Thursday, 8 April 2010

Cornballs can't touch this face.

Who could forget those bleak months when we had to witness the torturous vandalism used on Adam's face in the iPlayer wing of the Big British Castle?

It remains in the same state during this glorious Eastertide of bountiful pocasts.

However, we seem to have a quantum of sweet retribution at last.
Obviously, a beardy Buckules would have been overly sexy for the Radio Two area so we have Angel Buckles instead but at least we can see him properly.

Poor Liza now suffers the pirate patch treatment (which looks more like a Frownie on her) and an attempt at face flagging although, since she's a lady, they have not completely covered her.

It's a sweet but short-lived revenge for Adam. These circumstances lead me to believe that there may have been a grain of truth in the rumour that Commander Cornish himself had engineered last year's flagging sortie. The insidious actions of a deviant schoolboy.

I've been tweeting the remarkable progress of Adam's new show and the retro-podcasts on Twitter but here's the current status, for the record.

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