Thursday, 24 September 2009

Save Adam Buxton's face!

Man, this is big. This is not a Blue Peter Druggie Scandal. This is not a Ross Branding episode. This is a gross error by one of the little people and they must be brought to justice (or taken to a really nice coffee shop for a gentle dressing down).
Supreme Tweeter WickWox, alerted me to an indiscretion last night, so outrageous that it has now become a Twitterpaign.

Save Adam Buxton's lovely [sic] Face from the Castle's absolute injustice.

As I hope you can see from the combo-pic (click to enlarge), if you go to the Regular iPlayer you'll get the most blissful picture of the best radio duo currently on air.

However, if you try to take the Castle's kiddie-style Big Screen option for a whirl, in WickWox's words, Count Buckules seems to be sporting a 6Music Pirate Patch. Yes, it's very, very sexy but is it right?

If you stayed with the grown-ups version of the iPlayer you would have been given an option to use the Pop-Out Player.
Always a convenient little nubbin to have on your desktop while you do other important work around the net, but wait a cotton-picking minute! Who in Boggin's Basket has been allowed to make the decision that it's OK to completely flag out Buckles' beautiful smiling face?
This is made worse when you realise the Pop-Out option is the one used at the Listen Again link on the Adam and Joe page at BBC 6Music!

My pan is firmly in the hat position. We need to mobilise all Squadrons in our most important operation to date. Hopefully, Commander Cornish will call the troups to action and we can right this wrong before sundown

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