Sunday, 24 April 2011

Insert your own, tired bus analogy here:

Nothing in here for nearly a month and then there are two in quick succession. The last post was done in haste and I missed some of the nonsense I'd been storing up. This is going to be a ditheration of bothery-pops for which I can only apologise.

Starting with some callbacks from items covered in my last post: Kimika rendered her impression of the 'Smarties make me naughty' kid, Aislinn made a Denny Different drawing and the BBC started a Twitter Account for the radio show. Don't hold your breath, bless 'em.

Jim Hobbs took some cool pictures of Adam during the BUG show that followed his Technical Meltdown.

I wanted to save this for posterity

Several people tweeted pictures of Joe, Luke and John from the Kapow Comic Convention.

The very talented Sally Grosart made some special Easter Adam and Joe Paper Men for the weekend. I made my versions during the show yesterday.

I saw a bit of Stephenage on my local newstand that made me chuckle.

Somebody called Higgins0421 made this little Jonathan Creek Remix with sound clips from the radio show.

Adam went to see Derren Brown when he brought his show to Norwich. It seems they had a lovely, relaxing lunch together.

Adam has a few more gig dates in his diary:

I'm thinking that the airing of Adam's appearance on Matt Lucas' "And the Winner Is" will probably be 10pm on Saturday, 7th May.

On 1st June at 8:45pm he will be doing a BUG Moby Special and there's a chance to interact with some Moby music in a competition. You can find all the details here. I do recommend BUG Specials most highly. Tickets will go on sale at the beginning of May as per the usual BFI policy.

Adam has been confirmed for yet another year down the road at his local summer festival. He usually takes a Sunday lunchtime/early afternoon slot (17th July) at Latitude with his BUG show but don't hold me to it. There's something about the way this is written that implies he may be doing his own comedy show either instead of the BUG or as well as.

On Saturday, 23rd July Adam will be giving an afternoon BUG show at The Bristol Comedy Garden. Tickets go on sale tomorrow.

As I write, Slack Squadron are enjoying a lovely Sunday afternoon listening to the iPlayer in force and placing yesterday's show at #1 in the Most Popular Radio list.

They reside in second position for the iTunes Chart which is sadly, a slip down from their King of Pods title over the last three weeks. IF you felt the need to unsubcribe and then subscribe again to restore their crown, I'm sure nobody would think the worse of you but DO save the older pods in case you lose them.

Any Other Business:

If you're a fan of Shaun W Keaveny you'll be a fan of Jake so you might like to read this. With the help of long-faced and sexy Matt plus the occasional interlude from Andrew Collins, there is no finer way to start your day.

The Attack the Block cast has been all over the press corp. There's a lovely energy about this snap taken by NintendoTV. I'll be putting a full Attack the Block media page together soon and if you're in any doubt about how wonderful this young cast is, take a look at this chucklesome tweet from the lovely fella who plays Moses:

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