Tuesday, 3 August 2010

I warned you I wouldn't blog if I was busy

I did throw a post-Glastonbury entry together but it was so dull and anal that I sucked it back in before it had dropped down into the dirt.

If I'm going to attempt anything efficient, this post will be a dull list of links and notes I've gathered in the last six weeks. It won't make pretty reading but it will tick a few of my filing boxes and I only do this for my own pleasure, you understand.

I made a temporary Glasto frock for this blog and my Twitter page, such was the excitement I'd managed to build up for the weekend. Painful on they eyes, wasn't it?

I probably need to co-ordinate my current look with the new style of the 6Music website sometime soon. Heaven forfend I ever come up with something original.

There were far fewer pictures posted by the Glasto team this year and they were dotted all over the shop but here are a few links:

The first sniff we had was on the Thursday as Adam arrived, proudly standing with one of his bikes and gorgeous James-The-Producer (aka James Coffee Starling).

Inside6Music had a TwitPic and then a similar shot from their Facebook here and here with one from the fun-wagon here.

I could dribble on about the Glastonbury shows but my inability to distill thoughts into one salient paragraph will render any waffle completely redundant by the time it has bored you senseless.

The football commentaries still double me up but there were sweeter moments too.
Adam sent a visual greeting to his brother, Uncle Dave via the webcam, Joe fashioned a little clay model of Adam that looked more like Castro than Buckles but it was made with love. There were ludicrous band facts and a probing question about how to properly sign off from your weekly call to Mummy.**

We did love the Ebony and Ivory jingles though, including the freestyling they did for the final podcast. Lovely Shaun Keaveny was so impressed that he played it on his weekend show. You do realise he did no less than 12 days in a row without stopping just so that all the other lucky buggers could have a jolly?

Extraordinary as it may seem, you can still read all the live blogging that went on throughout the three days of Glastonbury. Remember, Adam and Joe were on air between 8 and 10 each night and I think I'm not overstating the facts when I say the live feed was probably at it's giddiest during those hours.

All too soon, the weekend of love finished off with this.

Ever supportive, The Guardian took as many chances as they could to slide Adam and Joe onto their pages including one peculiar choice about which I am too shy to comment.

In other waffle, 6Music fans clubbed together to make their feelings felt during the last few days of the consultation review.

This is Roo. She's one of the youngest and fluffiest members of TwitSquadron. She belongs to @LucyAnnabel.

Ben spent the best £ 3 of his life as witnessed here.

You can find the source of the first few strains from the Adam and Joe Show opening titles in a Youtube link here.

Goodness gracious, we Saved 6Music! I wouldn't want to self-agrandise here in any way but I achieved this sea change all on my own. No, I didn't.

Adam has stayed very busy. What with the school run, taking his turn at the supper and dishes, rearranging the sticks and twigs in his shed in order of when he found them (previously they were in height order) AND he's done about six BUGs since I last blagged.

There were two in Norwich, the usuals at the BFI, all happily attended by TwitSquadron stalwarts and one in Jersey, then he DJ'd before the films one night at Film4's Somerset House Summer Screen. He's also got dates in his September diary for gigs at The Tabernacle, Greenwich Comedy Festival and BUG 21.
Sadly, we also heard via the AdamAndJoe.com Forum and Jo Neary that the pilot of "Same Time Next Week" in which Adam starred, is unlikely to get an airing.

Then there was Latitude. You know when you get that feeling that this time you should get off your arse and make something happen? I deployed all my last minute string pulling skills and slipped into this year's festival. It surpassed my expectations, I'm happy to say.

I'm still waiting for SeanBoy to make a Buxton-based entry to his blog. The Roundhouse were there though. They have included a lovely interview with Adam at the end of their latest podcastt. If anyone can get the subscription link to work on this, let me know the trick of it. I shall probably post Adam's part of the piece on my noisy blog tomorrow.

Apart from performing a special BUG in the Film and Music tent, he also showed up in the Literary Tent to assist Robin Ince and Jo Neary with backing vocals for Robyn Hitchcock!

He was spotted around the site enjoying Spoon, Jon Ronson, Belle and Sebastian and Vampire Weekend. I must say, unless I see him myself, I don't always take sitings as gospel because he does have some lookie-likies out there. BUG was magnificent. He did a live version of the Festival Song and just seemed very relaxed and at home with his family in tow.

Just in case you missed the link in my last post, there's a beautiful exchange with Cornballs at The Incredible Suit.

Attack the Block had a few little mentions in the press a couple of weeks ago. They were mostly along the lines of this one and reports about the awful demise of the UK Film Council probably included it a few times too. It's not for me to comment but they had investment in Joe's film from the start as I understand it. Personally, I think the general vibe about it has given it more sturdy legs than it had back then and in the very unlikely event that any of their funding might be withheld, I am sure it will be easy enough to find another willing contributor. I think Joe is too far down the line with this for it to have hurt him. It'll hurt all the film-going public though. I'm sure of that. Makes the contents of this report seem a little redundant, doesn't it?

Jodie Whittaker, the film's leading lady did a lovely little charity thingummy-bob. The tomatometer has a holding page now which gave me a little flutter when it popped up. STILL no release date that my cursory attempts could find. Big Talk continue to worry the corners of their website but there's nothing new for us there.

I'm going to try to type this calmly and quietly. Edgar and Joe are going to be on stage together at the BFI later this month. Book Here. You'll want to make sure you have some absorbent fabric with you if you are anywhere near me.

It must seem like weeks (because it probably is) since Joe has seen his little buddy, Edgar Wright. He's been pimping his epic all over the Stateside shop like a caffeine-propelled demon. Take a squint at Empire's cover, though.

One of the first opportunities to see Scott Pilgrim vs The World in the UK will be at Ultra Culture Cinema, later this month. This young powerhouse of a film blogger is a long-standing Adam and Joe appreciator. Check out the Nikki Boxx & Linsday Munk action linked in this passionate wander around Putney. Charlie would have been in short trousers when this was shot but he still managed to proudly snag one of these at some point.

This AT-AT based enjoyment has been doing the rounds but I finally caught up with it on Twitch so I'm linking it via them. It made me smile.

Finally, if you want to burn your retinas in a nice way, take a squint at this poster for Gaspar Noe's "Enter the Void".

** I have linked three BBC Webcam films in that paragraph. If you are geographically unable to see them, you can poke around my other portal for more internationally accessible versions.

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