Thursday, 24 June 2010

Just While I remember these bits....

Joe looks like he dyed his hair for this ident from the olden times. Even as long ago as this, Adam looks sweet and Joe does his aloof thing.

Fellow blogger, though please don't imagine I consider myself approaching the same class as him, The Incredible Suit is one year old today - or his blog is. He took time away from the celebratory champagne drenched brunch to bring us a wonderfully insightful exchange he had with Joe Cornish recently.

My blog was a year old a few days ago but it went unnoticed except for a few people who couldn't quite believe how long they'd bothered to endure it.

Apropos of nothing at all, this website did a piece about Attack The Block with two almost identical pieces of artwork. Can't be arsed to pump this through Babel-fish. If there are any great revelations, I'll put it down to spoiler avoidance.

Will Clarke is leaving Optimum next year so he won't be quite as well placed to bask in the glory of the drug addled months celebrating Joe's film's successful win in the race to become the first feature projected on the Moon in a continuous loop to better serve the desperate needs of the international film-going public. IF they ever sort out the crater compensating software, that is.

You can get a wonderful selection of short films on this DVD including "Little Face" starring Adam Buxton.

Bexley Times reports on the Greenwich Comedy Festival.

A couple of days after that, Adam will be back at The Tabernacle in Notting Hill and I presume BUG 21 will be around that time too.

Adam's final Big Mixtape with Ed O'Brien changed tides in the oceans of Planet Twitter and bless him, he made it into the Rolling Stone.

It was a glorious show to finish on and can be heard for a few days longer here. After that you'll find it around and about the area. Grab the podcast while you can.


Edgar Wright has been phaffing around with his latest film for ages but he seems to be getting a bit more organised now.

The Wire has a piece with Edgar and Michael Cera, IFC about the LAFF, Pitchfork dish the soundtrack and the avatar creator has been added to the official website (be warned, it's noisy).

UltraCulture did a bit of pimping for the adorable Ritzy's special August Wright Double Bill.

In other friends-of-the-scamps news......did you know you can still get First Earth Battalion t-shirts? More importantly, a wonderful bit of kudos should go out to the beautiful soul of Jon Ronson who joined forces with Guy Lovelady to raise funds preventing Frank Sidebottom from making do with a pauper's funeral.

In case you didn't trip up on my other little blog, you can hear some more from Graham Linehan when he talked to Lauren this week. Don't forget that as soon as you turn your ear away from the Adam And Joe Sunset Show on 6Music tomorrow, you must flip to Channel 4 on the television tube to see episode one of the new IT Crowd series......if you haven't watched it on-line already.

Danny Robbins made a guide to Indie Glasto and an events guide via Lauren Laverne's Blog & Show.

My earlier concerns have lifted with this message!

Shaun W Keaveny has made a little film about the Earworm Project. He's also got a brand new podcast.


The Adam and Joe Show returns to 6Music on Friday for two hours at 8pm with two more on Saturday and Sunday. There will be podcasts made from these shows.
Full TV & Radio BBC Schedule.

The first 'Best of Adam & Joe at Glastonbury 2009' is at 2am on 25th.

The main Glasto webcam page is here.

Glastonbury BBC microsite.

There's always the BBC Blog and they'll hopefully put some pictures in there too.

S A V E B B C 6 M U S I C

Once again, thanks to all the people posting stuff on Twitter for me to steal and unreel.

This blog will revert to it's more simplistic view when Glastonbury is over. It's a bit messy, isn't it?

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