Wednesday, 18 August 2010

What do you mean, "did I see Joe Cornish last night"?

A pack of wild Boggins couldn't have kept me away but I suspect others will blog more coherently than I can, right now. ****

Once again, I shall clumsily resort to a list of links I've collected since my last post. I might just as well put the most recent up first and work backwards. It won't make any difference to anyone, will it?

In the category of "Lovely bit of news with an evil twist" we learned that there's a BT Digital nomination for Adam and Joe's Podcast. The sorrow of it is that in the same category, we also find Adam's Big Mixtape and the podcast therefrom. The other contenders aren't really worth worrying over but it is all about the public vote so don't hold back. The decision will not be an enviable one, though. James Coffee Starling also points out in the Blog that there's an opportunity for 6Music to win an award as well.

Empire & the BFI held it's third annual MovieCon last weekend and Adam used his Pavel character to introduce a film also shown on the night he DJ'd at Film4's Somerset House Summer Screen presentation of a A Town Called Panic.

Adam gave us a lovely blog update a couple of weeks ago! He's finally finished his Festival Song video and chitty chats about his Latitude experience. For a while, he left the comments open and I thought he might have had a change of heart but it seems it was just an error.

I've also put a clip of the interview he did for Arts Attack here.

Do you still have your 3D tv glasses handy? Enhanced Dimensions have another little animation to enjoy.

Joe braved the cobbles with his beautox to watch Mullholland Drive on 6th August screening at Somerset House. Charlie Lyne pleasured us with a snap of his hand.

The BFI filmed last night's interview with Edgar Wright, hosted by Joe Cornish so we can hope for something on the website fairly soon. In the meantime, you can find pictures here, here and here. I would just like to mention how much the clock tickled me especially as it's purpose was eventually and joyfully mute. He's a stupidly impressive man who clearly loves and admires his glossy-haired chum with great affection. Edgar can hold an audience in the palm of his hand and it appears to be effortless. Last night will be marked as one of the most special Q & A's I've seen and I'm geeky enough to see an awful lot of them. Of course, this one had the luxury of a dedicated time slot and I hope I'm still around when either of these fine gentlemen are celebrated in "A Life In Pictures" but I doubt it will be as charming and relaxed as the BFI. ****Edited to add that as suspected, the blogger with the awesome threads has made a much better record of the evening than I could have done. Read it here.

Joe did refer to his own film several times so while it's in my head, one of the many worries he may have had recently was a possible plagiarism concern although his film was obviously the potential victim, not the culprit. On a happier note, this tweet popped up to boost his little ego.

I presume he will have attended the Scott Pilgrim vs The World premiere tonight but he may have been chained to the Avid instead. He was slated to have presented a few minutes of Attack The Block during MovieCon but had to pull out because he wasn't ready. Regular followers will know that I would ideally not even want to see a trailer before I see the final cut but I suspect I will not get away with that one, unless Joe is kind enough to invite me to a very, very early screening! He clearly spent a lot of time prepping and making a beautiful job of presenting Edgar's big night at the BFI which included sourcing and cutting together various clips. Last night he also implied that he might have a few pick-up shots to grab to complete the total wonderosity of his first epic. I hope he's not fretting about that and that Adam doesn't humiliate himself with too many begging letters.

You can read more about MovieCon at this excellent blog from the man who Joe name-checked last night. Another previously name-checked film blogger, UltraCulture has chosen the most unfortunate dates to wander around Europe rather than London but before he left he gave us a good closing piece for the Somerset House screenings.

Tickets for BUG Norwich 5 are now on sale.
A little bit of off-piste Adam Buxton waffle to confuse us here.

There's a mention of Adam and Joe in a piece about our relationship with radio in The Independent here.

Scott Pilgrim Waffle

It is unofficially Scott Pilgrim vs The World week in London, if not the UK so I'm slipping these in under the wire....

Edgar discusses musicals for The Playlist and will be at the Apple Store in Regent Street tomorrow with Empire.

There can only be a few more days left to grab your special copy of Empire this month.

Here are the programme notes from the BFI

Embarrassing drivel:
Just wanted to note, thank and acknowledge the heartening support that can be found in the blogisphere and more specifically Twitter. When the pops start to drop, there are shovels a-plenty from virtual strangers. See what I did there?

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