesn't know it's in Iowa.

7) Pleased to see Boggins back in the studio but I am worried it might be a bit too silly (and you know my silly threshold is very low) I like the premise where Joe pretends Boggins in uninteligable and I thought his 'ouch' acting and general timing was as good as when we heard him wailing and crying at the start on the XFM show that he did on his own because Adam was Spooning at a festival.

8) I knew someone who's boyfriend called her kneebles Kevin and Kevina. Love Joe's giggle when they get back on track. I don't know anyone that can contain a laugh so far back in their throat. Wish I could have a look and see how he does that.

9) Song Wars is BACK! When Adam's song started I thought he'd really excelled himself with a few different features and then he went and did the talky bit and it went on a tad too long but there is SO much to commend it. Part of me thought it was going to be too good for Joe to touch even though I have no intention of voting (Don't Make Me Choose).

Joe's song is called "Bathtime for Bowie" even though the Castle doesn't list it as such. He's right, it cant touch Adam's production value but there are some lovely naughty bits and it's almost like an anthem to all their little Bowie impression phrases. Fave reaction from Adam to Joe's reigning it in comment. "Do you think you're working on Newsnight, or something?"

10) Glad to see that Adam's picked up a proper BBC2 voice-over gig tonight for a 6 parter at 9pm (Design for Life) because he really does have the most bountiful delivery basket. I also note that there's signed repeat on Thursday which he is bound to have some fun with.

11) I know it's a necessity but I always feel a little bit deflated when Joe alludes to the fact that the listener based content is filtered before it reaches him. I know it happens but I don't like to be reminded. That said, I rarely attempt to interact with them (heaven forfend) though I was one of the millions(oh really?) who screamed CARRIE at them.

12) Adam did a gentle little 'let me tell you something, baby sister' voice when Joe couldn't get his head around Wymondham. He loves him so much.

13) Loved Joe's impression of Piper Laurie and Sissy Spacek

14) So Adam has production logistic anxieties, too. I have less of a problem with tv stuff but I often have these moments invading my dream state when I'm watching a doco film in the cinema. I get it with dramatic movies too which is very troublesome because it's the entire nature of a dialogue based film. It's a curse. It's like when someone explains changeover dots to you. Life is never the same.

15) I firmly believe Joe overheard me pose the same 'is it too late to find him and punch the silly Scottish Pirulo from Alone in the WIld?' question to a friend.

16) both Adam AND Joe were the best this week, apparently. I think that pretty much flies in the face of the Big British Castle's trust when words like 'best' are allowed to be bandied about as if they have been demoted from their superlative status. We've had this debate with Adam's jingle.

17) I've listened three times to the giggle attack at 43 minutes and I still don't know what they actually found so ruddy funny.

18) Still thinking about Joe enjoying some lovely Tutti Frutti flavour.

19) Nice email addy work there. Situation normal.

20) Why do the Castle mice imagine that there might be any merit in listening to the Jon Richardson podcast straight after this one? How much disappointment can a person endure? My advice, listen to the Adam and Joe podcast at least three times and leave Jon alone until you have an attack of insomnia.

I do have lickle grabs from the webcam but I've waffled for too long already.

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